What to do and see in Szklarska Poreba

This town is located on the border of the Karkonosze and the Jizera Mountains. It is a very attractive place for tourists, both in terms of attractions and landscape values. Here you will not be bored both in the summer and in the winter.


Something perfect for lovers of hiking and spending time outdoors. It is the highest peak of the Karkonosze and Sudety Mountains, as well as the Czech Republic and the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Its name was created in the 19th century and refers to the snow that is here almost all year round. Sniezka is deforested and significantly towers over the rest of the Karkonosze Mountains, thanks to which the views here are delightful. At the top there is one of the most amazing objects. It is a saucer-shaped building that houses the Meteorological Observatory on Sniezka. Unfortunately, it is not possible to spend the night here, but the hostel is 18 minutes downhill. You can reach Sniezka by various trails, but it is best to adapt them to your physical condition and your own preferences. The yellow trail takes about 4 hours one way, one way you can see many different attractions. One of them is the Church moved here from the Norwegian village of Vang. The blue trail, as picturesque as the yellow one, takes about 3 hours 30 minutes. The green trail is about 4 hours away, but it is a great alternative for people who have already traveled the above-mentioned trails. It is a bit time-consuming, however, along the way it also provides a lot of impressions and amazing attractions and beautiful views. The shortest, black trail is just a 3-hour walk. However, the approach to the top is very steep, and there are not many attractions and majestic views along the way. However, if you are not a fan of walking and want to see this beautiful place, it is possible to get there by cable car. It is worth noting that to use the cable car you have to go to the Czech Republic side. The journey then takes place in modern, four-person carriages and takes only 15 minutes. Regardless of whether you decide to use the cable car or choose to travel on foot, the views from the top of Sniezka will definitely be an unforgettable memory for you.

2. Kamienczyk Waterfall

This place will delight you with its charm. The waterfall consisting of 3 cascades falls into the picturesque Kamienczyk Gorge, which is about 100 m long. Under the middle cascade of the waterfall there is a small cave “Zlota Jama”. There is also a shelter and a hut by the waterfall. The waterfall can be admired both from its upper part and from the gorge. However, we would like to point out that when deciding to go down to the gorge, it is necessary to pay a small fee and wear a helmet. Exploring the waterfall itself is not time-consuming, but it takes about two hours to get there. However, it is worth sacrificing for such views. We guarantee you that memories from this place will be unforgettable. Along the way, there are numerous places with souvenirs and many other tourists who start their adventure with the Giant Mountains in this place.

3. Death Turn

Despite the scary name, this place attracts many tourists every year. All because of the amazing views that can be seen from this place. The name of this place is due to the large number of accidents that take place here. This is due to a very sharp turning that is almost 180 degrees. Currently, it is one of the most frequently visited viewpoints in Szklarska Poreba. From the Death Curve, you can admire the phenomenal rocks up to 12 meters high, the Karkonosze Mountains, the Jeleniogorska Valley and Szklarska Poreba. There is also a viewing platform there. What’s more, near the turning, on the trail to Zbojeckie Skaly, there is an adit of an old pyrite mine from the 17th century.

4. Mineralogical Museum

Szklarska Poreba is called the mineralogical capital of Poland for a reason. The local mineralogical museum has incredible exhibits of all kinds of precious stones, minerals, gems and paleontological finds. Among the exhibits there are also elements of our galaxy – fragments of a meteorite. There are about 3,000 exhibits in the museum, which gives you an undeniable advantage to visit this place. It is also worth noting that the exhibits in the museum are expanded every year with new finds. What’s more, both adults and children will find something for themselves here and expand their knowledge about the world around us. If you decide to visit this wonderful place, please pay special attention to the forest in front of the building. These are petrified Dadoxylon trees that grew about 300 million years ago. In other words, it is a Forest from the Carboniferous period.

5. Vang Church

It is a church that is currently located in Karpacz. However, this is no ordinary place. It was moved from the Norwegian town of Vang in 1842. It is entirely built of wooden logs and it is dated to be built between the 12th and 13th centuries. It is considered the oldest wooden church in Poland. In the 19th century, the temple became too small for the needs of the people of Vang, who wanted to build a new church and had to take out a loan to cover the construction costs. The Norwegian painter Johan Dahl, staying in Dresden at the time, persuaded the Prussian king to buy the building. In this way, the church was rebuilt in a new place. In the 18th century, the temple was first transported to Szczecin, and then to Berlin, but Countess Frederick von Reden from Bukowiec, a friend of the king, convinced him to transport it to Silesia.

6. Szrenica Ski Arena

If you are a lover of winter sports, or more precisely skiing and snowboarding, this place is perfect for you. Szrenica Ski Arena is a 12 km long ski slope, which offers as many as five routes. The routes are of varying degrees of difficulty, so remember to choose the one that suits your skills. It is certainly unforgettable fun for both adults and children. However, it should be remembered that the slope is open only when weather conditions are good, and usually in the winter, so before you go to this place, we recommend checking information on the official website of the trail, whether it is available or not.

7. Multimedia Town in Karpacz

This place certainly attracts both young and old tourists. This is a project created by children to show everyone that learning is not just rigid learning from a textbook, but real fun. When you enter here, you cannot leave without a smile on your face. There are 9 multimedia rooms, where each represents a different stage in the history of the surrounding mountains. Here are the earliest years of the formation of this region up to the present day. The creators of the museum focused on emotions, knowing that the best way to remember a story is to experience it yourself. And that’s what’s happening here. “Living” holograms that tell interesting stories are just one of the many amazing elements of this museum. What’s more, there are exhibits here that are not only movable, but also in extended reality. You can see them on your phone through the application used for this purpose. After the tour participants can demonstrate all their knowledge in quizzes and get amazing prizes. What’s more, there are also shows such as: transition from day to night, flying gliders or even your own planning of a trip to the mountains. And all this using the latest multimedia equipment. Every Traveler can also take refuge in the Laboratory’s house, feeling the smell of fresh herbs and become a guest in the TV studio.

9. Chojnik Castle

Located in the vicinity of Jelenia Gora, the castle attracts many travelers every year. However, getting here is no mean feat. For the daredevils, an almost hour-long climb to the walls of the stronghold awaits them. But it’s worth it, because the views and panorama stretching from the castle tower are trurly the most beautiful. Two trails, black and red, lead to the castle. To fully enjoy the trip, it is best to use both trails. What do we mean by that? Go up with one and go down with the other. Thanks to this, you will not miss any attractions and the natural beauty of this place. However, we would like to point out that the black trail is considered a bit more difficult, and the red trail is considered a walking trail. And what can you find along the way? Firstly you may have an opportunity to see Robber Rocks ( Zbojnickie Skaly). There is an approximately 20 meter long narrow fissure cave called Dziurawy Kamien. Going further, you will reach the castle. It was built in the 14th century. It was located in such a way that from the south-eastern side it was additionally protected by a cliff falling into a 150-meter depth. At its bottom there is one of the most interesting trails to the castle. From the castle you can admire the beautiful panorama of the region and see how the life of high society looked like in the old days.

10. Japanese Garden Siruwia

This garden is a one-of-a-kind place. It is not only a Japanese garden but a piece of Japan in Poland. It is entirely established and run according to the Japanese art of gardening. A walk in this place will show you the beauty of the local nature transformed into waterfalls, streams and plant compositions characteristic of Japan. What’s more, this place has attractions such as a samurai museum, geisha or the opportunity to try real Japanese tea. The museum has a permanent exhibition on the history of the knights of ancient Japan. There you can take a lot of amazing photos and make your own souvenir by choosing one of the items from the exhibition and then placing it on a commemorative postcard. The youngest will also find something for themselves here. There is one of the most modern playgrounds here, which, apart from having a great time, also cares about the development of children. There is also a coffee shop serving classic Japanese tea.

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