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Free attractions in Rzeszów

Rzeszów has lots of free attractions, that will be enjoyed by fans of history, architecture and axtive vacation. Here’s what you can see in Rzeszów without spending any money.

The Rzeszów Castle
Because this is the location of the District Court, there is no possibility of traditional sightseeing of this place. The town had plans to create a division of a city museum, but so far, these plans weren’t fully realized. You can enter the Rzeszów Castle simply as an applicant. But you have to keep in mind, that this is a building after reconstructions, some of which took place in the 20th century.
The founder of the castle was the castelan of Czchów and Sandomierz Mikołaj Spytek Ligęza. Later, it wa owned by the Lubomirski family, who got rich thanks to the excavation of salt in many surrounding towns.

The Revolution Monument
For many years, people were making jokes of the shape of this monument. It was established to commemorate the victims of the fights around Rzeszów. There is a discussion about destroying this monument by the power of the decomunization deal, initiated by the Institute of National Memory. But the monument is defended by the president of the city, saying that this is one of the most recognizable symbols of Rzeszów.

The Rzeszów Market Square
The Market Square in Rzeszów is beautiful and underrated. Most of its buildings originated in the 19th century. The basements of the old houses are today a great tourist attraction, but not as great as the Underground Tourist Route. The town hall, completed in 1900, dleights with its architecture.

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