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Best Waterfront Destinations in Poland for a Summer Getaway

Poland may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of summer by the water, but its extensive Baltic coastline and numerous lakes offer some exceptional destinations for both relaxation and adventure. From sandy beaches to Read More »

The Royal Castle in Warsaw: A Symbol of Polish Heritage and Resilience

The Royal Castle in Warsaw, located at the entrance to the Old Town, is not only a major cultural landmark but also a profound symbol of Poland’s national identity and resilience through various historical upheavals. This magnificent Read More »

Holocaust Memorials Beyond Auschwitz: Important Sites to Visit

While Auschwitz is often the most recognized site associated with the Holocaust, many other locations across Europe also serve as crucial reminders of the horrors of World War II. These sites, including Treblinka, Stutthof, Majdanek, Kulmhof, Read More »

Explore the Enchantment of Florianska Street in Krakow

Florianska Street, or Ulica Florianska, is one of Krakow’s most renowned and historic streets, stretching from the ancient Barbican to the bustling Main Market Square. This vibrant artery is not just a pathway but a living, breathing Read More »

Best Places to Visit in Poland During Springtime

Spring in Poland is a vibrant season, filled with blossoming flowers, warming weather, and a series of cultural events that breathe life into the country after the long winter. From historical cities with blooming gardens to picturesque mountain Read More »

Celebrating Easter in Poland: Traditions Rich in Heritage and Spirituality

Easter in Poland is a time of great significance and joy, marking the most important religious holiday in the country with a blend of Christian customs and pre-Christian traditions. Rooted deeply in Polish culture, Easter celebrations are a Read More »

Hidden Gems of Poland: A Guide to Unforgettable Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures

Poland, a country rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, offers travelers a myriad of experiences beyond the well-trodden paths of Kraków and Warsaw. For those yearning to explore the less obvious but equally fascinating destinations, Read More »

Visiting Westerplatte: A Journey to the Cradle of World War II

Westerplatte, a small peninsula situated at the entrance to Gdansk Harbor, holds a unique place in history as the site where World War II began. A visit to Westerplatte allows travelers to step back in time and explore the remnants of this Read More »

Exploring WWII History in a Coastal Gem

Gdansk, a picturesque coastal city in northern Poland, is not only known for its stunning architecture and maritime charm but also for its significant role in the history of World War II. As a city that witnessed the outbreak of the war and Read More »

Polish Soups You Should Try: A Warm Embrace of Tradition

Polish cuisine, known for its heartiness and depth of flavor, is beautifully represented in its array of traditional soups. Each soup is not just a dish but a story of culture, tradition, and familial warmth. Here are some must-try Polish soups Read More »

A Culinary Journey Through Poland

Poland, a country with a rich and diverse culinary heritage, offers a delectable journey for any food enthusiast. The Polish palate is a tapestry woven with influences from its European neighbors, creating a unique and tantalizing cuisine. In Read More »

Airports in Poland: A Comprehensive Guide

Poland, a vibrant and culturally rich country located in Central Europe, boasts a network of airports that facilitate both domestic and international travel. These airports are essential gateways for tourists, business travelers, and locals Read More »

Exploring Iława: A Hidden Gem in Poland

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Poland’s Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship lies the charming town of Iława. Surrounded by lakes, forests, and a tranquil countryside, Iława is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by travelers Read More »

Exploring Elbląg: A Hidden Gem in Poland’s Crown

Nestled in the northern reaches of Poland, Elbląg is a city that effortlessly weaves the threads of history with modern vibrancy. This post aims to take you on a virtual journey through Elbląg, showcasing why this city is a must-visit for anyone Read More »

A Visit to the Museum of Polish Vodka in Krakow

Immersing in the Rich History of Polish Vodka In the heart of Krakow, a unique cultural experience awaits at the Museum of Polish Vodka. This extraordinary museum, situated in the historic premises of the former Vodka Factory No. 11, offers an Read More »

Poland’s Enchanting Christmas Markets in 2023

As winter blankets Poland in a glistening coat of snow, the country comes alive with the magic of the holiday season. Among the myriad ways to experience the festive spirit, none are as enchanting as Poland’s top Christmas markets, all Read More »

Lublin Unveiled: Your Comprehensive Q&A Guide

Lublin, located in eastern Poland, is a city brimming with history, culture, and a vibrant atmosphere. Known for its charming Old Town, historical significance, and thriving arts scene, Lublin offers a captivating blend of the old and the new. Read More »

Top 3 Autumn Destinations in Poland: Tatra Mountains, Mazury Lakes, and Pieniny National Park

Poland, known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, becomes an enchanting destination during the autumn season. As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, Poland offers travelers a unique and picturesque Read More »

Katowice Unveiled: Your Comprehensive Q&A Guide

Katowice, located in the heart of the Silesian Voivodeship in Poland, is a city that has undergone a remarkable transformation from its industrial roots to a vibrant urban center. This modern city offers a unique blend of culture, history, and Read More »

Discovering Wroclaw: Your Comprehensive Q&A Guide

Wroclaw, often referred to as the “Venice of Poland” due to its picturesque canals and numerous bridges, is a city steeped in history and brimming with culture. Located in western Poland, this city is known for its stunning Read More »

Sopot Revealed: Your Comprehensive Q&A Guide

Sopot, nestled on the Baltic Sea coastline, is a Polish gem known for its stunning beaches, elegant architecture, and vibrant atmosphere. This coastal resort town has been attracting visitors seeking relaxation and entertainment for centuries. Read More »

Gdansk Unveiled: Your Comprehensive Q&A Guide

Gdansk, with its rich maritime history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene, is a gem on the Baltic Sea. This Polish city offers a unique blend of historical significance and modern charm. Let’s dive into some frequently Read More »

Discovering Warsaw: Your Comprehensive Q&A Guide

Warsaw, the vibrant capital of Poland, is a city that seamlessly blends rich history with modern dynamism. From its captivating Old Town to its bustling cultural scene, Warsaw offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers. Let’s Read More »

Exploring Zakopane: Your Ultimate Q&A Guide

Nestled in the stunning Tatra Mountains of Poland, Zakopane is a picturesque mountain town that has been attracting travelers for generations. With its breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant culture, it’s no wonder that this destination Read More »

Exploring Krakow: Your Ultimate Q&A Guide

Krakow, a city steeped in history and brimming with culture, has become a must-visit destination for travelers from all corners of the globe. Nestled in the heart of Poland, this enchanting city offers a blend of old-world charm and modern Read More »

Seasonal Splendor: The Best Time to Visit Poland for Unforgettable Experiences

Poland, a land of rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, offers a diverse range of experiences throughout the year. Each season paints the country in a different hue, providing travelers with unique opportunities to explore and Read More »

Exploring the Majestic Masurian Lakes: A Polish Gem

Poland, a country known for its rich history and breathtaking landscapes, boasts one natural wonder that stands out among the rest – the Masurian Lakes. Located in the northeastern part of the country, this stunning region is often Read More »

Sopot: Gdansk’s Charming Seaside Resort

Nestled along the picturesque Baltic Sea coastline, just a short distance from the historic city of Gdansk, lies the enchanting seaside resort of Sopot. Known for its stunning sandy beaches, vibrant atmosphere, and rich cultural offerings, Sopot Read More »

Why You should book tours in Poland using a local agency instead of online platforms

When planning a trip to Poland, booking tours is an excellent way to explore the country’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty. While there are popular online platforms like GetYourGuide and Viator that offer a wide range of tour Read More »

How to spend one day in Rzeszow

If you find yourself in the charming city of Rzeszow, located in southeastern Poland, you may only have a short time to explore. Fear not, because there is plenty to see and do in just one day. Here’s an itinerary for how to spend one day in Read More »

How to spend a day in Lublin

Lublin is a city that is full of history and culture, making it the perfect destination for a day trip. With its charming Old Town, historic landmarks, and vibrant arts scene, there is plenty to see and do in this fascinating city. Here is a Read More »

What to see in Niepolomice and surroundings

Niepolomice is a Polish town located in the malopolskie region. Its historical past is documented in old chronicles of Jan Dlugosz and Marcin Bielski. The origins if Niepolomice date back to the early years of the Polish country. During the Read More »

Attractions in Krynica Morska and surroundings

Krynica Morska is a Polish town located in the pomorskie region, between the Gdansk Bay and theVistula Lagoon.The first confirmed mentions of settlement at the current area of Krynica Morska originated from between 1258 and 1282. During the Read More »

What to see in Bochnia and surroundings

Bochnia, one of the oldest towns in Southern Poland, is renowned for its historical salt mine and picturesque surroundings. This guide explores the top attractions in Bochnia and its vicinity, offering visitors a blend of historical, cultural, Read More »

Attractions in Piwnica Zdroj and surroundings

Piwniczna-Zdroj is a Polish town located in the malopolskie region, upon the river Poprad. The town of Piwniczna was established in the Poprad Valley by the power of the decree of king Kazimierz II the Great in 1348. Becaus of its location, Read More »

Art Galleries in Poland

Since the beginning of time, art was an integral part of the human life. For centuries, people had plenty of creative ways to express their emotions and feelings, as well as let their imagination run wild. Throughout history, there were Read More »

The Lesser Poland Wooden Architecture Trail

The Lesser Poland Wooden Architecture Trail is a route with many historical artefacts of wooden architecture with the length of more than 1500 kilometers. It has 253 architectural complexes of various types, including churches, chapels, Read More »

A trip to the Tatra Mountains with the youngest (easy trails in Zakopane)

Many of us love trips to beautiful places connected with nature. This is a perfect way to escape from the overwhelming reality and take advantage of the beauty of the world which is around us. One of the most common physical activities practiced Read More »

Sites Related to Jewish History in Poland

The history of Jews in Poland is long and extremely turbulent. The first small Jewish communities already existed in Poland in the 13th century. Later, they expanded with Jewish who were exiled from other European countries, including Germany, Read More »

10 sites you should see when visiting Poznan

Poznan is a city in western Poland and the capital of the Greater Poland Voivodeship. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland, with a history dating back to the 10th century. Poznan is an important cultural and economic center in Poland. It is Read More »

Weather in Poland. Best time to visit Poland.

In Poland, the weather varies throughout the year, with distinct seasons. In the winter, temperatures drop below freezing and snowfall can occur. During the spring and summer, temperatures begin to warm up, with occasional rain. In the fall, Read More »

Best places for skiing in Zakopane and surroundings

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in winter. Every year, crowds of fans rush to the skiing resorts and slopes in the Polish mountains. Some of the most popular places for skiing can be found in the city of Zakopane, which is considered Read More »

What to do and see in Szklarska Poreba

This town is located on the border of the Karkonosze and the Jizera Mountains. It is a very attractive place for tourists, both in terms of attractions and landscape values. Here you will not be bored both in the summer and in the winter. Read More »

What to see in Elblag and surroundings

Elblag is a Polish city located in the warminsko-mazurskie region. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland – it was established in 1237 and gained municipal rights in 1246. In spring of 1237, not far from the location of a Prussian trading Read More »

What to see in Czestochowa and surroundings

Czestochowa is a Polish city located in the slaskie region. According to legend, the name of this city refers to a settlement established by Czestoch, but the first document mentioning Czestochowa originated from 1220. Between 1370 and 1393, Read More »

What to see in Rzeszow and surroundings

Rzeszow is a city located in south-east Poland. It is the capital of the podkarpackie region. According to archaeological research, the earliest traces of settlement at the current area of Rzeszow date back to the neolithic period. On January Read More »

Polish Christmas Eve Dishes

One of the most significant elements of Christmas Eve is gathering around the table with family and having a Christmas Eve Dinner. It’s hard to imagine anything more heartwarming than enjoying this special meal with your loved ones, forgetting Read More »

What to see in Kielce and surroundings

Kielce is a Polish city located in the Swietokrzyskie Mountains, upon the river Silnica. It is the capital of the swietokrzyskie region. According to legend, the creation of Kielce is associated with prince Mieszko – the son of Boleslaw Read More »

Affordable Hiking Tarails in Tatra Mountains during winter

The Tatra Mountains are an incredibly gorgeous Polish mountain range. They look absolutely stunning in both summer and winter. Because of this, it’s no wonder they attract crowds of tourists, who go hiking in these mountains every year. While Read More »

Lower Silesia Beer and Wine Trail

This trial will provide unforgettable moments for both beer and wine lovers. During this trip you will get to know Lower Silesia from a different side. Here you will have the opportunity to try local wines and breweries. What is more, you will Read More »

Best places to visit in Polnd during winter

Poland is a country with lots of fascinating attractions for any time of year. There are plenty of sights to admire and things to do in both summer and winter. In summer, crowds of tourists travel to the Baltic Sea, Mazury, and the mountains. Read More »

Carpathian Wine Trail

This is one of the showpieces of the Carpathian Province. This trail consists of 29 vineyards from Poland and Slovakia. The Carpathian Wine Trail is like a historic trade route, the same as the amber or silk route. This project includes not only Read More »

Best Hotels in Zakopane

Zakopane is an extremely popular tourist destination in Poland, especially among fans of skiing and those, who enjoy hiking in the mountains, or are searching for a good place to get some rest from the crowded city. This city has lots of Read More »

Roztocze Wine Trail

Despite the fact that Roztocze Vineyard Trail is not that big, there are many attractions close to the vineyards, which tourists can visit during their stay there. The trail currently includes 5 vineyards. However, due to favorable soil Read More »

Sandomierski Wine Trail

Grapevines in the Sandomierz region have been successfully cultivated since the 13th century. Wine from the local regions is exported to other places in the world. However, the thing that attracts wine lovers the most is ,,Sandomierski Wine Read More »

Interesting Places in Poland associated with John Paul II

There are many famous Polish people that are instantly recognizable by most people when they hear their names. One of the most significant and beloved of such historical figures was John Paul II – the Polish pope. Ever since he was chosen for Read More »

Lubuski Wine and Honey Trail

This project aims to show the amazing values of the Lubuskie Voivodeship. It shows works in the field of culture and art, protects national heritage and provides a wide group of Polish and foreign tourists with information on the flagship Read More »

Thermal Baths in Zakopane and surroundings

Zakopane is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland. No matter if you come here in summer or in winter, this city, which is located in the heart of Tatra Mountains, has plenty of attractions to offer. In the surroundings of Read More »

Less known attractions in Lowe Silesia

Lower Silesia, a region of Poland rich in history and natural beauty, offers a variety of less-known attractions that are equally fascinating and worth exploring. Here are some highlights: These attractions provide a deeper look into the rich Read More »

Cycling Routes in Lowe Silesia

Lower Silesia in Poland offers a diverse range of cycling routes, catering to different levels of experience and interests. Here are some notable cycling routes in the region: Additionally, in the area around Jelenia Góra, there are many bike Read More »

Cross Country Skiing Routes in Poland

Even though Poland is a country with beautiful sights of historical monuments and unique natural wonders, that are eyepleasing in the summer, admiring them in the winter is a completely different story. The sights of snow-capped mountains forest Read More »

The Best Cycling Routs in Malopolska (Lesser Poland)

Because of its geographic and natural diversity, Lesser Poland has been increasing in popularity among cyclists in recent years. This region is full of excellent cycling routes, each of which offers countless interesting attractions, including Read More »

Visiting Bochnia Salt Mine

The Bochnia salt mine is an inactive salt mine located in the village of Bochnia, in the malopolskie region. It is the oldest salt mine in Poland, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013. The origins of the Bochnia salt mine Read More »

Visiting Zalipie – the painted village

Zalipie is a small village located not far from Tarnow, in the malopolskie region. It is situated roughly 80 kilometers to the north-east from Krakow. You can get there in about 1.5 hours. Zalipie is sometimes called the „painted village” Read More »

Cycling in Krakow

Anyone, who enjoys cycling, knows that riding a bike is one of the most delightful ways of moving around the city. It is a very pleasant way to discover interesting places and get some exercise. Not to mention, it is also much cheaper and Read More »

The Lesser Poland (Malopolska) Wine Trail

Do you know that Lesser Poland is one of the regions, where the wine industry growing thefastest? Although Polish wineries are mainly associated with the regions of Zielona Gora, we can observe that Lesser Poland has the greatest number of Read More »

What to see in Bialystok Old Town

Bialystok is the capital of the podlaskie region, located in north-east Poland. It is famous for its multicultural folklore and one of the oldest pupper theatres in Poland with entertaining shows, not only for children. You can also enjoy the Read More »

Hiking Trails in the Tatra Mountains

Hiking is one of the most popular activities for many tourists coming to the Tatra Mountains. No matter if you’re an experienced mountaineer or you’re only taking your first steps in hiking, in the Tatra Mountains there are trails for pretty Read More »

Enotourism and Wine Trail in Poland

History of winemaking in Poland The history of Polish winemaking is dated over 1000 years, moreover it was known to the first Piasts. First region, where its development has been observed are environs of Krakow. Grapevine in this area was Read More »

What to see in the Old Town of Gdansk

The Old Town of Gdansk is located in the northern part of the Srodmiescie district. It is the oldest area of the city, surrounded by the Aniolki and Mlyniska districts. The Old Town of Gdansk has plenty of interesting attractions and monuments Read More »

What to see in Wroclaw Old Town

Wroclaw is the capital city of the dolnoslaskie region, located in south-west Poland. It is one of the most gorgeous cities in our country. During its long and eventful history it was part of not only Poland, but also Czech and Germany. Today, Read More »

What to see in Warsaw Old Town

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. It is full of interesting attractions and monuments that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. Some of the most interesting an significant attractions can be found in its Old Town. The history Read More »

What to see in Kazimierz Jewish District in Krakow

Krakow is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland. This city has a long and eventful history. One of the most interesting and reflective areas in Krakow is the Kazimierz Jewish district. Over the centuries, Jews were living in Read More »

What to see in Krakow Old Town

There are very few Old Towns in Polish cities with an equally turbulent history and as many significant and fascinating monuments as the Old Town in Krakow. Whether you’re a resident of this magnificent city or a tourist visiting it on vacation, Read More »

Visiting Wawel Castle in Krakow – tickets, guides, opening hours

When people think of Krakow, the first thing that comes to their minds is the Wawel Castle. It is not only the genuine symbol of the city, but also one of the most significant attractions in Poland. Suffice to say that more than 1 million Read More »

One day trip ideas from Wroclaw – where to go?

Wroclaw is the capital city of the Lower Silesia and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland. It is the most important cultural and touristic center of south-west Poland. Its long and eventuful history was influenced by the Read More »

Castles at the the Eagle Nest Trail in Poland

The Eagle Nest Trail is a tourist trail in Poland, which runs through the malopolskie and slaskie regions. It connects Krakow with Czestochowa through most of the so-called „Eagle Nests”, which are Jurassic castles and strongholds constructed at Read More »

Observation points in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the capital of the Lower Silesia region and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland. It is famous for its historical monuments and dwarf figurines. But this marvelous city can also be admired from a different Read More »

Light Gardens in Poland

In recent times, light gardens have become a very popular way of spending free time. They allow visitors to go to enchanting illuminated fairytale lands, where they can feel like kids again while admiring beautiful exhibits, which are delightful Read More »

Ski resorts located close to Wroclaw

When most people think of winter activities, the first thing that comes to their minds is skiing. You don’t really need to have the skills like Adam Malysz to have fun with this sport. In Poland there are many ski resorts that are adapted for Read More »

The Cistercian Trail in Poland – what to visit

The Cistercian Trail is a unique tourist route, created at the territory of Europe and occupying the major territory of Poland, especially in the western and central part of the country. This trail connects all the Cistercian abbeys in Poland, Read More »

European Olympic Games in Krakow 2023, Lesser Poland

The European Olympic Games are an international sport competition organized every 4 years by the European Olympic Committee. The inaugural edition took place in 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The idea of organizing the European olympics, based on the Read More »

The most beautiful Christmas Markets in Poland 2022

As the leaves start to fall, each day gets us closer to the most wonderful time of the year – christmas time! Everyone loves this winter celebration, and for good reason. It’s hard to think about christmas music, presents or family reunions Read More »

Most beautiful places to see in Poland during autumn

When the summer comes to an end, many people often finish their travelling season. But the changing colors of the leaves and the cooler weather don’t mean that it’s not worth planning a trip anymore. In fact, autumn might be an even better time Read More »

Culinary Trails in Poland

The history of Poland is defined by many elements, including ancient monuments, medieval city piazzas and natural monuments. But one of the most interesting elements of Poland’s history are its diverse culinary traditions. Over the centuries, Read More »

Attractions for children in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the capital of the region of Lower Silesia. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland, full of historic monuments and interesting museums to visit. This city has something special for everyone, regardless of their Read More »

Attractions in Krakow for children

Krakow is the former capital of Poland and one of the most popular tourist destinations in our country. It is also often visited by families with children. And as any parent knows, its’s not easy to find attractions that won’t cause kids to Read More »

Nighttime events in Krakow

Krakow is the former capital of Poland. It is a beautiful city with a long and eventful history, which is now commemorated in countless monuments. This city also organize countless interesting events, which attract crowds of people, not only Read More »

Modern Museums in Poland

When going on a vacation, most people want to visit a museum, where they can learn about the place they are visiting, or something specific that is associated with that place. But if you think that museums are just huge buildings with ancient Read More »

Best places for skiing in Poland

Poland is a country with plenty of attractions and activities to offer. One of the most exciting attractions that you can do here is skiing. Every year, countless fans of this sport come here to test their skills on numerous ski routes, each of Read More »

Etnographic parks and open-air museums in Poland

Poland is a country with a long and turbulent history. Over the centuries, Poland has witnessed various events, some of which were more memorable and influential for the country’s fate than others. Nowadays, people can visit many objects and Read More »

Attractions in the Ojcow National Park

The Ojcow National Park was established in 1956. It is located in the malopolskie region, approximately 16 kilometers away from Krakow. In the 19th century, the local nature suffered great loss – entire tree stands were cut out, and caves were Read More »

The most famous rivers in Poland

As the saying goes, „You can’t step in the same river twice”. Many rivers have flown through Poland for centuries, and as the country’s landscape and history changed, so did the rivers. Over the years, the rivers in Poland had a big impact on Read More »

Best places to take photos in Krakow

Krakow is an incredibly gorgeous city. It is the former capital of Poland, which was once the seat of Polish kings. Krakow is full of hitorical monumets and interesting attractions. It also has plenty of excellent places to take photos. In Read More »

Best Polish Health Resorts you should visit

Every year, many people come to Poland to discover its ancient monuments or admire the stunning nature in the mountains and national parks. In Poland, there are located numerous places which can offer unique location, landscape values, various Read More »

The most interesting fortresses and fortifications in Poland

Poland is a country with many interesting attractions. Whether you like admiring nature or exploring historical monuments, this country has something for everyone. One of the most fascinating types of attractions are the countless fortresses and Read More »

Castles in Poland You Can Actually Stay In

Poland is a country with countless historical monuments. A major part of these monuments are castles, which where present in our country for centuries. Over the years, these ancient constructions have witnessed countless historical events that Read More »

Beautiful boulevards in Poland

Although each large city in Poland has something unique that makes it stand out from the others, all of the cities have several elements in common. One of such elements are boulevards, which are beloved by local people and tourists alike as a Read More »

Attractions in the Sowie Mountains

The Sowie Mountains is a mountain range located in the central part of Sudety, in south-west Poland. The Sowie Mountains occupy the surface of approximately 200 square kilometers and extends at length of 26 kilometers. The Sowie Mountains are Read More »

The best places for beer in Krakow

Tourists coming to Krakow look for attractions both for active day and evening activities. One of the most popular forms of spending the evening is going out for a beer or a drink at the bar. The list below will contain both the most popular Read More »

Things you must do while visiting Krakow

Krakow is a beautiful Polish city rich in many monuments and tourist attractions. Being here, you have to take the opportunity to visit some unique places. Try the famous Krakow obwarzanek The first thing you should do when you come to Krakow is Read More »

Attractions in Lodzkie Region

The lodzkie region is one of the most diverse areas in Poland. It is full of valuable monuments and unique architectural manufacture. It also stands out with its unquotable cultural values. The city of Lodz, which is the capital of the region, Read More »

Exploring the Heart of Poland: The Wonders of Mazowieckie

A Region Rich in History and Beauty Mazowieckie, known for its historical significance and natural beauty, stands as the largest region in Poland. This region, home to the vibrant capital city of Warsaw, also offers a wealth of attractions Read More »

Attraction in Podkarpackie Region

The podkarpackie region is located in south-east Poland. It is one of the most of picturesque and primitive regions in the country. Its capital is the city of Rzeszow. This region has plenty of attractions, which will surely satisfy anyone, Read More »

Attractions in Kaszuby Region

Kaszuby is a land located in northern Poland, which is part of Pomorze. It is enhabited by Kashubs, who have their own regional language. The region of Kaszuby extends from the Baltic Sea to the south. It is sometimes describe as „Kashubian Read More »

What to see in Tarnow and surroundings

The Galician ambience of the city of Tarnow attracts visitors from every corner of the world every year. Many people are so delighted with this city, that one visit is not enough for them. When you’re visiting Tarnow, you will be able to Read More »

The most beautiful wild beaches in Poland

Without a doubt, people in Poland are incredibly proud of their Baltic Sea coast. Every year, countless tourists are attracted to the gorgeous sandy beaches, special places for relaxing marked with a blue flag, which guarantees their high Read More »

Attractions in Stary Sacz

Stary Sacz is a town located in the malopolskie region. The first historical mention about this town originated from 1257, when prince Boleslaw Wstydliwy gave the land of Sacz to princesds Kinga of Hungary. In 1683, king Kan III Sobieski visited Read More »

Attractions in Sandomierz

Sandomierz is a Polish city in the swietokrzyskie region, located upon the river Vistula. The earliest traces of settlement in this area originated from the neolithic period. During the partitions of Poland, Sandomierz became the border city Read More »

Attractions in Beskid Slaski

Beskid Slaski is a mountain range in southern Poland. It is part of Western Beskidy. It is bordered by Beskid Zywiecki at the south east and the Zywiec Valley in the east. Beskid Slaski consists of two smaller mountain ranges divided by the Read More »

Attractions in Bieszczady

Bieszczady is one of the most gorgeous and wildest mountain ranges in Poland. The western part of Bieszczady extends at the border between Poland, Slovakia an Ukraine. For many tourists, this region is not just a tourist attraction, but also a Read More »

Birdwatching in Poland

Poland is a country that attracts bird-watchers from all around the world. The seaside, the river mouths, lagoons and the largest swamps in Europe. This is the ranking of five best places for bird watching in Poland. Each of these places is Read More »

Interesting Museum in Poznan

Poznan is one of the oldest cities in Poland. The oldest written documents mentioning Poznan date all the way back to the 10th century. The first traces of human presence in this area date back to approximately 8900-8000 B.C. One of the most Read More »

Interesting events in Krakow – July 2022

Krakow is a very interesting city, full of historical monuments and exciting attractions. This city used to be the capital of Poland, and the headquarters of the country’s kings. Nowadays it is a lively city, which is very popular among Read More »

Free Attractions in Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. It has plenty of attractions that are guaranteed to satisfy anyone, no matter if they are interested in ancient monuments, or more modern experiences. However, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t Read More »

Water Parks in Poland

In the summer it is often very hot. And when people get too hot, they often think of a way to cool off. One of the best ways ways to cool off on a hot day, and one of the first that people think off is swimming in a pool, or a water park. In...

Caves in Poland

A cave is a natural empty space within a rock with sizes that allow people to go inside it. There are plenty of caves in Poland that are available for tourists to visit. Each of those caves is unique in their own special way, and most of them Read More »

Creepy places in Poland

Poland is a country with many types of attractions, that can be divided into the obvious and typical ones and those that are unique and surprising. One of the most surprising types of attractions that can genuinely shock some of the tourists are Read More »

Small Towns in Poland with unique attractions

When people think of Poland, they usually think of big cities with famous attractions, such as the Wawel Castle in Krakow, the Wilanow Palace and the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, or the shipyards in Gdansk. But this country also has Read More »

New attractions set to open in Poland in 2022

Poland is a beautiful country with a long and eventful history, which is evidenced in countless monuments that can bww found all around the country. But that doesn’t mean that Poland doesn’t have anything that could attract more modern tourists, Read More »

Places related to World War 2 in Poland

World War II was one of the most despicable conflicts in the history of mankind. It brought devastating destruction and killed millions of people, most of which were civilians. This nefarioius period in history has been commemorated in countless Read More »

Amusement parks in Poland

Poland has plenty of attractions that will satisfy any tourist, whether they want to admire the beauty of nature, explore historical monuments or just spend some time in this wonderful country. Believe it or not, Poland also has some quite Read More »

Polish Legends

Every country in the world has its own folk stories known as legends. They are mostly fiction, but they alway have some small elements of truth. Poland also has plenty of legends, which have been passed down from one generation to another. These Read More »

Museums in Lublin you should visit

Lublin is a city in eastern Poland, located at the Lublin Upland, upon the river Bystrzyca. It used to be a trading settlement, situated on the trail leading from the surroundings of the Black Sea. Not far from Lublin , there is a museum of the Read More »

Ukraine Refugees: What you can do to help

Thousands of Ukrainian refugees are fleeing their country which was brutally invaded by Russian army on 24th February. Poland, which shares 535 km border with Ukraine, is the main destination for those who have left their homes since the war Read More »

Travelling to Poland is 100% safe

We understand that what has just happened in Ukraine is terrible and of course everybody is shocked. However we want to ensure you that travelling to Poland is 100% safe in the same way as travelling to let’s say Spain or Italy. There is Read More »

Ideas for Stag Parties in Krakow

Many people are often thrilled and excited about getting married. There’s probably no other occasion in your life, that would make you so happy as tying the knot with the love of your life. But before saying „I do” to their bride, many men often Read More »

Polish Cuisine Restaurants in Krakow

One of the most interesting and unconventional ways to discover the culture and history of Poland is to try its local cuisine. In the city of Krakow, there are plenty of restaurants that serve regional Polish dishes. When it comes to Polish Read More »

Less Known Towns in Poland You Should Visit

When foreign tourists think of Poland, they usually think of large, famous cities, such as Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz or Wroclaw. But this country also has several smaller towns, which might not be equally famous, but still have their own charm and Read More »

Visiting Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a rock salt mine located in the town of Wieliczka, not far from Krakow. Since the 13th century up until 1772, it was part of the Krakow saltworks along with the Bochnia Salt Mine. In 1976, the Wieliczka Salt Mine was Read More »

Green Places in Krakow

If you think, that you have to ride far away from the city to find some beautiful, green areas, think again! Krakow, which is one of the most eagerly visited Polish cities among tourists and the former capital of Poland, can offer plenty of Read More »

Castles in Lower Silesia

Lower Silesia is one region in Poland, that probably has more castles than any other part of the country. Many of these ancient constructions have witnessed some of the most meaningful events in the history of Poland, and they are also Read More »

The best places to see Warsaw from the top

Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, has plenty of amazing attractions to offer, including stunning monuments, which witnessed some of the most significant events in the history of Poland, and inquisitive museums, which can satisfy anyone, no Read More »

Visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp

There is probably no other museum dedicated to the history of World War II, that would be as significant, meaningful or drastic as the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. If there’s one museum that can help you truely understand this nefarious and Read More »

Museums in Gdansk you should visit

There’s a lot more to do during your vacation in Gdansk than just swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the beach. This seaside city can also offer interesting museums. No matter if you’re interested in history, or some rather unusual topics, in Read More »

Wild animals you can meet in Poland

If you think that you have to go to the jungle, or the African savanna to see some wild animals living free, think again! Although Poland is mostly known for its history and impressive monuments, it also has some places, where you can see plenty Read More »

German concentration and death camps in the land of Poland

World War II was one of the cruelest periods in history. Dozens of milions of people were killed, and most of the victims were civilians. However, people died not only in the battlefield, but also in death camps and concentration camps. In this Read More »

Museum in Warsaw you should visit

Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, has plenty of museums that everyone should visit at least once. No matter what you’re interested in, or how old you are, in Warsaw it is possible to find a museum for pretty much anyone. In this city, there is Read More »

Things to do when visiting Krakow

When most people think of Krakow, the first thing that comes to their minds are the Main Market Square, historical monuments, such as Sukiennice or the Barbican, and legendary creatures, such as the Wawel Dragon. However, if you know where to Read More »

Things to do in Zakopane in winter

Zakopane is often considered the „winter capital of Poland”, and for good reason. The snow-capped mountains and ski slopes are one of the main reasons, why crowds of tourists, not only from Poland, are attracted to this winter resort every year. Read More »

Polish dishes you have to try when travelling to Poland

When it comes to visiting Poland, most people think of gorgeous, natural landscapes and ancient monuments. However, believe it or not, it is also possible to learn a lot about Polish history and culture from… the country’s traditional dishes! In Read More »

Places worth visiting in the surrounding of Gdansk

„Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside! I do like to be beside the sea!” Who doesn’t like to spend their vacation at the seaside? The sandy beaches, the soothing sound of the waves and the multitude of things to see and do are the main reasons Read More »

Places worth visiting in the surrounding of Wroclaw

Wrocław, a vibrant city in southwestern Poland, is not only a destination in itself but also a gateway to numerous fascinating places in its vicinity. This guide explores the top attractions around Wrocław, perfect for day trips or short Read More »

Places worth visiting in the surrounding of Krakow

When it comes to visiting Lesser Poland, there’s a lot more to discover than just the city of Krakow – the region’s capital. Whether you’re interested in exploring medieval fortifications, admiring the beauty of nature, or learning about the Read More »

The Valley of Palaces of Lower Silesia

The Valley of Palaces and Castles is often compared to the Loire Valley with palaces and castles in France. Located at the foot of Karkonosze, it is created out of as many as 30 residences – gothic castles, fairytale palaces, and sometimes even Read More »

The Palace in Nieborów

The Palace in Nieborów is a baroque-styled palace designed by Tylman from Gameren for the order of Michał Stefan Radziejowski. Between 1774 and 1945, it was owned by the Radziwiłł family. Between 1690 and 1696, primate Michał Stefan Radziejowski Read More »

The Mlynska Island in Bydgoszcz

The Młyńska Island is a monumental island in the Old Town area of Bydgoszcz, with the surface of approximately 6.5 hectares. The Młyńska Island is one of the most beautiful places in Bydgoszcz in terms of landscape, because of the numerous Read More »

The renaissance defensive mansion in Piotrowice Świdnickie

The mansion with a defensive character, which is located at the very end of the village of Piotrowice Świdnickie, was founded between 1590 and 1599 by Jacob von Zedlitz from Płonina, probably with the participation of Italian architects and Read More »

The relics of the Ossoliński castle

In the place of the relics of a late-renaissance residence, which are currently quite flimsy, there already was a brick-made, gothic castle, probably back in the 14th century. It was constructed by a representant of the knightly Toporczyk Read More »


Sulejów is a town located in the łódzkei region, upon the rivers Pilica and Radońka. Sulejów was originally part of Lesser Poland, it was a settlement in the Sandomierz land. The origins of the local settlement are associated with a customs Read More »


Ciechanowiec is a Polish town in the podlaskie region. Before 1429, it was a private town with the Magdeburg law, and it was located in the land of Drohicka in the podlaskie region. The Polish part of Ciechanowiec was a private land in the Read More »

The castle in Checiny

The castle in Chęciny is a royal castle from the late 13th and 14th century, towering over the town of Chęciny in the świętokrzyskie region. There is no certain source data about the establishment of the castle in Chęciny. However, based on the Read More »

The renaissance defensive mansion in Piotrowice Świdnickie

The mansion with a defensive character, which is located at the very end of the village of Piotrowice Świdnickie, was founded between 1590 and 1599 by Jacob von Zedlitz from Płonina, probably with the participation of Italian architects and Read More »


Przeworsk is a Polish town, located in the podkarpackie region. In 1394, it was a private, noble town, and in the 16th century, it was located in the ruskie region. The first historical mention of Przeworsk originated from 1281. In 1393, the Read More »

The palace in Śmiełów

The palace in Śmiełów, which holds the Adam Mickiewicz Museum inside is a monumental palace constructed in 1797 by Stanisław Zawadzki – one of the best architects of the classicism period, who also constructed the palace in Dobrzyca and the Read More »

The Augustów Wilderness

The Augustów Wilderness is a large forest complex located in the podlaskie region, as well as in Lithuania and Belarus. The surface of the entire wilderness is approximately 160.000 hectares, out of which 114.000 is located within the borders of Read More »

The church of st. Nicholas in Chełmża

The church of st. Nicholas in Chełmża is a gothic church from the second half of the 13th century and the early 14th century. It reconstructed after 1422 and rebuilt in the 19th century, with the addition of neo-gothic elements. The church of Read More »

The Silesia Park

The Silesia Park is a city park in Chorzów, which occupies the surface of 620 hectares or, according to another source of information, 520 hectares. It is one of the largest city parks in Europe. The park is known as the „green lungs” of Upper Read More »

The palace in Żyrowa

The palace is Żyrowa is a baroque-styled palace constructed between 1631 and 1644, located in the town of Żyrowa. It is one of the largest early baroque buildings in the Opolskie region. The palace in Żyrowa as we know it today was constructed Read More »

The relics of the Teutonic commanders’ castle in Kowalewo Pomorskie

The first stronghold in Kowalewo was constructed by Teutonic knights, probably shortly after they received these lands from the hands of Christian, a missionary bishop from Oliwa, which happened in 1231. In 1269, this guard tower, which was made Read More »

The knight castle in Korzkiew

According to the agreed opinion of the historians, the castle in Korzkiew was the completion of the knightly Zaklika family. Its creation dates back to the period after the year 1352. During that year, after the construction disaster of the Read More »

The relics of the Lubno Castle in Czarny Bór

The brick-made Lubno Castle in Czarny Bór was probably constructed in the mid-14th century, from the foundation of prince Bolko II świdnicko-jaworski. However, some historians believe, that this ruler violently took it away from the hands of an Read More »


Chełm is a city located in eastern Poland, in the lubelskie region, 42 kilometers away from the country’s border with Belarus and 27 kilometers away from the border with Ukraine. It is situated upon the river Uherka. There are many different Read More »

The ruins of the romantic Potocki castle at Lake Góreckie

The small, neo-gothic mansion on an island in the middle of a picturesque lake was founded and most likely personally designed by Tytus Działyński, the owner of the Kórnik and Konarzew castle. This romantic building was supposed to be a gift Read More »

The ruins of the Discalced Carmelites Monastery in Zagórz

The monastery of the Discalced Carmelites in Zagórz was founded by Jan Franciszek Stadnicki, the voivode of Wołyń and the owner of the so-called „Lesko country”. Although we don’t know the foundation act, it is possible to assume, based on the Read More »

The ruins of the Bolczów castle in Janowice Wielkie

The origins of the village of Janowice, in which the Bolczów castle is located, probably date back to the 13th century, although the first historical mention about it didn’t actually appear until 1334. And aloing with that mention appeared a Read More »

The ruins of the noble castle in Borysławice Zamkowe

We owe the construction of hte brickmade castle in Borysławice to the person of Wojciech Jastrzębiec, the bishop of Kraków, who as a representant of the Polish side during the prognosis with the Teutonic Oirder made lots of serious mistakes, for Read More »

The relicts of the knightly castle in Konary

The history of the functioning of the castle in Konary was short, but eventful, although the lack of authoritative sources doesn’t give the possibility to specify exactly the time and reasons of its fall. It was most likely constructed by Read More »

The ruins of the Teutonic commanders’ castle in Brodnica

The organized Strasburg settlement-town complex was established in this area in the second half of the 13th century, after the Teutonic Knights, who were brought here by Konrad Mazowiecki, faked the document of ownership of these lands, occupied Read More »

The renaissance baronial castle in Baranów Sandomierski

In the place, where today stands Elegantissima – the most refined among all the castles from the historical land of Sandomierz, there was a small knightly defensive mansion in the middle ages, which, according to documents written by Jan Read More »

The Teutonic castle in Giżycko

The first strengthenings in the area of Giżycko as we know it today were constructed by pagan people of Prussia from the Yotvingian tribe. After the surrounding lands were occupied by the Teutonic order around the year 1290, commander Read More »

The relics of the Rogowiec princely castle in Grzmiąca

The origins of the Rogowiec castle date back probably to the last two decades of the 13th century and are associated in common opinion with Bolko I the Crude, who was the ruler of the Świdnica-Jawor duchy. The defensive construction, which was Read More »

The Polish President’s Castle in Wisła

The Polish President’s Castle is a modernistic palace in the town of Wisła, built between 1929 and 1930 based on a design by Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz for Ignacy Mościcki, the president of Poland; between 1931 and 1952, as well as since 2002 it has Read More »

The knightly castle in Bydlin

Because of the inaccessibility of sources of information, the origins of the small watchtower in Bydlin are getting lost in the darkness of history., That’s why it is very difficult to tell exactly who built it and when it was built. There is Read More »

The residential-defensive tower in Bystrzyca Kłodzka

The origins of the brick-made defensive headquarters in Bystrzyca Kłodzka date back to 1319, when Jan Luksemburski, the king of Czech, gave the reeve’s office along with the threre villages and the belongings to Jakub Rucker, and at the same Read More »


The small town of Poprad, located close to the Polish border, is mostly associated with an aquapark, which has been operating here for at least a dozen of years. But despite that, it’s worth dedicating a few hours to at least discover the Spiska Read More »

The Bread Museum in Radzionków

The Bread Museum in Radzionków was opened in 2000. It gathers old, monumental working tools of bakers and confectioners. Here you can get familiar with the history and traditions associated with bread, with respect to bread and with machines and Read More »


Kujawy is the land of milk and honey, or at least that’s what it used to be. It is an interesting area in terms of etnography and history, located in the area of the kujawsko-pomorskie region, between the upper Noteć from the west and the Read More »

Tyniec – popular attractions, what to see

Tyniec, a popular place among tourists today, is a former village near Kraków, which was incarnate into it in 1973, and today it is the city’s integral part. Tyniec is located in the western part of the city, at the picturesque, right edge of Read More »

The Upper Silesia Narrow-Gauge Railways

The first railway line in the Upper Silesia, with normal tracks, started running in 1846 and connected Wrocław with Mysłowice. Unfortunately, it evaded many crucial cities, and it was often because of the people who lived in those cities, who Read More »


The monumental Patronage Residential of the „Dębieńsko” mine – Familoki is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved colonies of its type. It consists of Szkolna street, Wolności street, Słowackiego street, Hallera street, Kombatantów street Read More »

Załęczański Landscape Park

This is one of the very first landscape parks in Poland. Have you ever visited the Załęczański Landscape Park? If you have, you probably know that this is an incredibly picturesque and charming park. You will want to re-visit it again and again Read More »

The Knyszyna Wilderness Landscape Park

The Knyszyna Wilderness Landscape Park was established in 1988 and protects the precious nature, as well as cultural and historical qualities of the Knyszyna Wilderness, located in Podlasie, between the towns of Białystok, Supraśl and Krynki Read More »

The Guido mine

One of the most popular attractions in the śląskie region, the „Guido” mine, was established in the 1850s. It received its name after its owner, an industrial magnate named Guido Henckel von Donnersmarck.. Up until the 1880s, two shafts were Read More »

Będkowska Valley

While visiting the Dolinki Krakowskie Landscape Park, you shouldn’t overlook the Bolechowicka Valley. This gorgeous and incredibly popular valley is located in the southern part of the Kraków-Częstochowa Jurassic System, between Karniowice and Read More »

Bolechowicka Valley

While visiting the Dolinki Krakowskie Landscape Park, you shouldn’t overlook the Bolechowicka Valley. This gorgeous and incredibly popular valley is located in the southern part of the Kraków-Częstochowa Jurassic System, between Karniowice and Read More »

The Holy Trinity church in Rachowice

The Holy Trinity church in Rachowice is a monumental catholic church, located in the village of Rachowice, in the Gliwice County, in the śląskie region. The church is located at the Trail of Wooden Architecture in the śląskie region. The village Read More »

The castle in Człuchów

The castle in Człuchów in a teutonic castle, the second largest castle of the Teutonic Order behind the one in Malbork. This was the most difficult castle to conquer in the entire region of Pomorze. Since the 12th century, Człuchów is part of Read More »

The „Elektrownia” Modern Art Gallery

In just a few first years of activity, the „Elektrownia” Modern Art Gallery gained plenty of appreciation from the artistic background, and became a valuable place at the cultural map of the region. At the same time, its popularity at the map of Read More »

Beskid Żywiecki

Beskid Żywiecki is an amazingly interesting region, located in southern Poland, at the border of the śląskie and małopolskie regions, extending between the upper edge of the course of the river Soła in the west and Orawka and Skawa in the east. Read More »

The Swietokrzyskie Mountains

The Świętokrzyskie Mountains is the only Polish mountain range located in the central part of the country, outside of Sudety and Karpaty. These mountains are located in the area of the Świętokrzyskie region, in the central part of the Read More »

The Ustron Museum

The Ustroń Museum under the name of Jan Jarocki, surrounded by post-industrial monuments, is located at the area of the monumental assumption of the former „Klemens” ironworks. It is open 7 days a week, and is responsible for taking care of the Read More »

Lysa Góra

Łysa Góra (Bald Mountain) is a mountain peak in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, located in the eastern part of the Łysogóry mountain range in Nowa Słupia. It is protected as part of the Świętokrzyski National Park. It is the second highest peak in Read More »

The Bobolice Castle

The Bobolice Castle is a royal castle, which was originally constructed in the mid-14th century, and later reconstructed. It is located in the system of the so-called „Eagle Nests”, in the village of Bobolice, in the śląskie region. The royal Read More »

The Kaszuby Etnographic Park

The Kaszuby Etnographic Park under the name Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski in Wdzydze Kiszewskie is an open-air museum, which gathers more than 50 objects of folk architecture from the entire region of Kaszuby and Kociewie, except for the seaside Read More »

Dar Pomorza – Ship

The Gift of Pomorze (Dar Pomorza) is a three-masted sailing ship, purchased by the society of Pomorze in 1929 for the Marine School in Gdynia. Since 1982, it is moored in Gdynia as a museum on a ship, a division of the National Marine Museum in Read More »

Żywiec Brewery Museum

In the first half of the 19th century, most of the region of Żywiecczyzna was in the hands of the representatives of the Austrian, Imperial Habsburg family. In the middle of the century, it’s next owner was the archduke Albrecht Fryderyk Read More »

The Silesian Museum

The complex of buildings of the Silesian Museum, located at the area of the former „Katowice” Coal Mine, along with other institutions established here, creates the Culture Zone – a new centre of the city’s cultural life. The „Katowice” coal Read More »

The church dedicated to st. Antoni Padewski in Sokółka

The church dedicated to st. Antoni Padewski in Sokółka is located by 47 Grodzieńska street. In recent times, the temple became famous for a few reasons. The most important reason was the miraculous revelation of a fragment of the heart of Jesus Read More »

The „Ujście Warty” National Park

The „Ujście Warty” National Park is one of the newest national parks in Poland, it was created in 2001. However, back in 1977, these areas, which were a precious mainstay of water and mud birds in Poland, as well as one of the most crucial wet Read More »

The Błędowska desert

The Polish Sahara In the marvellous Krakow-Czestochowa Jurassic System, between the towns of Klucze, Chechło and Błędów, at the border of Lesser Poland and the śląskie region, there is an unconventional attraction – the Błędowska desert, which Read More »

Legends from Polish castles that you probably never heard of

Mysterious tunnels, spooky dogs scaring the tourists and ghosts of lovers… Legends from Polish castles can be really disturbing. Here are some legends associated with Polish castles that will definitely shock you! The legend of the aviators The Read More »

The churches of peace in Jawor and Świdnica

Jawor and Świdnica are two small towns in Lower Silesia with rich history and numerous monuments. In 2001, both towns were included in the UNESCO World Heritage. It al happened thanks to the so-called „Churches of Peace”. The 16th and 17th Read More »

The castle chapel in Racibórz

The castle chapel in Racibórz is a pearl of Siliesian gothic, sometimes caled the Saint-Chapelle of Silesia. That’s because its construction was modeled after this French Chapel. It was created between 1288 and 1293 in the times of the Piast Read More »

Manufaktura in Lodz

While visiting Łódź, it’s practically impossible to resist a visit to Manufaktura. That’s because Manufaktura isn’t just an ordinary shopping centre. It is a gigantic trading-service-entertainment surface, which is perfect for shopping Read More »

20 best attractions in Bieszczady and its surroundings

The views in Bieszczady are simply incredible. It is definitely worth coming here both in the winter and in the summer. This is the location of the wildest mountains in Poland. This is also the crossing place of borders of three countries: Read More »

The most popular medical services in Poland

According to the information from the Healthpoland website, most of the foreign patients come from Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Belgium, which are countries, where operations are much more expensive than in Poland. They Read More »

Medical treatment in Poland

Polish medical tourism found itself in the group of 15 divisions standing out with the greatest potential. The Ministry of Economy decided to give financial support to its development as pat of a project called „Promotion of Polish economy on Read More »

Unknown tourist attractions in Poland

Underground Nazi towns, viking villages and Disney-styled castles – all of that can be found in Poland! Our country is full of unusual places to explore. For a certain time, Polish monuments have been appreciated not only in our country, but Read More »

Biebrza National Park – what to see?

While planning a visit to the Biebrza National Park, you should keep in mind to stay on the appointed trails. It’s worth checking the park’s website, if some of the routes aren’t currently closed. The swampy area can cause some of the paths to Read More »

Exploring Podlasie: A Treasure Trove of Natural Beauty and Cultural Diversity

Podlasie, a region in northeastern Poland, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Known for its pristine natural landscapes, rich cultural tapestry, and historical sites, Podlasie offers a unique experience for travelers looking for something Read More »

Winter craziness in Poland part 4

Far away from the mountains We can also spend our winter break in Poland away from the mountains and that absolutely doesn’t mean we’ll be bored. Below we will introduce you to some ideas for people, who don’t want to or just can’t go to the Read More »

Winter craziness in Poland part 3

Trails, mountain shelters, trips… Our mountains give us a possibility of organizing many interesting winter trips, and not necessarily just for experienced hikers. That’s because there are plenty of trailsm which are also perfect for „sunday” Read More »

Winter craziness in Poland part 2

The Tatra mountains – the most popular place for white frenzy This place might be crowded, loud, expensive and banal, but still the Tatra mountains, and especially Zakopane are enjoying an unabated popularity as a place for a winter vacation. Read More »

What to do and see during winter in Poland

Snow, white frenzy, and later warming yourself up by the fireplace with a cup of tea (or a different drink) and admiring the snowy mountain peaks – these activities can be a description of a perfect winter vacation, but for others it might sound Read More »

Autumn attractions in Krynica-Zdrój

Krynica-Zdrój, a picturesque spa town nestled in the Beskid Mountains of southern Poland, transforms into a tapestry of autumnal colors, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, wellness, and cultural experiences. This article highlights the Read More »

Most interesting underground attractions in Poland

Dungeons and basements hiding secrets from the past, legendary mines, fairytale caves and kilometers of tunnels. If you combine all of that with ghosts, hidden treasures and unsolved mysteries, you can find out that underground attractions can Read More »

Unconventional places in Poland that surprise with a close encounter

There are several small town in Poland, that might have nothing to offer at first glance. But it is always a pleasure to discover what these inostensible places have in store for tourists. Let us intorduce you to some incredible mysteries hidden Read More »

Polish places that look like from foreign countries

Did you know, that in Poland we have a place called the Polish Tuscany, or the Polish Jerusalem, or even the Polish Maledives? Do you know which city is known as the Manchester of the north? Let us introduce you to several places that look like Read More »

The oldest cemeteries in Poland

The tradition of creating cemeteries, as a burial place, dates back to the Roman times, or perhaps even earlier. Today, for most of the Polish people, necropolises are are special places, where they can visit their deceased loved ones. Let us Read More »

Small towns associated with famous Polish people

There are many towns in Poland that may be small, but are very recognizable, because these are the places associated with famous Polish people. Here are a few towns and villages that you shoulkd visit if you want to discover places associated Read More »

Small Polish towns with unconventional attractions

There are plenty small towns in Poland, that you might not have heard of, but have some unconventional attractions, that could easily compete with any famous attraction that can be found in cities such as Warsaw, Wrocław or Gdańsk. Let us Read More »

Free attractions in Opole

What places should you visit in the capital of the smallest region in Poland? Let us introduce you to some free attractions in Opole. There something for people who just want to relax and for music lovers. The Venice of Opole The stonehouses Read More »

The Kozłowska Desert

If you’re dreaming of exotic landscapes or are eager to play in a mighty sandlot, then the Kozłowska Desert is the place for you! It’s not in Africa, or any other far-away country. It is located closer than you might have thought – in Poland! Read More »

Free attractions in Poznań

For many years, Poznań has been one of the most eagerly visited cities in Poland. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to discover its most interesting places. Let us introduce you to some of the best attractions in the capital city of the Read More »

The Narew National Park

The Narew National Park, created on July 1st 1996, is one of the 23 national parks in Poland. The symbol of the Narew National Park is the moor buzzard. The park is located in north-east Poland, in the podlaskie region, at the area of the Read More »

The most beautiful waterfalls in Poland

When we wander through mountain trails, we often like to have destinations that we want to reach. The perspective of fable-like views, reaching a mountain peak or the irresistable water cascade, at the end of our journey – these are the things Read More »

Free attractions in Zakopane

Although Zakopane is known is the winter capital of Zakopane, the tourist season lasts all year long here. How can you enjoy your stay here and not go bankrupt? Here are some attractions in Zakopane that you can enjoy for free. Wielka Krokiew Read More »

The Nikifor Museum in Krynica-Zdrój

Besides Jan Kiepura, Nikifor Krynicki is one of the most recognizable people associated with Krynica-Zdrój – a health spa, where you can not only cure your body, but also delight your soul by visiting artistic places. Thanks to the movie „Mój Read More »

The Toy Museum in Kielce

Who says that Child’s Day is only for children?? Since everyone is said to have a part a the child deep inside, you should definitely cherish it! That’s one of the reason to visit the Toy and Playtime Museum in Kielce. Here, you can find Read More »

The Slavonic Countryside Museum in Kluki

When you think of your typical seaside vacation, is all you can think of limited to having fun at the beach, sunbathing and eating waffles? Not necessarily! You can also have a decent amount of culture and history, all you have to do is just Read More »

Śnieżnik – the beautiful trail from Międzygórze

Śnieżnik is the highest peak of the Polish Eastern Sudety, and the central point of the Śnieżnik Massif. Thanks to the fact, that you can’t find any higher mountains in this area, it also owns the Crown of the Polish Mountains. The trail leading Read More »

The Kościeliska Valley

The Kościeliska Valley is located in the Western Tatra Mountains, and is 9 kliometers long, which makes it the second largest valley in the Polish Tatra Mountains, behind the Chochołowska Valley. It is definitely worth coming here, especially Read More »

Attractions of Wolin, the largest Polish island

Slavonic settlements, the Hangman’s Hill, remainings from Vikings and World War II – Wolin has plenty of diverse attractions, it is impossible to be bored here. The largest island in Poland is a perfect place for a summer vacation. Here are a Read More »

Most beautiful Polish places to see in autumn

The beginning of autumn is a time, when most of us end our vacation and go back to everyday life. But this year, because of fear for their health, some people decided to postpone their vacation for later. Let us introduce you to some of the Read More »

Free attractions in Rzeszów

Rzeszów has lots of free attractions, that will be enjoyed by fans of history, architecture and axtive vacation. Here’s what you can see in Rzeszów without spending any money. The Rzeszów Castle Because this is the location of the District Read More »

Free attractions in the Lower Silesia

There are several places in the Lower Silesia that you can visit for free. You can get to most of the places described below from Wrocław by train. Here are a few places in the Lower Silesia that you can visit for 0 PLN. The Bolczów Castle and Read More »

Free attractions in Kazimierz Dolny

Kazimierz Dolny is one of the most gorgeous and most beloved cities in Poland. And if you’re wondering what to see here for free, we have a few suggestions. The Janowiec Castle Although this castle is located in Janowiec, it is officially Read More »

The Emigration Museum in Gdynia

If you try to come up with something that queen Świętosława, known as „the mother of Kings”, Roksolana, the wife of Sulejman the Magnificent, ruler of the Ottoman Empire and composer Fryderyk Chopin have in common, you might not come up with Read More »

Bledne Skaly in the Stołowe Mountains

The trail of Błędne Skały is located at the slopes of Skalniak, at the height of 852 meters, at the border between Poland and the Czech Republic, in the Stołowe Mountains. The area takes up the surface of about 21 hectares and is a nature Read More »

The Sarnia Skała trail

Sarnia Skała used to be known as Mała Świnica. Although there are no twisted mountain twists, cliffs, or exhausting, steep approaches, that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun here. This route is perfect for a beginning of the Tatra Mountain Read More »

Free attractions in the Tricity

If you think you need to spend a fortune to visit anything in the Tricity, think again! There are plenty atteactions at the Polish seaside that you can visit for 0 PLN. Here are a few suggestions: The Long Market in Gdańsk The Long Market along Read More »

Free atractions in Katowice

Do you think that the region of Silesia in ugly, and there is nothing interesting to see in Katowice? Think again! Allow us to introduce you to some free attractions in Katowice that might make you change your mind. Nikiszowiec The monumental Read More »

Free attractions in Kolobrzeg

What can you see in Kołobrzeg for free? Here are a fewe suggestions what you can visit without spending any money. The Polish Weapons Museum In the Polish Weapons Museum you can discover wartine ships that aren’t working anymore and other Read More »

Free attractions in Lodz

You don’t really have to spend a fortune to visit the most interesting places in Lodz. If you’re wondering, what free attractions in Lodz are worth seeing, you’ll be happy to discover that there are great places to see for free for both children Read More »

A beaver camp in Stary Sącz

Bobrowisko under Stary Sącz was created in the fork of two rivers – Dunajec and Poprad. Back in the 1950, the excavation of the aggregation began. The gravel pit was functioning for more than 40 years. A quarter century ago it was out of Read More »

Free attractions in Lublin

When people think of Lublin, one of the first things that comes to mind is charming corners, mysterious streets and an atmosphere that makes you feel like home. Although the city keeps getting more and more modern each year, it is still possible Read More »

Bydgoszcz: A Blend of History, Culture, and Modernity

Bydgoszcz, a dynamic city in northern Poland, offers a unique blend of historical charm and contemporary urban life. This post will guide you through the city’s highlights. Rich History and Architecture Bydgoszcz boasts a rich history, Read More »


Try to remind yourself of three most unbelievable associations connected with any city in Poland. Whatever you think of, it probably won’t beat the most significant attractions of the town of Kurozwęki. This village, located in the Read More »

Majaland in Kownaty

„This little bee, that you can see here, is called Maja, Maja is known and loved by everyone…” Do you know anyone, who was born in the 1970’s or 1980’s and doesn’t know who Maja the bee is? It would probably take a miracle to find such a person! Read More »

The Dęblin fortress

At the confluence of the Wieprz and Vistula rivers, you can find the remainings of fortifications built by Russia in the 19th century. The Dęblin fortress was a promising and strategically located object. Hopes for efficient use of the fortress Read More »

Mushroom picking in Poland

Poland is a fascinating country with plenty of opportunities and exciting things to do. There is a special activity for every time of year. In the winter you can go skiing or hiking in the snowy mountains. In the summer you can visit the beach Read More »

The Seal Sanctuary in Hel

The Seal Sanctuary of the Sea Station of the Oceanography Institute of the University of Gdańsk is a seal sanctuary located in Hel at Bulwar Nadmorski. The seal sanctuary consists of a complex of three breeding pools, several isolation pools Read More »

Zoo in Wrocław

The Zoological Garden in Wrocław (Zoo Wrocław) is located by Wróblewskiego 1-5 street in Wrocław, established on July 10th 1865. It is the oldest Zoo in Poland. The surface of this zoo is 33 hectares. By the end of 2015, The Zoological Garden in Read More »


Szydłów is a place, where time stands still. This unique town in the świętokrzyskie region maintained its medieval character thanks to the remainings of the 14th century walls and other buildings. You only have to take a quick look at this town Read More »


Korbielów is a Polish village located in the śląskie region. Between 1975 and 1998 it was part of the Bielskie region. Korbielów is located in Beskid Żywiecki, at the slopes of Pilsko, 19 kilometers to the south-east from Żywiec, in the close Read More »

Siklawa Waterfall

Siklawa is a waterfall located in the High Tatra Mountains, at the Roztoka stream. It is the largest waterfall in Poland, which falls from the wall separating the valley of the Five Polish Ponds and the valley of Roztoka, through two or three Read More »

The „Jagodna” mountain shelter

The „Jagodna” shelter is a mountain touristic shelter, located at the height of 811 meter above the sea level, in Central Sudety, in the Bystrzyckie Mountains. The shelter is located at the extensive meadow in the Spalona village, by the crossin Read More »


Długopole-Zdrój is a health-spa village located in the dolnośląskie region, in the Bystrzyca Kłodzka community The first documented mention of this town dates back to 1346, and tells about giving the local village council to the von Glubos Read More »


Czerniawa-Zdrój is a health spa and a district of Świeradów-Zdrój, located in the dolnośląskie region. It is one of the oldest health spas in this area. The settlement was established in the 17th century by the glasworks owned by the Read More »

Birdwatching in Poland

Birdwatching is a popular hobby among people in Great Britain and USA, but it is slowly gaining popularity in Poland as well. In the already mentioned countries there several millions of people who are passionate about birdwatching. Although our Read More »

The PRL Museum

The PRL Museum is an institution located in the building of a former „Światowid” Cinema in the Nowa Huta district of Kraków. The idea of the museum came from the City Council of Kraków in November of 2012. For many years, the creation of the Read More »

The moving nativity scene in Bardo Śląskie

Although according to liturgy, the Christmas period ends on the day of the Baptism of the Lord, in Polish tradition singing Christmas carols lasts all the way until February 2nd. This is a special time, when pilgrims and tourists visit the Read More »

The Sanctuary of Mother of God the Painful Queen of Poland in Licheń Stary

The Sanctuary of the Mercy of God is a sanctuary located in Łagiewniki, Kraków, at 3 Siostry Faustyny street. It is strictly associated with the life and activityof Faustyna Kowalska. In 1992 the chapel of St. Joseph by the monastery of the Nuns Read More »

The Sanctuary of the Mercy of God in Łagiewniki

The Sanctuary of the Mercy of God is a sanctuary located in Łagiewniki, Kraków, at 3 Siostry Faustyny street. It is strictly associated with the life and activityof Faustyna Kowalska. In 1992 the chapel of St. Joseph by the monastery of the Nuns Read More »

10 interesting cities and towns in Poland that everyone should see – part 2

7/10 Węgrów The 12.000-citizen Węgrów is located at the historicla border between Podlasie and Mazowze. The settlement in the valley of Liwiec gained citty rights in the mid-15th century. It expanded mostly thanks to the reign of the Radziwiłł Read More »

10 interesting cities and towns in Poland that everyone should see – part 1

These are 10 interesting and intriguing, yet rather little-known cities and towns in Poland, which are worth considering as one of the destinations during your summer vacation, May trip, long weekend and any other occasion. These are cities and Read More »

Lwówek Switzerland – Lwówek Rocks

Lwówek Switzerland (Szwajcaria Lwówecka) is a group of several sandy rocks bastions located in the town of Lwówek Śląski, with a gorgeous view of the surroundings. Interesting rocky formations, a convenient path and a forest surrounding make Read More »

Lake Pilchowickie

Lake Pilchowickie is an artificially created water reservoir. The Bóbr Dam was created in 1912, it is 62 meters high and 290 meters wide, as well as up to 60 meters thick. It really is impressive. It can be visited from any side, admiring Bóbr Read More »

The Sobótka-Górka Castle

The history of the castle in Sobótka-Górka began in the 12th century. At that time, the first chapel designed specifically for Augustinians was created, which was later rebuilt for a parish church. In the undergrounds of the castle foundations Read More »

The Paulinum Palace

The pearl and a great treasure among the monuments of Jelenia Góra is the Paulinum Palace, built in the 19th century sat the top of a park hill, nearly at the very centre of the city. The neo-renaissance hunters’ residence attracts guests with Read More »

The underground town in Jelenia Góra

On Saturday, December 22nd 2018, the long-awaited attraction known as „Time Gates” was officially opened, much to the excitement of tourists all around the country. Below the centre of Jelenia Góra extends a lot of kilometers of underground Read More »


Koszalin is the second largest city of Pomorze Zachodnie, which is located at the junction of three regions – The Słowińskie coast, the Białogradzka Plain and the Słupsk Plain. Although it has no access to the sea, it is still inseparably Read More »

The kayaking trail of the Czarna Hańcza river

Apart from the numerous lakes (including Wigry, Okrągłe and Długie) The kayaking trail of the Czarna Hańcza river is the largest river in Suwalszczyzna, which begins in the deepest lake in the region – Hańcza. At the Polish area it flows at the Read More »

The Łężczok Nature Reserve

Located between Racibórz, Nędza, Zawada Książęcsa and Babice, being part of the area of the Cysterskie Kompozycje Krajobrazowe Rud Wielkich Landscape Park, the Łężczok Nature Reserve is one of the largest and most beautiful reserves of the Read More »

Golden Pins for the best tourist attractions in Poland

In honor of the 15th anniversary of introducing the world to Google Maps, the best attractions in our country were awarded with a prize known as Złote Pinezki (Golden Pins). The Polish list imcludes 16 places – one for each region. The Google Read More »

Pakoszow Palace

The Pakoszów Palace is a baroque-styled palace located nearby the Kamienna river, in the border of the town of Piechowice, in the dolnośląskie region. It was built in 1725 for the order Johann Martin Gottfried, who was the mayor of Jelenia Góra Read More »

The Land of Loess Ravines

If you’re planning to spend your vacation in Poland, we’ve got something special for you – the Land of Loess ravines, located upon the Vistula river. This is the location of the largest gathering of Loess Ravines in Europe. This is the place Read More »

Tuczno Castle

The castle in Tuczno was established as a defensive fortress, in a small village with a fishing settlement. This is a strategic place: the fortress was supposed to defend th border between Branderburgia and the Wałecka Land. The building was Read More »

Why should you visit Lublin?

Before the war, Lublin was a famous trading town, and a centre of trade between Poland and Lithuania, as well as other countries. This city is full of unique monuments, romantic corners, and narrow yet charming streets, which still remember the Read More »

The forgotten park in Maciejowa and its treasures

There is a unique place in the heart of Lower Silesia, several kilometers away from the centre of Jelenia Góra. All you have to do is get through the old, beech forest and listen to the wind quietly whispering between the trees about times long Read More »

The triangular Market Square in Łowicz

Most market squares are shaped like a square or rectangle, less oftemn they have a shape of a trapeze. But there is only one Market Square shaped like a triangle in the entire Poland. It can be found in Łowicz – a town that we mostly associate Read More »

Free museums in Warsaw

Not all museums in Warsaw require buying a ticket. If you make a good plan of your visit to the capital of Poland, you can visit most of its museums for free. Allow us to introduce you to to the greatest and most interesting museums in Warsaw Read More »

Cheap attractions in Solina

Beautiful landscapes, nature qualities and health spa qualities? You can find that in Solina! This is a perfect place in Bieszczady to take a break from the crowds of the big city. And you can find plenty great attractions even if you don’t have Read More »

Wild places in Poland part 2

9/17 The Opawskie Mountains (opolskie region) The Opawskie Mountains is a little-known, most eastern mountain range of the Polish Sudety. It is historically associated with the Lower Silesia, and in the middle ages, they were part of an Read More »

Wild places in Poland. Perfect for a weekend away from the crowds – part 1

Wild places in Poland – is it still possible to find them? Yes, it is! Our country is more than just crowded beaches, long cues of people eager to get to Giewont and rowdy market squares of large towns. Poland is also full of remarkably Read More »

Small Towns in Poland that you have to see

What towns in Poland are conisdered to be some of the most beautiful places in the country? The most beautiful towns in Poland: 1.Sandomierz Location: in the świętokrzyskie region, less than 1.5 hours driving to the north from Rzeszów (For Read More »

Sadecczyzna – discover the pearl of Lesser Poland

Are you familiar with this incredibly beautiful, yet still little known part of Poland? Allow us to introduce you to several interesting propositions of spending your free time in a region described as the „Pearl of Lesser Poland”. Find out what Read More »

Professor Białobok’s Forest Arboretum in Stradomia Dolna

One of Poland’s most recently created arboretums, located in Stradomia Dolna, was established in 1993 out of a small forest nursery. Today it contains 150 hectares of a mixed boron, consisting of pines, oak trees and birch-trees. The object Read More »


Międzygórze, located at the foothills of the Śnieżnik Massif, used to be the place, where iron was extracted, before the local people began to do weaving. It wasn;t until the 19th century that the village became popular among tourists, and the Read More »


Międzylesie, located between the Bystrzyckie Mountains and the Śnieżnik Massif, has preserved its original urban layout with the characteristic market square, surrounded by charming stonehouses In the 12th century, the settlement gained city Read More »

Środa Śląska

In the middle ages, Środa Śląska was a crucial trading settlement. It gained its city rights thanks to Prince Henryk I Brodaty. The precious objects known as Skarb Średzki were most likely owned by a rich Jewish banker named Mojżesz. The Czech Read More »

The Great International Knight Tournament in Golub-Dobrzyń

Golub-Dobrzyńis a town which only existed sice 1951. Before that, Dobrzyń was a suburb of a town of Golub, located at the opposite edge of the river Drwęca. In 1466, after the Second Peacemaking in Toruń, Golub and Dobrzyń became part of the Read More »

Corpus Christi in Spycimierz

Spycimierz is a small village located in the valley of Warta, 3 kilometers to the south from Uniejów. In the morning of Corpus Christi day, the citizens of the local parish church are creating flower carpets on the road, which is used in the Read More »


The mighty massif of Ślęża, the highest and most northern part of Przedgórze Sudeckie, is one of the main tourist attractions of the Lower Silesia. Although the highest peak of the region, Ślęża, is only 718 meters high, it elevates to more than Read More »

The Gwarek Race in Sokołowsko

Sokołowsko is a picturesquely located climatic health spa. This is the place where, in 1855 one of the world’s first places of treating tuberculosis was opened. The town gained its Polish name after World War II, to commemorate professor Alfred Read More »


One of the most precious objects on the trail of the Palace and Garden Valley is the baroque palace in Mysłakowice, which was built in the second half of the 18th century, from the inititative of Maksymilian Leopold von Reibnitz, and in 1816, it Read More »

Pucheroki in Bibice

Bibice is a large village, located not far from the northern borders of Kraków. It is one of the places, in which the folklore of the land of Kraków is still cultivated. The main promoter of cultural events in Bibice and the community of Read More »

Unconventional Museums in Warsaw

Think you know all the best museums in the caipital of Poland? Think again! Today we will introduce you to several museums in Warsaw which you might not have heard of, but are undoubtedly worth visiting. The Neon Museum If you look at the photos Read More »

Gryfów Śląski

Gryfów Śląski is located at the Izerskie Foothills, upon Kwisa and Lake Złotnickie. It was established in the middle ages by one of the princes in the Piast dynasty, but its long history is mostly associated with the Schaffgotsch family. In the Read More »

Szczeliniec Wielki

Szczeliniec Wielki is the highest peak of the Stołowe Mountains, most of which are strictly protected by a national park. The fable-styled shapes of the rocks make the landscape of this place look incredibly picturesque. The unique sculpture is Read More »


Zalipie is a tiny village painted in flowers, located next to Tarnów in Lesser Poland. It became famous thanks to its colorful houses. Buildings painted in such style are incredibly unique, and Zalipie itself is considered the most beautiful and Read More »

The Blavian Desert

When it comes to picturesque places, it has become common to describe such places with the term „wonders of nature” – but, can a wonder of nature be created by human hands? Can it be something that mother nature would actually be proud of? Read More »

Pieskowa Skała castle in Sułoszowa

Pieskowa Skała is one of the settlements of the extensive village of Sułoszowa, located in the Olkusz Highland. This is where the springs fo the Prądnik river are located, which carved the most beautiful valley in the surroundings of Kraków. Read More »


Sanok is a Polish town, located in nthe valley of the river San, in the podkarpackie region. And there ar plenty of interesting things to see and do in this town. The Mołotowa Line Bunker The Mołotowa Line in Bieszczady is a popular description Read More »

Chelmsko Slaskie

The village of Chełmsko Śląskie, located in the Krzeszów Valley, began to develop in the 16th century along with the development of weaving. At that time, locally hand-made textiles were exported to many countries in Europe, and even to North Read More »

The Hel Peninsula

The Hel Peninsula is one of the most interesting regions of the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea. It is entirely part of the Seaside Landscape Park, which was established in 1978 in order to protect this unique part of Poland. It is about 3 Read More »

The Retro Show in Szreniawa

Szreniawa is a village located in the neighborhood of the northern border of the Wielkopolski National Park. In the extensive palace park you can find the Bierbaum residence from 1852, which is currently the headquarters of the National Museum Read More »

Extinct volcanoes in the Lower Silesia

Did you know that in our Polish country there are plenty extinct volcanoes? It’s true! They are located in the Lower Silesia to be exact. And millions of years ago, they used to make lots of mess from time to time. Currently, after many years of Read More »

The Hot Air Balloon Picnic in Krosno

Located upon Wisłok, Krosno is a picturesque town with a monumental urban layout. Arguably the most beautiful place is the extensive, rectangular Market Square, partially surrounded by stonehouses originating from the 16th and 17th century. In Read More »


Frombork is a small town in Warmia, often mistaken for Malbork. It is an obligatory part of any trip to the eastern part of the Polish coast! The name of the town is most likely associated with the Marian Cult, which was present in Frombork Read More »

The Karkonosze Museum

The modern Karkonosze Museum is an effort of many years of work, which began back in 1880, when a group of Karkonosze lovers established the Karkonosze Association in Jelenia Góra. Its goals included, among others, building and maintaining roads Read More »

The Highlanders’ Carnival in Bukowina Tatrzańska

Because of its peak location, Bukowina Tatrzańska is one of the most picturesque villages in Poland. In the 19th century, this was the place where trips to Morskie Oko and the Polish Five Pond Valley were beginning. The centre of Bukowina is Read More »


If you’re travelling nearby the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, you should also visit Bodzentyn. This town might be small, but it is very interesting. It was established by Bodzant Jankowa – the bisop of Kraków. It gained city rights way back in 1355, Read More »

The ruins of the Mielnik Castle

The castle in Mielnik was created in the 15th century and rebuilt in renaissance style in the 16th century. But unfortunately, it was destroyed in the 17th century. The castle was first mentioned in documents quite late – in the 14th century The Read More »

The Wysoki Kamień Shelter

Back in the times, when the first Walons wandered through the mountains in search for treasure, Wysoki Kamień was an orientation point and the birthplace of many legends. In the early 19th century, during the development of tourism in Sudety, Read More »

The Land of Palaces and Gardens in the Jelenia Góra Valley

In the heart of Sudety lies a land, where you can admire spectacular landscapes as well as discover wonderful monuments. There are about 30 castles, palaces and mansions in this area. That’s why in the early 19th century this area was called the Read More »

The Holy Mountain of Grabarka

Grabarka is a mountain located next to a village of the same name in the podlaskie region. It is the most important place of the religious orthodox cult in Poland. At Grabarka you can see a Female Monastery of St. Marta and St. Maria, which was Read More »

The Lipski palace in Czerniejewo

Czerniejewo is a peaceful town, located far away from the main communication trails. It is located 15 kilometers away from the capital of the region – Września. In 1735, priest Andrzej (Onufry) Kopczyński was born, who ewould go on ot become a Read More »


Rydzyna, a town situated 7 kilometers to the south-west from Leszno, was formely located at the trading route between Wrocław and Poznań. Rudzyna was the summer residence of the Leszczyński family, but it quickly upgraded into the role of their Read More »

The Etnographic park in Wygiełzów

Between Kraków and Oświęcim, at the feet of the medieval Lipowiec castle extends the Vistula Etnographic Park, which introduces visitors to the culture of Western Cracovians. Apart from traditional costumes, you can admire architecture and Read More »


In the late 19th century, it was incredibly close for Ciężkowice to become an renowned resort. Although the project suggested by Ignacy Jan Paderewski was never completed, during the 1950s search for crude oil, some workers did find springs of Read More »

The Wdzydze Fair in Wdzydze Kiszewskie

Wdzydze Kiszewskie is a renowned summertime village, located between the forests at the confluence of the three arms of Lake Wdzydze, called the „Kashubian Sea”. From the harbor in Wdzydze you can get on a cruise ship. In 1906, Teodor ad Izydora Read More »


Trzcińsko-Zdrój is a tiny, charming town at the Myślibórz Lake District. It was one of the very few towns in Poland that avoided destruction during World War II. It’s a miracle that this precious town in Pomorze survived the disaster of war. The Read More »

The Lubomirski Castle in Łańcut

Łańcut is a small, picturesque town, located 217 kilometers away from Rzeszów, the capital of the podkarpackie region. It gained municipal rights during the reign of Kazimierz the Great, and until 1586, it was owned by the Pilecki family. Read More »

Locomotive Parade in Wolsztyn

Wolsztyn is the only town in Poland, where for over 100 years, the engine house has been working without any breaks, and every morning the citizens are waking up when they hear the whistle of a steam locomotive. This might be the greatest Read More »


Głogówek is a small and incredibly beautiful town in the region of Śląsk Opolski. It developed from the borough of an old Piast settlement. Around 1275 it gained municipal rights, and until 1532 iut was own by Piastowie Opolscy. In late 1655, Read More »

The Siliesian Piast Castle in Brzeg

Brzeg is a large city upon the Odra river, located between Wrocław and Opole. Its history was similar to the fates of the entire Lower Silesia. Brzeg was an important trading and crafting centre at the main trail that connected Wrocław with Read More »

The Radziwiłł hunting palace in Antonin

Antonin is a former, private forest settlement, owned by Antoni Henryk Radziwiłł. The prince was spending the summer months here, dividing time between hunting and artistic activities; he was a remarkably talented musician, but he also spent his Read More »


Brodnica is located at the south-west edge of the Brodnickie Lake District, which is a small aggregation of post-glacial lakes, locateed to the east from the valley of the Vistula river. Of The creation of this town is associated with the Read More »

Ostrów Lednicki

At the Gniezno Lake District, several kilometers to the west from Gniezno, there is lake Lednica. In its central part you can find Ostrów Lednicki – the largest of the five islands, at which beginning in the late 5th and early 66th century Read More »

Festival of the Slavic and Vikings in Wolin

Wolin is a historical capital of the Wolin island and the center of the Wolinianie settlement. In the 10th century, this was a blooming trading centre, enhabited by 9000 people. This made it become one of the largest cities in our part of Eurooe Read More »

Wambierzyce – the Silesian Jerusalem

Although the village of Wambierzyce itself doesn’t make a very big impression at first, we can find a few places here that make this place stand out. One of these attractions is the monumental calvary, thanks to which Wambierzye is known as the Read More »

Attractions in Zwierzyiec

The history of Zwierzyniec began in 1593. The town originated as part of Ordynacja Zamojska, which was established four years earlier by Jan Sariusz Zamoyski. At the beginning, the Hunters’ Mansion was built by a pond. Zwierzyniec is strongly Read More »

5 Polish regions to visit with your children

When it comes to summer vacation, most people decide to go to the seaside. And although nobody can deny that the Baltic sea resorts have their special charm, they are usually crowded and noisy, and it’s difficult to stay away from they Read More »

Bory Tucholskie

Bory Tucholskie is a fragment of an ancient, mighty Pomeranian Wilderness, which long ago extended between the Vistula and Odra rivers. Despite the fact, that there were some people settling down here, Bory Tucholskie still creates one of Read More »


Milicz is an incredibly charming town down, located by the river of Barycz, at the border between the Lower Silesia and Greater Poland. The town originated from the medieval settlement, which was established at the passage through the river of Read More »

Kwidzyn – the castle-cathedral complex of the pomesanian chapter

Kwidzyn is located at the farming areas in the wide Valley of the Lower Vistula. It is mostly famous for its castle of the pomesanian bishops. The mighty castle itself is famous for its well-preserved medieval toilet located beyond the castle Read More »

Chmielaki in Krasnystaw

Krasnystaw is a town upon the river Wieprz, located by the main road, which connects Lublin with Zamość. At its center you can find a charming market square surrounded by stonehouses from the 19th and 20th century. The most precious Read More »


The battle at Grunwald is one of the greatest and most important battles in the history of medieval Europe. In the german historiography it is described as the battle at Tannenberg, after the German name of the village of Stębark, which is Read More »

Unusual Must-see places in Poland

Chalk underground beneath Chełm The corridors extending under the city of Chełm which were cored over the time of 700 years in the gigantic deposit of chalk, might be up 40 kilometers long. There was so much of chalk here, that for centuries, Read More »

The Knight Tournament for Tarłówna’s Golden Braid in Dębno

Dębno is a small village located to the east from Brzesko, at the northern end of Pogórze Bocheńskie. It is famous for its beautiful castle residence, which is one of the most well-preserved ones in Poland. The castle was built between 1470 and Read More »

The Drawski Landscape Park

The Drawski Landscape Park was established in 1979 and is located in the most beautiful and most diverse part of the Drawskie Lake District in terms of landscapes. There are nearly 60 lakes at the area of the park. The largest of these lakes is Read More »

The Suche Mountains and the Włodarz Massif

The Suche Mountains are the highest, largest and most diverse mountain range in the Kamienne Mountains, as well as one of he main mountain chains being part of the inner part of the Central Sudety. The ridge creates and asymmetric arch cambered Read More »


Ciechocinek is a famous Polish health spa. Anyone who visited this town, has their own private, sometimes secret story about this incredible place. They don’t refer to Ciechocinek as the place where senses awaken for nothing. This town is a Read More »

Dymarki Świętokrzyskie in Nowa Słupia

Nowa Słupia is a large village in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, located at the reduction between the range of Łysogóry and the Jeleniowskie Mountain range. For hundreds of years it was associated with the Benedictin abbey at the top of the Bald Read More »


Duszniki-Zdrój is the oldest and highest situated health spa in Kłodzko Land. This town is located at the height of 588 meters above the sea level, but the local climate has qualities that are characteristic for places located nearly twice as Read More »

Wigry National Park

Suwalszczyzna si a region that might be associated by most people with the cold pole. This is the arriving place of the first glaciation, known as the podlaskie glaciation. It was followed by three more glaciations, whuch covered a much bigger Read More »


Myślibórz is the capital city of the Myśliborskie Lake Disrict; it also used to be the capital of New Marchia, which was part of Brandenburgia. The city was established in the second half of the 13th century by the Branderburgian margraves. For Read More »

The Comedy Movie Fesival in Lubomierz

Lubomierz is a picturesque urban team a the Izerskie Foothills. Most of the tourists coming here are amazed with the monumental buildings of the main street, which include the 1688 Town Hall, the Clothmaker House from the 16th century and the Read More »


Nałęczów was named after the Małachowski-Nałęcz family, and became popular thanks to the discovery of mineral water springs. Since the middle ages, the area of today’s town of Nałęczów were part of the Bochotnica village. In the mid-18th century Read More »

The Festival of Children’s Culture in Pacanów

Pacanów is a small village at the south-east end of Ponidzie. For several hundreds of years it was a destination of people pilgrimaging to the Sanctuary of the Dying Jesus Christ. Kornel Makuszyński introduced children around the World, when he Read More »


Horyniec-Zdrój is located at the south-west end of Southrern Roztocze. Since the first mentions in the mid-15th century, Horyniec was owned by magnate and kinghthood families. Before the mineral waters were discovered, the town’s greatest Read More »

Cieplice Śląskie-Zdrój

Before 1976, Cieplice Śląskie-Zdrój was an independent town under Jelenia Góra. After the administrative reform, they were connected to the city, which became the capital city of the new jeleniogórskie region. Both Jelenia Góra and Cieplice are Read More »

The greatest attractions in Frombork

Most people associate the city of Frombork with a stunning, gothic cathedral and the adventures of Pan Samochodzik – the main character of the beloved children’s stories by Zbigniew Nienacki. But this city has many other attractions to offer, Read More »

Kolobrzeg – what to see ?

Discovering the greatest attractions of Kołobrzeg – the „Polish capital of health spas” Kołobrzeg is a popular seaside health spa and vacation resort. The magic of this place began attracting patients more than 2 decades ago, when the first Read More »

The Czocha Castle – visiting the magical stronghold in Poland

The Czocha castle, which is towering over the Leśniański Lagoon, might remind you of a fairytale fortress from a bird’s eye view. This place is incredible not only thanks to the wonderful location on a hill, but also the beautiful architecture Read More »

Weekend in Wałbrzych – the best attraction everyone should see

Anyone, who visited Wałbrzych 10 years ago and thinks that knows this city well, will be mistaken. It is no use looking for an equally surprising and swift metamorphosis in any other place in Poland. For many years Wałbrzych was associated with Read More »

9 most beautiful mountain trails in Poland

Fans of mountain trips and hiking will find many incredible trails in Poland. You can find trails leading through the Tatra Mountains, Bieszczady, Pieniny or Sudety. The choice is huge, so sometimes it might be difficult to find the most Read More »

12 most interesting places in Warmińsko-Mazurskie

Warmia and Mazury is a dream come true for fans of nature, active vacation and peace and quiet. Extensive forests, picturesque lakes and rivers, an eventful history preserved in local monuments and hospitality of citizens create an incredible Read More »

What should you see in Kujawsko-Pomorskie?

Kujawsko-Pomorskie is one of the most underrated regions in Poland. Although most tourists associated it with Bydgoszcz, Toruń and Chełmno, this place has many other attractions and historical treasures to offer. What should you see in Read More »

Weekend in Sopot. 8 greatest attractions of the city

Sopot is undoubtedly one of the most charming places at the Polish seaside. The pearl of the Baltic Sea, as this city is sometimes called, attracts tourists with its sandy beach, cafe gardens, interesting architecture and the famous wooden pier. Read More »

6 beautiful places in the heart of Kaszuby

The Kashubian Switzerland is considered to be the most attractive region of Kaszuby. And for good reason. This is the place where several hundreds of lakes, nature reserves, wild forests and picturesque hills are located. This region of Poland Read More »

Weekend attractions in Gdynia.

Barely 100 years ago, Gdynia was a small fisherman’s settlement. Today it is considered the most modern city in the famous Tricity. This is the place where, instead of monuments, we can find modernistic architecture from the 1930s and a marine Read More »


The origins of Wysowa-Zdrój are associated with settlement in Beskid Niski, which was patroned by king Kazimierz the Great. At that time, the areas in the basin of the river Ropa was gifted by the king to the Gładyszów family. The development of Read More »

Weekend in Podlasie. 10 places everyone should see.

Podlasie is often called „the green lungs of Poland”. It is a land of wonderful landscapes with forests, wildernesses, four national parks, lakes and rivers. At the same time it is a region, in which diverse cultures have survived and Read More »

Best Resorts by the Baltic Sea in Poland

You don’t really have to ride far to spend a great vacation. The Poish coast, extending at the length of 770 kilometers offers plenty of attractions for tourists. Are you wondering where to go for a vacation by the Polish sea? Kołobrzeg, Łeba, Read More »

10 Greatest attractions of the capital of Poland

As the largest city in Poland, Warsaw is a true richness of monuments, museums, green parks and cultural events. Although the capital of our country is still a bit away from the greatest European capitals, it definitely has a one of a kind Read More »

What should you see in Gdansk? 6 greatest attractions

The majestic monuments, the medieval trading harbor, the lively streets and the 1000—year long history – Gdańsk should be an obligatory place to be visited on the map of Poland. Let’s visit the greatest attractions of Gdansk, which is often Read More »

The biggest attractions in the famous Karkonosze resort

Karkonosze can easily be considered one of the most beautiful mountain massifs in Poland. In this area we can find more than 150 incredible rock formations, mountain lakes, countless streams and well-prepared tourist trails. Karkonosze, along Read More »

Active vacation in Warmia and Mazury

Warmia and Mazury is one of the cleanest and most beautiful regions in Poland. Anyone who comes here will undoubtedly be delighted by the wonderful Masurian lakes, extensive forests, historical lands of Warmia and landscape trails. Many people Read More »

6 most beautiful lakes in the Tatra Mountains

Although most people associate the Polish Tatra Mountains with mountain peaks, this area can also be proud of 40 permanent lakes. The most well-known one (and the most crowded) is of course the Morskie Oko, but we also recommend getting familiar Read More »

The Lubuskie Movie Summer in Łagów

Łagów is a summer vacation village, picturesquely located upon lake Łagowskie and lake Trześniowskie. It is the capital town of the Łagowskie Lake District. Between 1347 and 1810, this town was owned by the Joannit Order. The remaining of the Read More »

The Kurpie wedding in Kadzidło

Kadzidło is the most well-known center of kurpie culture, preserved in various arts, including ornamentation, paper cutting, lacing, building and costume making. The characteristic thing for this areaare amber works, collected in the village’s Read More »


Pszczyna, the capital city of the historical Free State Country, is located at the south of the Pszczyna Forests. It is one of the prettiest silesian with the preserved, middle-age urban layout. In the centre there is a market square with a Read More »


Reszel is a unique architectural complex at the border of Warmia and Mazury. It is one of th very few towns in this region, which survived the attacks of the Soviet Union without a single scratch in early 1945. Tourists can admire the town with Read More »

9 places you should see in the Lubelskie region

The Lubelskie region is becoming more and more popular among weekend trip destinations. The artistic Kazimierz Dolny, the renaissance Zamość, the Roztocze National Park with beautiful landscapes, the castle in Janowiec and Nałęczów with the Read More »

The most beautiful castles in Poland.

Poland is famous for countless monumental, impressive castles – there are more than 400 of them at the area of our country. Although most of these castles have turned inot ruins, there are also plenty objects, which are still very well preserved Read More »

6 most beautiful tourist trails in Bieszczady

Many people consider Bieszczady to be the one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Poland. Each season uncovers a different side of their natural charm. In summer and autumn, it amazes tourists with a pallet of living colors covering the Read More »

The Easter Palm Contest in Lipnica Murowana

Lipnica Murowana is located in the wide valley of the Uszwica Lake at the area of Pogórze Wiśnicka. Between the 14th century and 1933 it had city rights. The urban layout with the rectangular Market Square, monumental buildings and the statue of Read More »

What should you see in Sudety?

8 most interesting places The area of Sudety is not just high mountains with spectacular trails and excellently prepared ski stations. It is also beautifully situated towns with rich history, stylish health spas and majestic castle ruins. Let’s Read More »

Little known places in Poland.

7 unusual places everyone should see The Azure Lake referred to as „The Polish Maldives”, The Crooked Forest covered with deformed pine trees, the Colorful Lakes, whith surprising colors of the water and the gorgeous Lavender Fields – these are Read More »

Rajgrod and the Rajgrodzkie Lake

Rajgrod and the Rajgrodzkie Lake are some of the most ineresting tourist attractions in Podlasie. And more precisely, at the border between Podlasie and Mazury. That’s because the border of the regions runs directly through the lake. The history Read More »

What should you see in Puck?

There are plenty interesting things to see in Puck, including numerous monuments, such as the 13th century gothic church of St Peter and Paul. There is also an 18th century former wooden hospital, which was changed to the Puck Land Museum, as Read More »

Kornik Castle

Kornik is one of those castles, which you just have to see at least once. Especially since this is one of the few objects of this type in Greater Poland. In July 2011, this castle was conisidered as a monument of Polish history. You also should Read More »


Krokowa is a large community village in the pomorskie region, not far from Puck. Its look might remind you of a small town. The entire village of Krokowa and its castle can be visited during one trip, because all of the local attractions are Read More »

Bytom Odrzanski

With its buildings and preserved urban layout, Bytom Odrzanski is a precious treasure of the Lubuskie Land. It can be compared with the town of Kazimierz Dolny upon Vistula, even though it is far from such popularity. Located upon the river Read More »


Zakliczyn is a small town nearby Tarnow, located in Lesser Poland, in the Tarnow County, at Pogorze Roznowskie, upon the Dunajec River. There are roughly 2000 permanent citizens here. But still, it is one of the largest towns among the villages Read More »


Szczepanow is a small village located to the north from Brzesko, in which, according to tradition, St. Stanislaw, one of the main patrons Of Poland, was born. However, htere are no documents approving the birthplace of the Saint. It is also Read More »

The National Museum of Przemysl Land

The National Museum of Przemysl Land – located, of course, in Przemysl – has several divisions, including the Museum of Bells and Pipes and the Museum of History of Przemysl. But since 2008, the headquarters is located in the building by the Read More »

Attractions in Tatra Mountains to see at least once

The Polish Tatra Mountains is a region which every Polish man or woman should visit at least once in their lives. There are many places considered to be the most attractive ones in Poland Which Tatra mountain attractions should be visited at Read More »

The Radiostation Museum in Gliwice

On the trail of the Silesian technology monuments there is a crucial place in terms of history, and in fact, for the whole world. We are talking about the Radiostation Museum in Gliwice. The local provocation was strictly associated with the Read More »

The Myslowice City Museum

The Myslowice City Museum is located in the exact same building as the Central Firefighting Museum, obviously in Myslowice, in the Upper Silesia. Both exhibitions can be seen during one trip with the same entrance ticket. Myslowice is quite a Read More »

Tourist attractions in Istebna

What should you see in the town of Istebna? Tourist attractions in Istebna are interesting and incredibly diverse. Some of the highlights of Istebna include the 18th century catholic Good Shephard’s church, located in the center of the village, Read More »

What can you see in Krakow for free?

Krakow is one of the more beautiful cities in our country. And there are plenty interesting places to visit for free. Here are a few interesting places which you can visit for absolutely 0 PLN 1.Schindler’s Factory The history of Schindler’s Read More »

The sanctuary and lagoon in Krasnobrod

Krasnobrod is a small town in Lubelszczyzna, located not so far from Zamosc. It has approximately 3000 pernament citizens at the surfrace f 3 square kilometers. It gained city rights in the year 1572, but lost them for the time between 1869 and Read More »

Tatra Mountain Investment

There are big plans awaiting the Tatra mountain village of Kiry in the very near future. The Kiry Nature Education Centre is meant to be built by the entrance of the Koscielisko Valley.’ This project, commissioned by the Tatra Mountains National Read More »

Kayaking in Poland

Kayaking is becoming more and more popular among ways of spending an active weekend by the water. And there’s nothing surprising about it, because it is affordable for everyone and suitable for just about any age group. We can find many Read More »

Biking in Poland

Bicycling is a perfect opportunity not only for actively spent time outdoors., It is also a chnace to discover the beauty of national parks, moutains, castles, fortresses and even the Baltic Sea. Where should yoiu go cycling in Poland? Here are Read More »

Camping in Poland

Where should you go camping in Poland? Top 5 most interesting campsites. Summer is just around the corner. People who like harsh conditions and close encounter with nature, rather than luxurious, 5-star apartments, are guaranteed to take their Read More »

Horseriding in Poland

People once believed that horses have the power to scare away evil – that’s why witches were scared of them. Grey horses bring good luck and make dreams come true. Black horses increase passion. And all horses, no matter what color they are, Read More »

Windsurfing in Poland

Windsurfing in the coast The Hel Peninsula is a permanent for seasonal trips among fans of windsurfing. Extensive shoals of the Puck Bay, regular western winds blowing alongside the coast, a sandy bottom, clear weater which quickly warms up and Read More »

Grodek upon Dunajec

Grodek upon Dunajec is a small, several-thousand village located in Lesser Poland. This is a great idea for taking a few days of vacation in the summer, especially on very hot days. The greatest attraction for newcomers will be a beach at Lake Read More »

The castle and St. Malgorzata’s church in Debno

Before we invite you to see the castle and church of St. Malgorzata in Debno, we must mention that in Lesser Poland, there are not one, but two villages that are named Debno and are interesting for tourists. One of them is located in the Read More »

Kitesurfing in Poland

The Hel Peninsula, the Hel Mierzeja – a sandy knife-shaped embankment with the length of 35 kilometers. Hel is the most popular place for kitesurfing, because for 220 days, the „perfect” wind is blowing, and its speed doesn’t reach more than 30 Read More »

The Ilawskie Lake District

Between the mysterious, picturesque ruins, on the great lakes, between the forested hills, unforgettable adventures are waiting for tourists. Lively summer villages guarantee great fun for everyone, no matter how old you are. The Ilawskie Lake Read More »

Herring Farm

In 2010, an old house from 1902 and an 1832 barn were discovered. The people, who found these two old objects, decided to renovate them with one goal in mind – to revive activity in the village of Starkowo and engage the local community of the Read More »

The Osowiec Fortress

The Osowiec Fortress is a mid-19th century fortress, located at the area of the Goniadz community, in the moniecki County in Poland. It is most famous for its 6.5-month defense during World War I. The history of the Osowiec Fortress dates back Read More »

The Kurpiowski Open-Air Museum

The Kurpiowski Open-Air Museum was established on June 19th 1927 by Adam Chetnik as the Kurpie Museum. It is the second oldest museum of folk architecture in Poland. The founder of this museum, Adam Chetnik began gathering his collection back in Read More »

Attractions in Przemysl

Przemysl is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities, not only in the Podkarpackie region, but also in the scale of the whole country. It is also one of the oldest cities. The origins of Przemysl date back at least to the 10th century. Read More »


Tourist attractions of Nysa are numerous and interesting. It is a medium-sized city in the Opolskie region. The name of the town comes from the river flowing throgh it – Nysa Klodzka. There is also an artificial reservoir nearby, called the Read More »

Jaslo and Dukla in the podkarpackie region

Jaslo and Dukla are located in in the podkarpackie region, in close proximity to Beskid Niski. However, both of these towns were originally part of the so-called Krakow Land. The larger city – Jaslo – has approximately 35000 permanent citizens Read More »

Lipnica Murowana

Lipnica Murowana and St. Leonard’s church are some of the most beautiful small jewels of Lesser Poland. Especially since the local monument was enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lipnica Murowana is a small village in the Malopolskie Read More »


When mentioning the most interesting towns of Cieszyn Silesia, you should definitely place Ustron at one of the first places. That’s because Ustron is one of the most popular tourist-recreation towns in Beskid Slaski.Lots of people come here on Read More »

Park of Poland – Suntago

If you think you have seen all the most exciting water parks in Poland, think again! Park of Poland is the newest amusement and leisure park on the map of our country. It is located in the small town of Wrecza, in the Mszczonow community and it Read More »


Olsztyn is one of the largest cities in northern Poland. It is the capital city of the warminsko-mazurskie region, as well as a giant administrative, economic, educational and cultural complex. Olsztyn is home to nearly 200 000 citizens at a Read More »

Attractions in Nowy Wisnicz

Nowy Wisnicz is a small town in Lesser Poland, in the bochenski County. There are approximately 3000 permanent citizens. You might be surprised by the fact, that many beautiful yet still overlooked monuments can be found here. The attractions of Read More »

Krempna in Beskid Niski

Krempna in Beskid Niski is a small village in the podkarpackie region. There are 500 permanent citizens here. However, compared to other, even smaller villages and entire tracts of uninhabited land, Krempna almost seems to be a centre of Read More »

Jastrzebia Gora and Tupadly

Jastrzebia Gora might be in the direct neighborhood of Tupadly, but there are quite a few differences between these two towns. Jastrzebia Giora is a popular Baltic Sea resort. Before it became a separate village in 2014, it used to be part of Read More »

Attractions of Warmia and Mazury

If you’re wondering what should you visit during your vacation in the Warminsko-Mazurskie region, we have got you covered. Here are a few interestring attractions that the entire family can enjoy. The Elblag Channel The Elblag Channel is 151.7 Read More »

Surprising attractions in Poland

Some attractions might not look much interesting until you get close to them. These are places often visited by Polish peolpe, because they can offer many positive surprises. Stawa Mlyny It migfht not be anything extraordinary, because it is Read More »

The Krynica-Zdroj observation tower

The observation tower in Krynica-Zdroj is the first Polish tower between the tree crowns. This is a unique wooden construction, which was built on top of the Slotwina Arena ski station, at the height of 896 meters above the sea level, between Read More »

The Magiczne Ogrody theme park in Janowiec

„Magiczne Ogrody” is a wonderful family-friendly theme park, located in Janowiec, nearby Kazimierz Dolny upon Vistula. It is a great place, where not only children can have lots of fun. This is the first Polish sensory theme park, which was Read More »

Attractions of the lubuskie region

Lubuskie is one of the most interesting regions in Poland. It advertises itself with the words: „Lubskie Warte Zachodu” (Lubuskie – worth the effort) If you’re wondering what should you visit in this part of Poland, we have got you covered. Here Read More »


While you’re planning a vacation break, you should definitely consider going to Olecko. This city with 17000 people living there, which was established in 1560, has a lot of attractions to offer. Olecko (which was formerly known as Margrabowa Read More »

Jelenia Gora

Jelenia Gora is not only a perfect place to active tourism, but also an interesting travel destination itself. If you’re wondering what should you visit in this charming city, here are a few suggestions: The Main Market Square The Market Square Read More »


Poronin is a Polish village, located in the malopolskie region, 7 kilometers away from Zakopane. Between 1975 and 1998, this town was part of the nowosadeckie region. The first information about Poronin was mentioned in 1624, but the name Read More »


Szczebrzeszyn is a Polish city, located in the lubelskie region, upon the river Wieprz. It is probably most famous for the verse of Jan Brzechwa’s poem „In Szczebrzeszyn the cricket plays between the reeds and that’s what Szczebrzeszyn is famous Read More »


Sandomierz is a city upon Vistula, which in recent years might have been associated with the popular tv show „Ojciec Mateusz”, telling the story of a priest, who was also a detective. But it is also strongly alluring thanks to its attractions, Read More »

Fat Thursday

Fat Thursday is one of the last days of the carnival. It is widely associated with feasting and eating donuts. But have you ever wondered where did this irresistibly delicious custom come from? According to legend, Fat Thursday’s original name, Read More »


Muszyna is a small spa village, located in the picturesque Valley of Poprad and surrounded by smal mountain ranges of Beskid Sadecki. If you’re wondering what should you visit in this charming town, here are a few suggestions: Muszyna for Read More »


Nieborow is a village located in the lodzkie region, in the valley of the Bzura river. The surroundings of Nieborow were enhabited for a very long time, which was proven by the discovery of ancient roman cultural places in the nearby Wolka Read More »


Lowicz is a town located in the lodzkie region, on the Lowicko-Blonska Plain. According to archaeological research, in the place of today’s castle ruins, there was a wooden-ground defensive stronghold in the early middle ages (12th-13th Read More »


If you’re looking for a fun and exciting place to spend a day woith your family, then look absolutely no further thna Zatorland. This amusement park is designed to entertain and educate at hthe same time. It consists of not one, not two, but 4 Read More »

Radzyn Podlaski

Radzyn Podlaski is a town in the lubelskie region. It is historically located in Lesser Poland, in lukowska land, since the 19th century this area was also known as the southern Podlasie. Before the late 14th century, the areas neighboring with Read More »

The Drawskie Lake District

The Drawskie Lake District consists of a wiode range of lakes, extending to the south-west from Upper Gwda to Central Drawa. The landscape of this beautiful region contains huge tracts of forests and sleepy towns between the meanders of flowing Read More »

Zielona Gora

Zielona Gora always had a gentle climate, which is why it was famous for growing vinegrapes and producing wine for at least 700 years. The first record about cultivating vinegrapes in this place goes back to 1314. In 1800 there were already more Read More »


Augustow is a beautiful city, existing since the 16th century. It gained its attractiveness thanks to its location around the lakes and the forests of the Augustow Wilderness. This city is a perfect place for summer vacation in the Podlasie Read More »


Tarnobrzeg is a Polish city located in the podkarpackie region. The name of the city comes from the gentry family of Tarnowscy, who founded it. But it wasn’t officially known as Tarnobrzeg until the 19th century. That’s when it became the Read More »

What can you see in Szczecin for free?

If you’re low on money and you really want to see something intresting ni Szczecin, we have got you covered. In this article we will tell you about a few attractions, that you can see for 0 PLN. The bascule bridge upon RegalicaWhile you’re Read More »


Inowroclaw is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Long ago, the famous amber trail was running through this city. Today, thanks to the brine graduation tower, which is one of the few objects of its type in Europe, this town is a perfect place to Read More »

Attractions in Ladek-Zdroj and its surroundings

Ladek-Zdroj is a Polish city located in the Lower Silesia, at the height of 440 to 500 meters above the sea level. If you’re wondering what to visit in this small, yet charming town, we have a few suggestions: Castle on the RockRoughly 10 Read More »

Polish museums dedicated to foods and drinks

The creators of museums described in this article probably assumed that anything that’s edible/drinkable, should have its own museum. And for good reason. Here’s some information about the strangest food museums in Poland The Cheep Wine Read More »

Where to go on Valentine’s day in 2020?

Valentine’s day is around the corner and love is in the air. If you’re wondering where to spend ths romantic day with your significant other, here are a few ideas to consider: Chelmno – the Polish city of RomanceIf you think that no Polish city Read More »


Niepokalanow is a Franciscan monastery-sanctuary, located in the village of Paprotnia. The monastery, covering the surface of 28 hectares, is located approximately 42 kilometers to the west from Warsaw. The Niepokalanow monastery was established Read More »

Gora Kalwaria

Gora Kalwaria is a small town in the Mazowieckie region, in the community of Gora Kalwaria, located upon the river Vistula, 34 kilometers away from Warsaw. Gora Kalwaria received its town location in 1670. It was degraded in 1883, but got its Read More »

Underrated beautiful Polish regions

Think you know all the interesting places in Poland by heart? Think again! In this article I will tell you a bit about some of the overlooked Polish regions that are worth visiting, even if they’re not broadly advertised by everyone. In fact, Read More »

The Royal Castle in Niepolomice

The Royal Castle in Niepolomice is gothic castle from the mid-14th century, rebuilt in renaissance style, located in the centre of Niepolomice. This spacious castle is known as „The second Wawel”. It was built by the order of king Kazimierz the Read More »

Swinoujscie: Poland’s Coastal Gem on the Baltic Sea

Tucked away on the northwest coast of Poland lies Swinoujscie, a coastal gem that captivates visitors with its natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant maritime culture. This seaside town, situated at the mouth of the Swina River, has been a Read More »


Krzyztopor (formerly Krzysztopor) – the ruins of a palace residence created between 1627 and 1644, surrounded by bastion fortifications. Located in the village of Ujazd, in the swietokrzyskie region. Before the creation of Versal in Paris, it Read More »

The Castle of the Pomeranian Princes in Szczecin

The Castle of the Pomeranian Princes in Szczecin is a renaissance castle located at the Castle Hill in Szczecin. It was a historical headquarters of the Gryfici family, who were the rulers of the Pomeranian duchy. Before 1124, the Caste Hill was Read More »

The Moszna Mansion

The Moszna Mansion is a monumental residence, located in the village of Moszna, in the opolskie region. It is one of the most recognizable monumental objects in the opolskie region. From 1866 to 1945, it was the residence of the Silesian family Read More »

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska is a town in southern Poland, established in the first half of the 17th century. It is the only calvary ever to be enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is located between two massifs – the Beskid Makowski and Read More »

The Castle in Niedzica

The Castle in Niedzica (or the Dunajec Castle) is a medieval stronghold located on the right bank of the Czorsztyn reservoir, in the village of Niedzica-Zamek. This castle was built most likely in the early 14th century by Kokosz Berzevicz. The Read More »

The Wigry National Park

The Wigry National Park was established on January 1st 1989, as the 15th National Park in Poland. It was created on an surface of 14 956 hectares. Nowadays its area consists of 15 089.79 hectares. The first attempts of protecting the nature of Read More »

The Wielkopolski National Park

The Wielkopolski National Park was created on April 16th 1957. It is located upon the river Warta, to the south of Poznan. At the time of its creation, the border of the park contained the surface of 9600 hectares, with about 5100 hectares Read More »

Magura National Park

The Magura National Park was created on January 1st 1995. It is located on the border between the malopolskie and podkarpackie regions, at the very heart of Beskid Niski. It reaches as far as the basin of Wisloka and the mountain range of Magura Read More »

Swietokrzyski National Park

The Swietokrzyski National Park was created on May 1st 1950. It is located in the central part of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains and contains the area of the mountain range of Lysogory and the Bald Mountain, as well as part of the Klonowskie Read More »

The Biebrzanski National Park

The Biebrzanski National Park was established on September 9th 1993. It is located in the Podlaskie region and contains the area of the Biebrza valley, beginning with the estuary of Niedzwiedzica to Biebrza and finishing with the estuary of Read More »

The Babiogorski National Park

The Babiogorski National Park was created in 1954, at the area, which at the time was part of the Cracovian region. It is located in southern Poland, in the Suski County and the Nowotarski County, by the Polish-Slovakian border. In Zawoja – the Read More »

The Kampinoski National Park

The Kampinoski National Park was created in 1959 in the Warszawski region (currently the mazowieckie region). It contains the area of the Kampinoska forest in the glacial valley of the Vistula river. This forest is the remaining of the Mazowsze Read More »

What should you see in Pieniny

The Pieniny mountains are the second most popular mountain place after the Tatra Mountains. They are one of the most attractive tourist regions in Poland – especially the center part. Here are a few places that you cannot miss while going on a Read More »

The Five Pond Valley

The primitive name of the Five Pond Valley, which originated from folk culture, is Pięciostawy.At the beginning of Tara mountain tourism, the name Five Pond Valley (Dolina Pięciu Stawów) was introduced, which turned out to be misleading, because Read More »

The Cracow Nativity Scenes

One of the most beautiful Christmas traditions is the Nativity scene. And perhaps the most gorgeous and wonderful Nativity scenes are made in Cracow, Poland. The Cracow Nativity scene is a slim, multi-level, richly-decorated construction, made Read More »

Polesie Lubelskie: A Journey into Poland’s Tranquil Wilderness

Polesie Lubelskie, a serene and largely undiscovered region in Eastern Poland, offers a perfect escape into the heart of nature. This area, known for its vast landscapes and rich biodiversity, is a haven for those seeking tranquility and a deep Read More »

Attractions in the Lower Silesia

The Lower Silesia is far more than just Wroclaw. In this article we will tell you a bit about some of the attractions in the region, that you might not have known about, but are definitely worth visiting. Mount Ślęża Formerly known as Mount Read More »

What should you see in Szczecin

Nestled on the banks of the Oder River, Szczecin, Poland, is a city rich in history and culture, yet often overlooked by the typical tourist trail. This guide will take you through Szczecin’s most captivating sights, showcasing why this Read More »

What should you see in Gniezno

Gniezno was the first capital city in Poland. This was the place, where, according to legend, Lech saw a white eagle and decided to build a settlement. Nowadays, Gniezno is quite an interesting town, not only for being our country’s very first Read More »

Hydropolis in Wroclaw

If you’re looking for something in Wroclaw that’s more contemporar than the Raclawice Panorama or Ostrow Tumski, then we have something extra special for you – the „Hydropolis” Ecological Education Center. Hydropolis is located in the Read More »

Thermal baths in the Polish mountains

In the Polish mountains, apart from hiking and sightseeing, you can also find a few complexes of thermal baths, where you can relax while dripping in hot water. In this article you will find information about some of the most popular thermal Read More »


Kaszuby is a beautiful, and at the same time very interesting historical land with lakes, forests, hills, peace and quiet, located in northern Poland, being part of the Pomeranian region. The coverage of this region is marked with villages Read More »

The „Mlyn Wiedzy” Modernity Centre in Torun

The „Mlyn Wiedzy” Modernity Centre in Torun is the first Science Centre ever to be created in the kujawsko-pomorskie region. It was officially open on November 9th 2013. It is located at 5 Lokietka street, in the former Richter Mill. The Read More »

What should you see in Sopot?

Sopot is – without a doubt – one of the most beautiful Polish seaside resorts. It is a pleasure to visit not only for Polish, but also foreign tourists. This city is renowned not only for its Forest Opera Festival, organized constantly since Read More »

Exploring the Enchanted Beauty of Poland’s Izerskie Mountains

Tucked away in southwestern Poland lies a hidden gem of natural beauty and tranquility – the Izerskie Mountains. This range, part of the larger Western Sudetes, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and nature lovers. In this Read More »

The Land of the Great Masurian Lakes

The Land of the Great Masurian Lakes is an incredible region of our country. Sometimes called the Masurian Sea or the Land of a Thousand Lakes, for many years it delighted countless sailors, anglers, and fans of all types of water sports coming Read More »

Lanckorona – the magical city of angels

Lanckorona – the magical city of angels is an incredibly charming city in the Lesser Poland region, located between Wadowice and Myslenice, 3 kilometers away from Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. Lanckorona is situated on a mountainside, so from the Read More »

Tatra Mountains – the smallest great mountains of Europe

The Tatra mountains, often called „the smallest great mountains of Europe” will definitely amaze anyone, without any exceptions. It’s simply impossible to resist the granite walls, that are thousands of meters high, sharp ridges and impressive Read More »

Hollywood movies filmed in Poland

„The Witcher” „The Witcher” hardly needs an introduction, and it’s even harder to find better news for fans of this production. Some of the shots to Neflix’s newest original series are filmed in Poland. According to the information, the series Read More »

Christmas Traditions in Poland

Christmas is undoubtedly the most joyful and wonderful time of year. For many people it’s practically impossible not to think of such things as the christmas tree, snowy weather, or exchanging wishes and gifts with their loved ones without Read More »

What to see in Rzeszow?

The main attraction of Rzeszow is the Underground Tourist Route – the Rzeszow Cellars. The underground tourist routes can be found in at least a few Polish cities. The Rzeszow Cellars will guide you under the Main Market Square, through Read More »

The increasing popularity of visiting Auschwitz

On 2nd January 2020, new rules of visiting and making reservations at the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial will start to take effect. One of the most important changes will be introducing dedicated tickets, also for group visits. The goal of such a Read More »

Skiing in Podhale

Podhale is without a doubt the mecca of Polish skiing. This region is extremely popular amongst the fans of winter craziness Most skiers and snowboarders go to Zakopane and Bialka Tatrzanska. No wonder why. These two resorts offer a wide arrange Read More »

Krakow and Lesser Poland

Just Krakow itself, as the capital of the region and the most popular Polish cities among tourists, offers so many interesting places, buildings and world class monuments, that it could easily fill up our list right away. But Lesser Poland is Read More »

The Bochnia Salt Mine

The salt mine in Bochnia is a monumental salt mine, open for touristic and medical movement, closed for mining, Which used to lead exploitation between 1251 and 1990. The origins of the Bochnia Salt Mine can be traced back to 1248, when huge Read More »

Why You Should come to Poland in the winter❓⭐

There are some reasons to visit Poland during the low season…Among them are: more attractive prices, less tourists, hearty food tastes better and hot therms are more enjoable…and of course…amazing TATRA MOUNTAINS!!!??? Did you know that just 109 Read More »

What should you see in Gdansk?

Are you wondering what you can see in Gdansk? It is impossible to be bored in this city. Apart from incredible monuments you can find countless other attractions, both for children and adults. Some people just can’t imagine a trip to Gdansk Read More »

Krakow Christmas Market 2019

The Christmas market in Krakow has an over 100-year old tradition and reach back to the days, when they were known as the „Christmas fair” On November 29th, the Krakow Main Market Square will become home to another edition of this wonderful Read More »

What to see in Katowice

The multicultural capital of Upper Silesia has been refreshening its image in recent years, becoming a more and more frequent tourist destination for both Polish and foreign travelers. The National Symphonic Orchestra of the Polish Radio. What Read More »

New flight connections to Poland 2020

A lot of new air routes from Poland. The Polish air lines announce their plans. There will be more flights on national routes. There are four cities on the list. There will be 27 new routes launched at the polish Ryanair airports next summer, Read More »

The Pieniny National Park

The Pieniny National Park is a small, yet very attractive protected area in terms of nature and as a tourist attraction. It was established – under the name of the National Park of Pieniny on June 1st 1932. It is one of the most frequently Read More »

The Stolowe Mountains

The Stolowe Mountains are one of the most popular mountain ranges in Sudety. Some of the things that are considered the tourist magnet include health spas located at the edge of the mountain range, compelling monuments and most of all, rock Read More »

Ojcow National Park

Ojcow National Park – the smallest National Park in Poland. It has the total area of 2145 hectares. The woodland covers 1529 ha, which includes 251 ha of the strict conservation zone. This park is beset by 6777 ha of the buffer zone. The ONP is Read More »

Karkonosze Mountains

Karkonosze is the highest and undoubtedly the most famous mountain range of Sudety. Thanks to the very well developed touristic infrastructure (a network of tourist trails, mountain shelters and ski machines), it has been the top destination for Read More »

The Malbork Castle

The Malbork Castle (German: Marienburg – Mary’s Castle) is a masterpiece of late medieval, defensive and residential architecture. It is the largest gothic castle complex in the world, with the surface of approx. 21 hectares and the total Read More »

Visiting Wolf’s Lair (Wolfsschanze) – Hitler’s Headquarters)

If you’re you’re a history enthusiast especially about World War II period, there is one place you cannot miss – the ruins of Adolf Hitler’s former military headquarters known as „Wolf’s Lair (Wolfsschanze). The decision of constructing Wolf’s Read More »


Most of travellers start their adventure in Poland from Warsaw-Polish capital, today beautiful city welcoming around 9 mln tourists each year✈??But do you know the tragic history of this place? Significant events had happend in the modern Read More »

Roztocze National Park

The Roztocze National Park was created on may 10th 1974 and is located in the central-eastern part of Poland, in the lubelskie region. It contains the most precious natural areas of Roztocze Tomaszowskie. The forests of the park are Read More »

The Bialowieza Wilderness

The Bialowieza wilderness is a unique forest complex at a European scale, because it is the last lowland forest at this continent. It is located at the border between Poland and Belarus and occupies anout 1250 square kilometers. Its polish part Read More »

The 26th Krakow Honey Harvest Festival

Between September 6th and September 8th 2019, there will be the 26th Krakow Honey Harvest in. Once again, you are invited tot this event by the Krakow Beekeeper Association. On the second weekend of September, at the Wolnica Square we will find Read More »

The Green Velo Route – Eastern Poland by bike.

Bicycle trips are a perfect idea to spend your free time actively, starting in early spring and finishing in late autumn. Fans of wheelers will find quite a few interesting trails in our country which include, among others, the longest bicycle Read More »

The mysterious symbol of Krakow!

One of the main symbols of Krakow is a mysterious melody called “Hejnał” (pron. Hey-now ). Walking around the Main Square, You will certainly hear the it coming from the top of St. Mary’s Basilica. Every hour on the hour, trumpeter Read More »

What is famous “Milk bar” ?

Poland is a very interesting country with unique traditions. There is so much to discover, to try something new and extraordinary! For example, have you ever heard about “Milk bar”?If not, keep reading➡ Milk bar is a very characteristic Read More »

5 Ultimate reasons you should visit Wroclaw!

Most of travellers going to Poland, even don’t consider visiting Wroclaw. What’s a shame!?It’s one of the most remarkable European cities you just can’t skip! Below you’ll find TOP-5 reasons proving that!??? Read More »

TOP-5 Polish dishes

We have prepared TOP-5 Polish dishes (we bet you’ve never tried) which will steal your heart and will definetely make you come back here again and again? Barszcz czerwony ( Beetroot soup) – nothing common with the famous Ukranian Read More »

Facts about Vodka

So, let’s find out some (10!!!) interesting facts about this magical Polish elixir! 1) Vodka was created in Poland. Is it true? There are still debats about who invented vodka: Poles or Russians. Indeed, what we know is only that according Read More »

Tourist attractions of Tykocin

Monuments of Tykocin The royal castle of Tykocin, 3 Puchalski street – a 16th century building created by king Zygmunt Augustus, on the oozing of a wooden stronghold, it has a from of a trapeze with a courtyard and four round towers, it used to Read More »

Tourist attractions of Frombork

The History of Frombork In 1275, after burning the cathedral in Braniewo, the townspeople decided to warmian chapter and build the cathedral in Frombork. At that time a settling complex was created with a cathedral complex on a hill and a city Read More »

Eurovolley Poland 2017

Eurovolley Poland will be the 30th edition of men’s Volleyball European championship held in Poland between 24th August and 3rd September 2017 in 4 host cities: Gdansk, Katowice, Szczecin and Krakow. The first such event took place in 1948 and Read More »

Shtetl Routes project – a new cultural tourist trail

Shtetl Routes project – a new cultural tourist trail This year, in the Lubelskie Voivodeship, the cultural route of the former Jewish towns called Shtetl begins a new season. These towns are spread through the borders of Poland, Ukraine Read More »

Polish Song Museum in Opole – the “Top Tourist Product of 2016”

Polish Song Museum in Opole – the “Top Tourist Product of 2016” The Polish Song Museum located in Opole is a unique place preseting Polish song’s history. It was recognized as the “Top Tourist Product of 2016” by Polish Tourist Read More »

A new museum in Warsaw – the Polish Vodka Museum

A new museum is to be opened in Warsaw in 2017. The Polish Vodka Museum will be located in the landmark distillery building – Koneser. The exhibition will present the over 600-year history of vodka production on Polish lands. Visitors can Read More »

New train connection Przemysl – Lviv – Kijev

Regular train connection between Przemysl – Lviv – Kijev was open in December, 23, 2016. This connection makes journey to Ukraine easier. It eliminates necessity of crossing borders on foot and provides comfortable connection with Lviv and Kijev Read More »

Christmas Markets in Poland

Christmas Markets are popular in almost every bigger city of Europe. A huge number of regional sellers and craftsmen gather in one place to share their products with people who are fallen in love with hand-made works and local food specialities. Read More »

Lubuskie region

Lubuskie is a region in the west-north part of Poland which is often unsung. This land is covered with various marvellous landscapes. The most important part of Lubuskie’s nature is Ujscie Warty National Park which protect ecosystem of Read More »

Polish health resorts – Ciechocinek, Duszniki-Zdrój, Krynica-Zdrój

In Poland, there are located numerous places which can offer unique location, landscape values, various cultural attractions, but also which can be proud of fresh air, medicinal waters and other healing attributes. Polish health resorts are Read More »

Polish National Parks in the north-eastern part of Poland

Biebrza National Park was established in 1993 as the 18th Polish national park. Today, the Biebrza National Park is the largest park in Poland and the one of bigger parks in Europe. The aim of the Park is to protect vast areas of peat bogs of Read More »

National Parks Of The Northern Poland

Poland is a very varied country with regard to its landscape. The summer time is a perfect time to rest. Many Poles choose the north Poland for their holiday. That can be a holiday over the Baltic Sea or on Mazury – the Land of Thousands Read More »

Bukowina Tatrzanska: Highlander Carnival

Bukowina Tatrzanska is situated only at 25 minutes drive away from Zakopane. In February this town will turn into the Polish capital of carnival! All this because of the famous Highlander Carnival, during which you can not only sing and dance, Read More »

Lodz: Retro Photography Exhibition

Via Art Foundation and Scenografia club (actually, in this incarnation it is a gallery) have a great pleasure to invite you all for a wonderful photography exhibition. The opening of the first this year, and at the same time the first such a Read More »

Lodz: Replica of the Grand OFF International Film Festival

From 18th to 20th of January in Lodz there will be screenings of the winning films of the 7th Grand OFF International Film Festival – The Best Independent Films of the World, which took place in December in Warsaw. This is one of the most Read More »

Lodz: SuperEnduro World Championship

Super Enduro is an extremely spectacular discipline in which riders on motorbikes must overcome a specific obstacle like for example stones, big car tires, logs and pools of water. Motocross takes place only on specially prepared tracks in the Read More »

Lodz: Exhibition |||||”Madame B|||||” at the Museum of Art

“Madame B” is a form of reinterpretation of the novel “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert. By eight video works presented on 19 screens, the artist show the relationship between capitalism and romance, and thus Read More »

V Lublin Jazz Festival

The Festival is the largest musical event in the Lublin Cultural Center as well as the largest jazz festival in Lublin and the region. Musical events are always accompanied by visual and educational activities. During this year’s edition Read More »

Katowice, Festival of New Scenography

Between November 27th and 30th, the second edition of the will take place in Katowice. 40 stage and costume designers as well as makeup artists from across the country will come to Katowice to participate in it. The program includes meetings Read More »

Local cuisine in Poland

Just look at some of the names: bigos (stew of cabbage and meat, sometimes with wine or mushrooms), kotlet schabowy (similar to Viennese schnitzel but made of pork tenderloin, coated with breadcrumbs), golabki (cabbage wrapped around pork meat Read More »

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