Husky Ride in Zakopane

Looking for an unusual attraction? We are going to take you to a small village near Zakopane. During this ride you will be able to celebrate nature, beautiful landscapes, silence and get to know the friendly and wise husky dogs. You will go on a ride on a sled pulled by a couple of dogs. It is also a perfect occasion to take children for this tour. We are sure that everyone will like it. The ride is around 2 km long and lasts up to 1 hour. Once you meet the instructors, they will give you all the tips how to provide the sled. In the meantime, you will have the chance to listen about interesting information about dog sledding and make photographs with these beautiful creatures. You can ride like a passenger or you can replace the musher and lead the sled all by yourself. An extra thrill is to drive the dog team yourself, but the smart huskies often get rid of an inexperienced driver by cutting a sharp turn. A fall into a snowbank can be regarded as an attraction, but having to catch up with the dogs is not necessarily so much fun.

Our proposal for this activity includes:

  • transportation to the venue and back
  • English speaking guide’s assistance
  • English speaking professional dog instructors
  • 1 hour riding as a passenger in Husky dog sled with possibility of „driving” the sled

Whole activity with transportation lasts approx. 3 hours


1 ride for each person – short rides 2-3km

  • 1-2 pax – 1200 PLN total
  • 3 pax – 550 PLN per person
  • 4 pax – 530 PLN per person
  • 5 pax – 510 PLN per person
  • 6 pax – 490 PLN per person

1 ride for each person – long rides 5 km

  • 1 pax – 1200 PLN total
  • 2 pax – 900 PLN per person
  • 3 pax – 850 PLN per person
  • 4 pax – 800 PLN per person

*In case the group counts more than 4 people, it is not possible to organize long rides. As an alternative, it is possible to book the shorter rides or dog sledding on a track combined with a bonfire in an Indian tipi.

*this activity strongly depends on weather conditions so sometimes we may need to change our program a little bit – please contact us for more details

Choose number of participants and date:


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