Sleigh Ride in Zakopane

Would you like to make your holiday in Zakopane more special and memorable? You should take part in a joyful sleigh ride in the picturesque surroundings of the Chochołowska Valley which is the longest in the Tatra Mountains and one of the most beautiful in Europe. This is the most popular attraction during the winter season. Sleigh rides here are an exciting adventure during which you will be able to cherish the mountain climate and silence, the wonderful scenery and stars in the sky as soon as it gets dark. There will be plenty of high trees and bushes covered with pure white snow, no cars, lanterns or city noise. Thanks to that you will feel like being in a real winter wonderland from a story tale. Time will stop rushing for a while. Once the ride ends, there will be a chance to warm up by the bonfire and have a delicious feast with polish „bigos” (cabbage with meat and mushrooms), sausages, hot tea, bread and snacks. In the meantime, a highlanders band will play music and make your rest by the fire more pleasant. If you fancy, you can even dance to the cheerful music. Of course there will be time to make photos.

The whole event will last up to 3 hours.

Price: 200 PLN per person

Price includes:

  • transport from Zakopane to the Chochołowska Valley and back,
  • a 1 hour sleigh ride with horses in the valley,
  • entrance ticket to the Tatra National Park,
  • a feast by the bonfire,
  • live music

Alternatively, we can also organize the sleigh ride in the Koscieliska Valley. The program and price will be the same.

Budget version

It is possible to participate in the sleigh ride without having a feast by the bonfire. In this case the price will be 150 PLN per person.

It will include:

  • transfer: Zakopane – Koscieliska Valley – Zakopane
  • 1 hour sleigh ride,
  • entrance to the Tatra National Park

*Please note that the prices in the holiday season between December 26th – January 7th the prices will increase and there is limited availability.

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