Sleigh Ride in Zakopane

We offer you absolutely fantastic outdoor winter adventure during your holidays in Zakopane. You can experience joyful sleigh ride in picturesque surroundings of Chocholowska Valley within the borders of Tatra Mountains National Park. You will take a seat in our 4-seated sleigh driven by horses and admire beautiful nature around you. We will drive through the wild and calm forest paths.
We offer you many different options for this amazing activity:

Option nr 1

You can join our regular group sleigh ride with other people at certain time on certain day. If you are alone or with a small group of friends/family it could be even more fun to join others and have a good time during sleigh ride.

This option includes:

  • hotel pick up and drop off after the tour
  • 1 hour sleigh ride through Chocholowska Valley
  • 1 hour feast by the bonfire after the ride with some sausages and tea
  • live music by traditional highlanders’ band


 220 PLN per person

Option nr 2

We can offer you exactly the same sleigh ride as a regular group one called option nr 1 but in private version just for you. You can then choose time of hotel pick up


  • 1600 PLN total (1-4 persons)
  • 1800 PLN total (5-8 persons)
  • 2200 PLN total (9-12 persons)
  • Contact us (13 persons or more)

Option nr 3

We can organize private sleigh ride but to be able to offer better price then for option nr 2, we will not arrange a highlanders’ band. So this option will be the same as option nr 2 but without live music


  • 1200 PLN total (1-4 persons)
  • 1500 PLN total (5-8 persons)
  • 1900 PLN total (9-12 persons)
  • Contact us (13 persons or more) 

Option nr 4

This one is the most budget version of private sleigh ride. We will not arrange live music band and will also not arrange the bonfire with the feast, just hotel pick and drop off and 1 hour private sleigh ride through the Chocholowska Valley


  • 800 PLN total (1-4 persons)
  • 1100 PLN total (5-8 persons)
  • 1400 PLN total (9-12 persons)
  • Contact us (13 persons or more)

Choose number of participants and date:


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