Wild places in Poland part 2

9/17 The Opawskie Mountains (opolskie region) The Opawskie Mountains is a little-known, most eastern mountain range of the Polish Sudety. It is historically associated with the Lower Silesia, and Read More »

Wild places in Poland. Perfect for a weekend away from the crowds – part 1

Wild places in Poland – is it still possible to find them? Yes, it is! Our country is more than just crowded beaches, long cues of people eager to get to Giewont and rowdy market squares of large Read More »

Small Towns in Poland that you have to see

What towns in Poland are conisdered to be some of the most beautiful places in the country? The most beautiful towns in Poland: 1.Sandomierz Location: in the świętokrzyskie region, less than 1.5 Read More »

Sądecczyzna – discover the pearl of Lesser Poland

Are you familiar with this incredibly beautiful, yet still little known part of Poland? Allow us to introduce you to several interesting propositions of spending your free time in a region Read More »

Professor Białobok’s Forest Arboretum in Stradomia Dolna

One of Poland’s most recently created arboretums, located in Stradomia Dolna, was established in 1993 out of a small forest nursery. Today it contains 150 hectares of a mixed boron, consisting of Read More »


Międzygórze, located at the foothills of the Śnieżnik Massif, used to be the place, where iron was extracted, before the local people began to do weaving. It wasn;t until the 19th century that Read More »

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