The Stolowe Mountains

The Stolowe Mountains are one of the most popular mountain ranges in Sudety. Some of the things that are considered the tourist magnet include health spas located at the edge of the mountain Read More »

Ojcow National Park

Ojcow National Park – the smallest National Park in Poland. It has the total area of 2145 hectares. The woodland covers 1529 ha, which includes 251 ha of the strict conservation zone. This park Read More »

Karkonosze Mountains

Karkonosze is the highest and undoubtedly the most famous mountain range of Sudety. Thanks to the very well developed touristic infrastructure (a network of tourist trails, mountain shelters and Read More »

The Malbork Castle

The Malbork Castle (German: Marienburg – Mary’s Castle) is a masterpiece of late medieval, defensive and residential architecture. It is the largest gothic castle complex in the world, with the Read More »

Wolf’s Lair

At the very heart of Masuria you can find the ruins of Adolf Hitler’s main quarter, overgrown with forest – Wolf’s Lair. The masked town in the woods – 200 buildings: shelters, barracks, two Read More »


Most of travellers start their adventure in Poland from Warsaw-Polish capital, today beautiful city welcoming around 9 mln tourists each year✈🇵🇱But do you know the tragic history of this place? Read More »

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