What should you see in Pieniny

The Pieniny mountains are the second most popular mountain place after the Tatra Mountains. They are one of the most attractive tourist regions in Poland – especially the center part. Here are a Read More »

The Five Pond Valley

The primitive name of the Five Pond Valley, which originated from folk culture, is Pięciostawy.At the beginning of Tara mountain tourism, the name Five Pond Valley (Dolina Pięciu Stawów) was Read More »

The Cracow Nativity Scenes

One of the most beautiful Christmas traditions is the Nativity scene. And perhaps the most gorgeous and wonderful Nativity scenes are made in Cracow, Poland. The Cracow Nativity scene is a slim, Read More »

What to see in Polesie Lubelskie

Polesie Lubelskie is one of the smallest regions in Poland, although technically it is quite large, reaching to the middle of Ukraine and the other end of Belarus. This is a legendary area, Read More »

Attractions in the Lower Silesia

The Lower Silesia is far more than just Wroclaw. In this article we will tell you a bit about some of the attractions in the region, that you might not have known about, but are definitely worth Read More »

What should you see in Szczecin

Szczecin is the largest city of the Western Pomeranian region, located upon the river Odra and lake Dabie. It is the historical capital city of the Pomeranian Duchy. If you’re wondering what Read More »

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