Art Galleries in Poland

Since the beginning of time, art was an integral part of the human life. For centuries, people had plenty of creative ways to express their emotions and feelings, as well as let their imagination run wild. Throughout history, there were Read More »

The Lesser Poland Wooden Architecture Trail

The Lesser Poland Wooden Architecture Trail is a route with many historical artefacts of wooden architecture with the length of more than 1500 kilometers. It has 253 architectural complexes of various types, including churches, chapels, Read More »

Brewery you should visit in Poland

Everyone has their favourite way to spend their free time. For some people, the best way to have some fun is going to a pub an enjoying some beer with their friends. In Poland there are many famous breweries, which have produced high-quality Read More »

A trip to the Tatra Mountains with the youngest (easy trails in Zakopane)

Many of us love trips to beautiful places connected with nature. This is a perfect way to escape from the overwhelming reality and take advantage of the beauty of the world which is around us. One of the most common physical activities practiced Read More »

Sites Related to Jewish History in Poland

The history of Jews in Poland is long and extremely turbulent. The first small Jewish communities already existed in Poland in the 13th century. Later, they expanded with Jewish who were exiled from other European countries, including Germany, Read More »

10 sites you should see when visiting Poznan

Poznan is a city in western Poland and the capital of the Greater Poland Voivodeship. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland, with a history dating back to the 10th century. Poznan is an important cultural and economic center in Poland. It is Read More »

Weather in Poland. Best time to visit Poland.

In Poland, the weather varies throughout the year, with distinct seasons. In the winter, temperatures drop below freezing and snowfall can occur. During the spring and summer, temperatures begin to warm up, with occasional rain. In the fall, Read More »

Best places for skiing in Zakopane and surroundings

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in winter. Every year, crowds of fans rush to the skiing resorts and slopes in the Polish mountains. Some of the most popular places for skiing can be found in the city of Zakopane, which is considered Read More »

What to do and see in Szklarska Poreba

This town is located on the border of the Karkonosze and the Jizera Mountains. It is a very attractive place for tourists, both in terms of attractions and landscape values. Here you will not be bored both in the summer and in the winter. Read More »

What to see in Elblag and surroundings

Elblag is a Polish city located in the warminsko-mazurskie region. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland – it was established in 1237 and gained municipal rights in 1246. In spring of 1237, not far from the location of a Prussian trading Read More »

What to see in Czestochowa and surroundings

Czestochowa is a Polish city located in the slaskie region. According to legend, the name of this city refers to a settlement established by Czestoch, but the first document mentioning Czestochowa originated from 1220. Between 1370 and 1393, Read More »

What to see in Rzeszow and surroundings

Rzeszow is a city located in south-east Poland. It is the capital of the podkarpackie region. According to archaeological research, the earliest traces of settlement at the current area of Rzeszow date back to the neolithic period. On January Read More »

Polish Christmas Eve Dishes

One of the most significant elements of Christmas Eve is gathering around the table with family and having a Christmas Eve Dinner. It’s hard to imagine anything more heartwarming than enjoying this special meal with your loved ones, forgetting Read More »

What to see in Kielce and surroundings

Kielce is a Polish city located in the Swietokrzyskie Mountains, upon the river Silnica. It is the capital of the swietokrzyskie region. According to legend, the creation of Kielce is associated with prince Mieszko – the son of Boleslaw Read More »

Affordable Hiking Tarails in Tatra Mountains during winter

The Tatra Mountains are an incredibly gorgeous Polish mountain range. They look absolutely stunning in both summer and winter. Because of this, it’s no wonder they attract crowds of tourists, who go hiking in these mountains every year. While Read More »

Lower Silesia Beer and Wine Trail

This trial will provide unforgettable moments for both beer and wine lovers. During this trip you will get to know Lower Silesia from a different side. Here you will have the opportunity to try local wines and breweries. What is more, you will Read More »

Best places to visit in Polnd during winter

Poland is a country with lots of fascinating attractions for any time of year. There are plenty of sights to admire and things to do in both summer and winter. In summer, crowds of tourists travel to the Baltic Sea, Mazury, and the mountains. Read More »

Carpathian Wine Trail

This is one of the showpieces of the Carpathian Province. This trail consists of 29 vineyards from Poland and Slovakia. The Carpathian Wine Trail is like a historic trade route, the same as the amber or silk route. This project includes not only Read More »

Best Hotels in Zakopane

Zakopane is an extremely popular tourist destination in Poland, especially among fans of skiing and those, who enjoy hiking in the mountains, or are searching for a good place to get some rest from the crowded city. This city has lots of Read More »

Roztocze Wine Trail

Despite the fact that Roztocze Vineyard Trail is not that big, there are many attractions close to the vineyards, which tourists can visit during their stay there. The trail currently includes 5 vineyards. However, due to favorable soil Read More »

Sandomierski Wine Trail

Grapevines in the Sandomierz region have been successfully cultivated since the 13th century. Wine from the local regions is exported to other places in the world. However, the thing that attracts wine lovers the most is ,,Sandomierski Wine Read More »

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