Jasna Gora in Czestochowa

Jasna Gora is one of the main destinations for pilgrims in the contemporary Christian world. The Pauline Fathers were summoned to Jasna Gora in 1382 by Prince Ladislaus of Oppeln. The miraculous Read More »

The Miraculous Painting in Czestochowa

Jasna Gora’s most valuable treasure is the miraculous painting of Our Lady. Because of this painting, Jasna Gora became Poland’s most famous sanctuary among the numerous sites to Read More »

The Holy Virgin Mary Chapel in Czestochowa

The Holy Virgin Mary Chapel is the Gothic Chapel with the Black Madonna picture. That famous and sacred picture placed in the Baroque ebony altar is highly regarded for many miracles that make it Read More »

Town Hall in Czestochowa

The Town Hall is a symbol of the city, reminds people of the foundation of the up-to-date Czestochowa. It was erected for the seat of the local government of the new town in 1828, two years after Read More »

Feast of the Cross Church in Czestochowa

A parish Feast of the Cross Church, situated at the crossroads of Bialska Street and Sikorskiego, was constructed in the neo-Renaissance style in 1949-56 and consecrated on the 31st of January Read More »

Czestochowa Museum

Czestochowa Museum is one of the oldest cultural institutions in Czestochowa, functioning since 1905. It documents the city’s heritage, which is inextricably linked with the history of Read More »

Archaeological Reserve in Czestochowa Museum

Archaeological Reserve – covers a Lusatian culture cemetery from the beginning of the Iron Age(750-550 BC) with 85 excavated burial places and everyday objects, such as pots, bracelets and Read More »

House of Poetry-Museum of Halina Poswiatowska in Czestochowa Museum

In the family house of Halina Poswiatowska, the Czestochowa Museum created the House of Poetry. It is a museum exhibition of memory of the outstanding poet, as well as a place where writers, Read More »

Multicentrum Zodiak in Czestochowa

The Czestochowa Multicentre is a place, where they will show the young and not-so-young how to use knowledge to create things of great beauty and use. This is a place, where all residents – Read More »

Doctor Wladyslaw Bieganski’s bench in Czestochowa

Doctor Wladyslaw Bieganski was the inhabitant of Czestochowa of the century – sat on the bronze bench in Najswietszej Maryi Panny Avenue in front of the City Library named after him on the 23rd Read More »

Mine drifts and the B pavilion in Jasna Gora parks in Czestochowa

The building dates back to 1908 and was built for the Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition. It is located in the south-western part of Stanislaw Staszic Park, between Pasaz Biskupa Barely and 7 Read More »

Archaeological discoveries in the Old Market Square in Czestochowa

During excavations carried out from 2007-2009 in the Old Market Square, a city well and probably the place where honorable executions were held, were found. So far the excavations have taken Read More »

Geometrical centre of Czestochowa

The centre of the city determined in 2003 was cast in bronze. It was funded by The Water Board of the Czestochowa district, which seized this opportunity to advertise the company, on the 75th Read More »

City Parks at Jasna Gora in Czestochowa

The park landscaping is situated in the western part of the city at the foot of the slope of the hill with the Jasna Gora Pauline monastery. The current shape was given to them by Franciszek Read More »

Golden Mountain in Czestochowa

Zlota Gora – Golden Mountain is a hill on the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests, located opposite to Jasna Gora. The Mountain is made of limestone and in its white slopes and excavations the Read More »

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