The Palace of Cracow Bishops-National Museum in Kielce

The Palace of Cracow Bishops, constructed on Bishop Jakub Zadzik’s initiative in the years 1637 – 1641 is a brilliant and valuable example of Polish residences from the Waza epoch. Although there Read More »

The Museum of Stefan Zeromski’s School Years in Kielce

The Museum is located in the part of the school building which history started during the reign of Augustus II. Here, in the years 1874-1886 the biggest writer of this region – Stefan Read More »

Museum of Toys and Play in Kielce

The Museum of Toys and Play is the biggest and the oldest museum of toys in Poland. On an exhibition area of six hundred thirty-one square metres there are presented a few thousands of exhibits. Read More »

The Kielce Cathedral

The Kielce Cathedral is located in the centre of the region’s capital, particularly famous for its age-old history and artistic craftsmanship. The immense building is located on the St. Virgin Read More »

Monastery and Church on the hill of Karczowka in Kielce

Karczowka Hill is a picturesque hill in Kielce with a post-Bernardine monastery from the 17th century. Karczowka is a characteristic landmark, noticeable from every side of the city, located in Read More »

Geological Paradise in Kielce

The Geological Paradise is accumulation of geological reservations right in the middle of the city. The area of Kielce is abundant in geological reservations, therefore, it is a real heaven for Read More »

Jewish Cemetery in Kielce

In the second half of the nineteenth century, due to the rapid development of Jewish settlement in Kielce, the local Jewish community faced a necessity of orginising a new burial place. Read More »

Sienkiewicza Street in Kielce

Sienkiewicza Street in Kielce is the main commercial and historic “artery” of the city of Kielce. It was built in the middle of the 19th century. It was originally called Konstantego Read More »

Kielce Ghetto

Kielce was occupied on 4 September 1939 by the German army. Approximately 24,000 Jews lived in the town, a third of all inhabitants. Like in all other occupied towns anti-Jewish actions took Read More »

Kielce University

The Kielce University of Technology is a relatively young institution, although the traditions of higher education in Kielce go back to the beginning of the 19th century. It was here that Read More »

The Kielce Synagogue

The idea of building a synagogue in Kielce arose in 1897. For that aim Moses Pfeffer donated 20000 rubles. The building was designed by the town architect, Stanislaw Szpakowski. The synagogue was Read More »

Jewish Menorah Monument in Kielce

Jewish Menorah Monument or Monument commemorating Nazi victims of Kielce Ghetto erected is a monument commemorating 20,000 Jews from Kielce Ghetto murdered by German Nazis in August 1942 and was Read More »

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