Katowice: Moszna Castle Tour

If you are a fan of Disney films with kings and queens, you should definitely visit one of the most beautiful and interesting castles in Poland – the Moszna Castle located 35 kilometers from Opole. From the outside, the architecture is very impressing, it has 99 towers and 365 rooms inside. This historic residence was built in the 18th century as baroque palace but after a fire broke out in 1896, it has been rebuilt by the Silesian Tiele-Winckler family which have lived here since 1866 to 1945. The eastern part was built in the neo-Gothic style with the conservatory and the west wing was added in the Neo-Renaissance style. The park surrounding is part of a landscape park with a valuable stand of grouped oaks and rare clusters of rhododendrons. At first, the members of the Tiele-Winckler family were supposed to be burried in the crypt beneath the palace chapel but because of the moisture, the burial site was changed to the cemetery located in the palace park which is now available for visitors.

During World War II, the palace luckily avoided damage. Later on, a hospital was built in it. In 1945, troops of the Soviet army quartered in the palace. During this period, most of the palace equipment was devastated and the works of art stored there were taken away – mainly paintings and sculptures. Once the war ended, various institutions were placed in the palace for a short time, only in 1972 it became the seat of the sanatorium, and from 1996 the Independent Public Health Care Center of the Neurotic Therapy Center. The hospital was moved to a building nearby and since 2013, a hotel and restaurant have been operating in the palace. There is a horse stable nearby as well.

Currently, the castle in Moszna is intended only for tourists. You can visit it with a guide or on your own. Of course like in every palace, there are legends and secret stories which you will hear during the tour. The route leads among through the historic dining room, cafe, former ballroom, conservatory, count’s office to the chapel. Two of the largest palace towers are available to explore. From the top there is a great view of the surrounding park. From there, you can also admire the landscape of the Opawskie Mountains, and in during good weather conditions, the Czech Pradziad is clearly visible. The Moszna Castle is also the center of many cultural events. We guarantee that this is an attraction that you cannot miss!

Duration: 4 hours

Tour itinerary:

  1. pick up from your hotel at chosen time
  2. transport from Katowice to the Moszna Castle (1,5h)
  3. visiting the castle (1 h)
  4. transfer back to Katowice (1,5 h)
  5. drop off at your hotel


  • 1 person – 650 PLN
  • 2 persons – 380 PLN / per person
  • 3 persons – 300 PLN / per person
  • 4 persons – 250 PLN / per person
  • 5 persons – 230 PLN / per person
  • 6 persons – 200 PLN / per person
  • 7 persons – 180 PLN / per person
  • 8 persons – 170 PLN / per person

The prices include:

  • pick up from your hotel,
  • private transport,
  • an English-speaking drivers assistance,
  • entrance tickets to the castle for the English tour,
  • drop off at your hotel

*If you would be interested in visiting the towers with the guide, the additional cost will be 12 PLN / per person.

*Two times a year – during spring and autumn – there is a special convention organized for fans of the “The Witcher” where you can try on the dresses, have a sword fight and feel like one of the characters from the book. If you would be interested, please kindly contact us and we will send you all the additional information. 

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