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2 Days Tour to Wolf’s Lair, Gdansk and Stutthof from Warsaw

Embark on a captivating 2-day tour from Warsaw, where history comes to life as we delve into three profoundly significant destinations in Poland: the enigmatic Wolf’s Lair, the picturesque city of Gdansk, and the moving Stutthof Concentration Camp.

Our tour starts in Warsaw where our driver pick you up from your hotel and take you the first attraction. First on our itinerary is the Wolf’s Lair, once Hitler’s formidable headquarters. Guided sightseeing will unravel its secrets, transporting you back in time. From there, we drive to the charming city of Gdansk, where your chosen hotel awaits your arrival. As the day transitions to evening, Gdansk becomes your playground to discover at your own pace. Wander through its streets, embrace its ambiance, and create your own narrative.

The dawn of the next day marks a moving visit to the Stutthof Concentration Camp. Here, history’s weight is palpable. Choose to explore its grounds independently or alongside a knowledgeable guide, as you pay homage to the past. Our journey then takes us back to Gdansk, offering a moment of reflection over a nourishing lunch. The exploration continues, picking up the threads of your previous day’s discoveries.

As our immersive tour draws to a close, you’ll make your way back to Warsaw by train, a journey of approximately 3 hours.

Tour Itinerary:


  1. hotel pick up in the morning
  2. up to 4 hours driving from Warsaw to Wolf’s Lair by private car with English speaking driver
  3. walking sightseeing tour of former Hitler’s headquarters with private local guide in chosen language
  4. time for lunch
  5. up to 3 hours drive to Gdansk
  6. check in into your hotel in Gdansk


  1. pick up from your hotel in Gdansk
  2. approx 1 hour drive from Gdansk to Stutthof Concentration Camp by private car/van with English speaking driver
  3. approx 1,5 hour of sightseeing tour on your own or with a local guide in chosen language
  4. transfer back to Gdansk
  5. free time to discover Gdansk on your own
  6. return to Warsaw by train

*The detailed itinerary with exact times of hotel pick and train departures will be confirmed each time by e-mail


  • 2550 PLN per person (1 person)
  • 1350 PLN per person (2 persons)
  • 990 PLN per person (3 persons)
  • 800 PLN per person (4 persons)
  • contact us (5 persons or more)

What is included:

  • english speaking driver assistance
  • transportation to Wolf’s Lair and to Gdansk
  • guided sightseeing in Wolf’s Lair
  • tour to Stutthof Concnetration Camp
  • train tickets from Gdansk to Warsaw

*guide in Stutthof Concentration Camp is extra paid 400 PLN

*accommodation in Gdansk is not included

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