Warsaw: Wolf’s Liar (Hitler’s Headquarters) Tour

Wolf’s Lair is situated in the Masurian forest, not far from the small town of Ketrzyn in northern Poland, near the Russian border. During World War II, it was Adolf Hitler’s military headquarters. It was a unique, truly top secret city complex with barracks, two airports power station, water supplies, plants, railway station etc. The Wolf’s Lair was also the place, where on July 20th, 1944, Hitler was going to be murdered, but the attempt had failed. People estimate that Hitler spent more than 800 days in the Wolf’s Lair. Many outrageous decisions were made there, such as the construction of concentration camps were made there. The Wolf’s Lair also had assistant quarters, which cooperated with Hitler. These included the quarter of Hans Lammers, who used the nickname „Wendula”, the lodging of the Supreme Command of Land Army „Mauerwald” and the quarter by the nickname of „Hochwald”, lead by Heinrich Himmler.
The destructionn of the Wolf’s Lair complex took place in January 1945. Today, its ruins are available for visitors, so we can offer you an unforgettable day tour from Warsaw to see this one of a kind place.

We offer private tours by car with private English speaking driver and private English speaking local guide in Wolf’s Lair.
We can pick you up from your hotel at chosen time

Tour lasts approx 10 hours

Private tours in: Spanish, German, French, Italian available on request


  • 1050 PLN per person (1 person)
  • 650 PLN per person (2 persons)
  • 520 PLN per person (3 persons)
  • 450 PLN per person (4 persons or more)
  • *entrance tickets to Wolf’s Lair are included in price

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