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Gdansk: Amber Workshop

Amber, often referred to as “Baltic Gold,” holds a special place in the heart of Gdansk. This historic port city on the Baltic Sea, is renowned for its distinctive amber, a fossilized tree resin that has captivated generations with its warm hues and timeless beauty. The city’s rich maritime history is intertwined with the legacy of amber, as the golden gem has been harvested from the nearby Baltic shores for centuries.

Discover the artistry of amber crafting in the heart of Gdansk with our special workshops conducted in English at one of the Artistic Jewelry Studios. Nestled within the city’s creative landscape, these workshops offer a unique opportunity to delve into the world of artisanal amber jewelry.

Our workshops provide an immersive experience, guiding participants through the intricate process of crafting amber into stunning jewelry pieces. Led by skilled artisans fluent in English, these sessions ensure a seamless understanding of the techniques involved in working with Baltic Gold.

Explore the art of amber jewelry making at our Gdansk studio, perfect for both kids and adults. The spacious venue is tailored for each workshop, featuring cozy blankets and cushions for children and dedicated tables for adults. Join us for a creative and comfortable experience in crafting your Baltic Gold masterpiece!

The exact duration of the workshop depends on individual arrangements, group expectations, and the number of participants, but it typically falls within the range of 1-2 hours.

Prices: from 80 PLN per person (depending on the number of participants)

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