New attractions set to open in Poland in 2022

New attractions set to open in Poland in 2022

Poland is a beautiful country with a long and eventful history, which is evidenced in countless monuments that can bww found all around the country. But that doesn’t mean that Poland doesn’t have Read More »

Places related to World War 2 in Poland

World War II was one of the most despicable conflicts in the history of mankind. It brought devastating destruction and killed millions of people, most of which were civilians. This nefarioius Read More »

Amusement parks in Poland

Poland has plenty of attractions that will satisfy any tourist, whether they want to admire the beauty of nature, explore historical monuments or just spend some time in this wonderful country. Read More »

Polish Legends

Every country in the world has its own folk stories known as legends. They are mostly fiction, but they alway have some small elements of truth. Poland also has plenty of legends, which have been Read More »

Museums in Lublin you should visit

Lublin is a city in eastern Poland, located at the Lublin Upland, upon the river Bystrzyca. It used to be a trading settlement, situated on the trail leading from the surroundings of the Black Read More »

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