Amusement parks in Poland

Poland has plenty of attractions that will satisfy any tourist, whether they want to admire the beauty of nature, explore historical monuments or just spend some time in this wonderful country. Believe it or not, Poland also has some quite exciting amusement parks filled with merry-go-rounds, roller coasters and other attractions that will surely give thrills and lasting memories for visitors of any age. In this article you will be able to read about some of the most thrilling and exciting amusement parks in Poland.


Energylandia is a thematic amusement park located in the town of Zator, in the region of Lesser Poland, first opened on July 14th 2014. It is the largest amusement park in Poland.

The park, which is divided into 6 theme-based zones, has a total of aproximately 106 attractions dedicated to all age groups.

Here is some information about the specific zones of the park and the attractions they offer:

Bajkolandia – this is a zone dedicated for the youngest visitors, with kid-friendly attractions such as Happy Loops – a steel family rolllercoaster with rotary wagons, Arctic Fun – an Artic-themed slide, a large Viennese merry-go-rund called Sissi and a carrousel with flying swings.

The family zone – this zone has several more intensive attractions for both kids and adults. Including the upside-down Dragon rollercoaster, Frutti Loop – a space-themed rollercoaster and Atlantis – a 500-meter long water track

Aqualantis – one of the most recent zones with water-themed attractions.


The „Rabkoland” Family Amusement Park is located in the town of Rabka-Zdroj. Apart from

merry-go-rounds, this park has two interesting museums – the „Smiley” Award Museum and the Record and Peculiarity Museum.

The history of the creation of the amusement oark in Rabka-Zdroj dates back to 1985, when Waldemar Sybilski returned from Sweden and put a rocking elephant-shaped chair in front of Gazda, which was the largest department store in Rabka at that time.

The following year, Eugeniusz Wiecha came up with an idea of building a funfair, after visiting the Silesian Amusement Park.

Today, Rabkoland has plenty of family-friendly attractions, including Musik Express – a gondola shaped like an infinite train spinning on the tracks, Thunderbolt – a rollercoaster with spinning wagons, the Viking Boat – a giant gondola back and forth at the height of a dozen meters and the house of laughter – a room with curved mirrors.


Legendia, formerly known as the Silesia Amusement Park, is the oldest amusement park in Poland, established in 1959.

The construction of the Silesian Amusement Park began in 1956. Three years later, on September 12th 1959, the park welcomed its very first guests.

In 2017, because of the thorough renovation of the attractions and other major changes, the park’s name was changed into Legendia.

As of 2019, Legendia has 43 objects for both adults and childrenn. It offers 4 rollercoasters, which include two smaller ones („Scary Toys Factory” and „Dream Hunters Society”) and two bigger ones („Diabelska Petla” and „Lech”), as well as an observation wheel with the height of 40 meters called Legendia Flower.

Majaland Kownaty

Majalannd Kownaty is a family-friendly amusement park located in the village of Kownaty. Because some of the attractions are located inside, the park is open all year round. The park is thematically based on the character of Maya the Bee and other animated characters developed by Studio 100. In the future, Majaland Kownaty will become part of a bigger complex called Holiday Park Kownaty.

The construction of the park began with laying the cornerstone on December 8th 2016.

Majaland has plenty of attractions that will surely delight young children, especially those who love Maya the Bee. The attractions include „Heidi’s Farm”, „The Dancing Fountain”, a flower-themed merry-go-round, a viking boat ad the Great Drakkar.

JuraPark Baltow

JuraPark Baltow is a tourist complex located in the swietokrzyskie region, in the village of Baltow..

Gerard Gierlinski – an employee of the National Insitute of Geology in Warsaw, began research in Baltow, where he discovered the traces of Upper Jurassic dinosaurs, such as the allosaurus and thr stegosaurus. Several years later, the JuraPark Baltow complex was created here, which includes such attractions, as a dinosaur park with nearly 100 dinosaur models of natural size, the Baltow ZOO with pens for deers, Scottish cattle, alpacas, sheep adn horses, and a funfair with merry-go-rounds, gokaers and a 5D cinema.

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