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Głogówek is a small and incredibly beautiful town in the region of Śląsk Opolski. It developed from the borough of an old Piast settlement. Around 1275 it gained municipal rights, and until 1532 iut was own by Piastowie Opolscy. In late 1655, the Głogówek Castle was home for Jan Kazimierz for two months. This is where the Polish king found shelter from the Swedish Deluge. After receiving good news from the battle front with Sweden, the king left the people who offered him shelter – Franciszek Euzebiusz and his wife Anna Zuzanna Oppersdorffs. Another famous refugee in the castle was Ludwig van Beethoven, who was hiding from the incoming Napoleon army in 1806.

It’s quite a shame that the fancy residence has been in awful technical conditions for many years. The building can only be observed from the side of the outer courtyard. All the other parts of the castle are not available for tourists because of numerous dangers. The lower castle gate is complete with ruch stone decorations of sculptures and reliefs, with the images oif the Holy Mother with baby Jesus, St. John the Baptist, St. John the Evangelist and Archangel Michael.

The centre of the town is occupied by the extensive Market Square with the partially preserved monumental bulidings. In the surroundings of the Market Square and the streets coming out of it you can find many precious baroque-styled stonehouses from the 17th and 18th century. Głogówek is famous for two special sacred objects located in the neighborhood of the Market Square. Both of these temples have their histories dating back to the middle ages.

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