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Grodek upon Dunajec

Grodek upon Dunajec is a small, several-thousand village located in Lesser Poland. This is a great idea for taking a few days of vacation in the summer, especially on very hot days. The greatest attraction for newcomers will be a beach at Lake Roznowskie. But it would be more proper to call it a lagoon, because it is an artificial reservoir. Here, you can swim in a protected lake and rent a water bikre or a kayak

A characteristic sightseeing point of the lake is a „Monkey Island” located in its middle. Some people say that there you can see the ruins of a 14th century castle.

Fans of hiking trips can walk around local, not-so-high Rożnów Foothills. It doesn’t really take much strength to get to the top and admire some really beautiful views.

In Grodek there is practically only one main street. Not far from this street we can find several, grocery stores and catering points (mostly just seasonal) There should be no problem with finding places to stay overnight.

While booking a room in Grodek upon Dunajec, we have a great opportunity to see other nearby attractions, including Nowy Sącz, the small yet charming Czchow, the reconstructed 14th century Tropsztyn castle, an interesating sanctuary in Trop. In the neighborhood there are also many wooden churches, but unfortunately, most of them are closed during the day.

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