Attractions for children in Wroclaw

Wroclaw is the capital of the region of Lower Silesia. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland, full of historic monuments and interesting museums to visit. This city has something special for everyone, regardless of their age or what they are interested in.

Wroclaw also has plenty of attractions for children. If you’re searching for something interesting that will give your kids some entertainment, we have got you covered. This article will give you information about some of the most interesting and exciting attractions for children in Wroclaw.

The ZOO in Wroclaw

The ZOO in Wroclaw was first opened on July 10th 1865. It is the oldest zoological garden at the current Polish lands in our country. The ZOO in Wroclaw exists since 1865 to today, with two short breaks. It was closed between 1921 and 1927 because of the impoverishment of the city after World War I and between April of 1945 and July of 1948 because of the siege of Wroclaw.

In the past, the ZOO in Wroclaw had several breeding successes, including the birth of a male pygmy hippo in 2010, and the well-developed breeding of giraffes. The zoo also created several new buildings, including a seal aquarium, a Madagascar pavilion and a terrarium.


Moviegate is a unique place in Wroclaw, which allows visitors to discover the true meaning of „movie magic”. It is the only place in Europe, where you can see authentic movie props, which were brought here straight from Hollywood. This fascinating collection includes such amazing items, as the authentic fragment of the Death Star from the „Star Wars” movies, and the car driven by none other than James Bond!

In addition to movie props, here you can take part in a mad scientist’s show, who will present some amazing illusions and introduce you to the secrets of chemistry and physics.


Kolejkowo is a museum in Wroclaw with the largest railway models in Poland. Kolejkowo is maintained by the staff, who work here as guides for individual tourists and groups, while the models are constructed and restored by a separate team of modellers. Here you can see the only models in Poland with floating ships.

Kolejkowo in Wroclaw has models presenting the Wroclaw Swiebodzki railway station, the Old Town with tenement houses and a local town hall, the Solpol department store and many other buildimgs. Kolejkowo also has a seasonal model called „The Gingerbread Town”, made from gingerbread, candy and chocolate.


The „Hydropolis” Ecological Education Centre is located in Wroclaw. It is a water knowledge centre, which combines educational values with a modern exhibition form. In the 19th century, the waterworks in Wroclaw were getting water from the Odra river. The water that got inside went through the purification process.

The water tank was functioning continuously until 1945. In recent years, the area nearby the tank was transformed into Hydropolis. It is a place, where multimedia technologies, interactive objects and faithful replicas and models are used to showcase water from various perspectives. There are sevral thematic zones in the exhibit, including „The Ocean of Life”, „The History of Water Engineering”, and „The City and Water”.

The Wroclaw Puppet Theatre

The Wroclaw Pupper Theatre is located at 4 Teatralny Square in Wroclaw, in a neo-baroque building constructed between 1892 and 1894. The Wroclaw Puppet Theatre was opened on October 18th 1946 thanks to the efforts of

Zenon and Elzbiera Kalinowicz. In the following years, it often changed its location and management. Since the beginning of 1962 the headquarters of the „Chochlik” Puppet Theatre was located at 28 Swidnicka street. During the 1963/1964 season, the theatre went through rapid development. Around this time, it gained its current name – the Wroclaw Puppet Theatre.

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