Kolobrzeg – what to see ?

Discovering the greatest attractions of Kołobrzeg – the „Polish capital of health spas”
Kołobrzeg is a popular seaside health spa and vacation resort. The magic of this place began attracting patients more than 2 decades ago, when the first curing sea baths gave the beginning to future health spa complexes. Today, when most people think of Kołobrzeg, they think of a crowded beach and expanded touristic infrastructure. This is one of the most frequently chosen places for a holiday by the Baltic Sea.

Kołobrzeg is located in the zachodniopomorskie region. For many years, this resort was in the lead of the most popular places for a Baltic Sea vacation. The famous seaside health spa attracts patients and tourists not only from Poland, but also from behind the western border. The town has three swimming areas (the Western Beach, the Central Beach and the Eastern Beach) and an expanded hotel infrastructure. So it’s no wonder, why it is so extremely popular among tourists.

Kołobrzeg: „In the Sea of sanatories”
The traditions of Kołobrzeg as a health spa town reach back to the early 19th century. In 1803, the first clinic of sea baths was opened in this town. 30 years later, the medical qualitites of the brine were used for the first time – that’s when the so-called „brine bathrooms” were established. Since 1882 the local mud was being used for medical treatments. All these events gave the foundations to creating the largest health spa in Poland.

Today, there are 24 clinics of health spa treatments and 27 sanatory resorts, which can hold nearly 6500 patients. Modern treatment clinics take advantage of beneficial qualities of mineral water, brine and mud, mostly helping patients suffering from breathing diseases, circulatory system diseases and joint diseases. The health spa area ceates a separate district (located in the seaside belt between the harbor and the Eastern Ecopark), Which is crowded by patients every day. Besides hte health spa complexes, in Kołobrzeg there are also elegant hotels with expanded spa treatment offers.

Kołobrzeg: one town, three swimming areas
Kołobrzeg has as many as three seaside swimming areas – the Western Beach, the Central Beach and the Eastern Beach. Together, they only take up 600 meters of the entire coast. The most popular beach among tourists is the Central Beach, extending at the length of less than 400 meters. From the pier to the lighthouse extends the picturesque Boulevard of Jan Szymański. It has an incredible ornament – the Monument of the Marriage Between Poland and the Sea. The Western Beach (200 meters long) stands out with the best water quality.

It is worth going to the beach in Grzybowo (7 kilometers away from the centre) or in Dźwirzyno (14 kilometers). Both beaches can be proud of their Blue Flags, which guarantee safety and spectacular water quality. Last year, the swimming area in Grzybowo gained this award for the seventh time in a row.

The pier in Kołobrzeg: a popular resort attraction
The pier in Kołobrzeg is located in the Health Spa District, at the extension of Mickiewicza street. The firtst bridge was built here in 1881. The constrcution was wooden, and at its end there was a harbor for sailboats. Unfortunately, during World War II, the object was destroyed. The modern ferro pier was opened in 1971.

The construction is 220 meters long and 9 meters wide, and the walking bridge is located about 4.5 meters above the sea level. In 2014, the object was renovated – one of the major changes was adding colorful light decorations.

The lighthouse: the view at the Baltic Sea.
One of the symols of Kołobrzeg is the lighthouse, which is towering by the very entrance to the harbor. The history of this monument dates back to the 17th century. At the time, the light at the lighthouse was lit only periodically, during the planned arrival of the ships. Over the years, the towers were rebuilt. During World War II, the lighthouse was completely destroyed by by the German army.

The current, brick-walled building was established in 1945 at the platform of the former Ujście fortification. After the renovation in the 1980s and the 1990s, th object was opened for visitors. The lighthouse is 26 meters high, and from its top (where you can find an observation point) extends the wondeful panorama of the Baltic Sea and the harbor.

Kołobrzeg: the most precious monuments of the city.
By the end of World War II, the entire city was destroyed and not many monuments have survived. One of the most magnificent buildings that have survived, is the gothic cathedral by the calling of Our Lady’s Assumption. Becausee of the countless war destrtuctions, not many elements of the temple have survived. But it is worth paying attention to the 1327 seven-arm candlestick from, the 1355 baptismal font, the three wooden altars from the 15th ad 16th century and the relief presenting „The Last Supper”. It is also worth getting to the church tower and admiring the panorama of the city, as well as paying attention to the Fuse Bastion – it is the only object of the medieval defensive system which was fully poreserved until today. In Kołobrzeg there are also neo-gothic buildings – most notably the Town Hall.

Kołobrzeg is also part of the list of towns of the European Brick Gothic Trail, which is, according to the name, a rute containing brick architecture in a gothic syle from countries located by the Baltic Sea – mostly in Denmark, Germany and Poland.

From Kołobrzeg to Denmark: a cruise to Bornholm
The Bornholm Island is located less than 100 kliometers away from the Polish coast. We can get there from Kołobrzeg by the passenger catamaran. During the full season (In July and August), the cruises are organized everyday, and beyond the season – a few times in a month. The water trip from Poland to the Danish island takes about 4.5 hours. The cruise from Kołobrzeg to the Bornholm costs about 140 PLN per person one way, and the cruise both ways – as long as you return the same day – about 200 PLN.

Because of the strong insolation, the Bornholm Island is sometimes called the Pearl of the Baltic Sea o the Northern Majorca. Tourists are attracted by kilometers of sandy beaches and the very well-prepared cycling trails.

Kołobrzeg: attractions for children
Kołobrzeg – famous for its expanded touristic infrastructure – is a popular place among families with children. Here you can find numerous playrooms and entertainment centers for youngest children.

One of children’s most beloved attractions is the Kołobrzeg Aquarium. In this place you can see tropical species of fish originating from the Red Sea , as well as the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Youngest children have a chance to admire, among others, moray eels, stringrays, piranhas and even reef sharks. In the Kołobrzeg Aquarium there are also contest with interesting rewards.

Another popular attraction is the Mouse City, which is meant to „disenchant the little rodents” and introduce then as house pets. The interior of this museum is a copy of a mouse hole, which is enhabited by around 500 mice. Each of the rooms was furnished in a creaive way, keeping the tourists in an atmosphere of a fairytale scenery.

It is also worth mentioning the Hidden Land in Kołobrzeg. This place takes childen into an enchanted world. It is enhabited by fairytale chartacters, including a 5-meter crocodile, and a fairy, as well as rabbits, snails and geckos.Each person stepping into this place will receive a „Magic Wand”.

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