The Castle in Niedzica

The Castle in Niedzica (or the Dunajec Castle) is a medieval stronghold located on the right bank of the Czorsztyn reservoir, in the village of Niedzica-Zamek. This castle was built most likely in the early 14th century by Kokosz Berzevicz.

The Dunajec Castle was first mentioned in a 1325 documentary. It was written as the property of the family of John and Rykolf Berzevicz, the masters of Brzozowica. After the Berzevicz family, the next masters of the castle in 1330 were Wilhelm Drugeth and his brother Nicolas.

Until 1470, the castle remained in the hands of the descendants of Rudyger, and later it was owned by Emeryk Zapoya, who was the grandfather of Barbara – the first wife of king Zygmunt Stary.

For 60 years, the castle was owned by the Laski family – first by Hieronim, and later by his son Olbracht. Known for his rakish lifestyle, Olbracht Laski first pledged the castle, and later sold it to Jerzy Horvath, who carefully rebuilt it, turning it to a stately renasissance residence.

After the end of World War I, the castle was moved to the Polish territory. It was owned by the Salamons until 1945. Since 1948, the castle was restored and partially rebuilt.

The Niedzica castle was also a set for many movies. Since march 1955, this was the place, were the movie „Zemsta” was shot, based upon the comedy by Aleksander Fredro, with 16-year old Beata Tyszkiewicz starring as Clara. In 1975, the castle saw the creation of the movie „Mazepa”, based upon the drama by Juliusz Słowacki. It aso was the place of filming tv series, such as Janosik and „Wakacje z duchami”.

Today, the castle has a hotel and museum function and is one of the biggest historical attractions of the southern part of Lesser Poland.

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