Krakow: Bubble Football

This pretty new activity in our offer is a real hit of the season. This crazy game is becoming more and more popular all around the world including Krakow. While using our professional zorb balls you will stay absolutely safe although you will probably fall over many times. Rules will be similar to those in normal football (soccer) and we will provide referee who will oversee the game and make sure everything is OK. We can organize this game in any season of the year and on any chosen terrain from grass to sand and even snow. Ultimate fun is guaranteed.

Zorb balls let us play many different games as well. One of the most popular ones except Bubble Football is Zorb Sumo Wrestling. Rules are also simply – all you need to do is to push your friend out of the marked cirle like in classic sumo match.

Price depends strongly on availability, chosen terrain and number of participants so please contact us for more details.

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