Polish Vodka Tasting

We invite you to experience real Krakow adventure with our Polish Vodka Tasting Party:

  • drink 5 different polish vodkas
  • experience polish style of having parties
  • taste traditional polish food like pickles and sausages which go with vodka
  • find out about varieties of vodka in Poland
  • learn a bit about history of vodka
  • learn some words in Polish language
  • get any info you need concerning parties, tours and all possible activities in Krakow!

Tasting lasts approx. 1 hour, but afterwards you can stay in the club and party on your own as long as you wish

You must be at least 18 years old

we take no responsibility for vodka overdoses


  • 400 PLN per person (1 person)
  • 220 PLN per person (2 persons)
  • 170 PLN per person (3 persons)
  • 150 PLN per person (4 persons)
  • 130 PLN per person (5 persons)
  • 120 PLN per person (6 persons)
  • 110 PLN per person (7 persons)
  • Contact us (8 persons or more)

Choose number of participants and date:


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