The Archicathedral of St Stanislaw Kostka in Lodz

The monumental temple, situated in the former Factory Market, now John Paul II Square, is the main centre of religious life of the Lodz Roman Catholics. Built in the style of Cathedral Gothic the church is the largest sacred edifice of the city, and the lofty, 100metre bell-tower is the highest dominante of the street. The building was created in the years 1901-1912, and it was designed by several architects. The competition-winning design by Emil Zillmann From 1898 was modified and corrected by Jan Dziekonski, Slawomir Odrzywolski and Kazimierz Sokolowski, but also by the Vienese Siegfried Stern. 

The Neo-Gothic archicathedral (since 1992) – originally the cathedral for the Lodz diocese, established in 1921, is distinguished thanks to its perfect proportions and high class stonework detail. In the architectural form of the temple you can discern inspirations by the grand cathedrals of Franceand Germany. The finishing material for the elevation was the untypical and most characteristic yellow clinker brick, whose bright colour adds lightness to the building. The interior has retained urany valuable pieces of sacred art From the early 20th c., frequently donated by city inhabitants, including industrialists and craftsman’s guilds. The Bishop’s Curia, from 1924, and a seminary are situated at the square. Bpa W. Tymienieckiego Street following eastward towards Ksiezy Mlyn leads to Karol Scheibler’s plant and the workers’ estate combined with it. It is the most magnificent historical monument of industrial Lodz, apart from I. K. Poznanski’s plant.

Address: 273 Piotrkowska Street

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