Army Museum in Bialystok

The collections of the Army Museum in Bialystok include cold steel, firearm and protective arms, uniforms, Polish and foreign clothes, arms and military equipment of regular Polish and foreign insurrectionary and guerrilla units, flags and banners.

What is more you can find there Polish and foreign orders, decorations and badges, military riding equipment, saddles and horse trappings, hunting and sports weapons, oriental and exotic arms, painting, graphics, sculpture and military medallic art, military and historic iconography, prints, drawings and photographs, archive records of manuscripts, maps, personal documents, diplomas, leaflets, specialist book collections from the field of military science history and military museology, memorial objects and personal mementos, aviation, armoured, artillery equipment, warship arms.
Permanent expositions:
1. The military history of Northern-East IX-XX century Polish land
2. Gallery of Polish Army in folk art
3. Militant Fame Hall
4. Knight Hall
5. Edmund Majakowski Gallery of Military Sculpture

Address: 7 Kilinskiego Street

Opening hours:
Mondays – closed

Tuesdays – Sundays – 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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