Branicki Palace Complex in Bialystok

It is one of the most appealing historic buildings in Bialystok land, one of the best-preserved aristocratic residences from Saxon times in the area of the former Republic of Poland. Its current form originates from the times of Jan Klemens Branicki and reflects hetman’s royal ambitions. The design of the residence refers to Baroque palaces of French kings which are also the origins of names for Polish palaces in Branicki Palace Complex: “Polish Versailles”, “Podlaski Versailles”, “Northern Versailles”. 

Palace interiors also reflect certain similarities to XVIII century: vestibule, Chineese room, chapel. Visitors enter the palace complex through the entrance gate named “Griffin” (coming from Branicki coat of arms). Nowadays, University of Medicine is located in the palace complex. Branicki Palace is surrounded with the best preserved Baroque park in Poland. French garden is made of labyrinths, fountains and boxwood hedges. Its main avenue leads through a bridge over the water container which used to be an element of the former castle bastion. In the neighbourhood of the French park there is another one kept in English style. A Baroque style Italian Pavilion is undoubtfully yet another noteworthy object in the palace complex.

Address: 1 Kilinskiego Street

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