Bridge Gate in Torun

Bridge Gate is originally called the Transit gate or the Ferry gate. It owes its name to the crossing on the Vistula River by which it was situated. The current name comes after the permanent bridge built in the years 1497-1500 by Piotr Postill from Budziszyn. For a long time, the bridge in Torun remained a second bridge on the Vistula River, after the bridge in Krakow.

The gate was built in 1432 by Hans Gotland (the builder of the tower by the old town church). It is unique among towers, as it has a battlement and rounded shape for protection from artillery fire. Apart from defensive functions, it was used mainly for transport and control purposes. Metal plates which mark the highest level of water in the Vistula River from the XVI to the XIX century are still mounted on the gate.

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