Ciechocinek is one of the most famous polish Spa towns called „the pearl of Kujawy”. The town has a unique microclimate thanks to its salt springs rich of iodine. In the past it was the biggest Spa in Poland and even the German dignitaries was coming here for the treatment.

The Chiechocinek history is not so long – the town was founded in 1824 when polish scientist Stanislaw Staszic started to built the saltworks and salt graduation towers – the huge wooden frames (each 1 mile wide) filled with a thorny brushwood used for a brine condensation. Since this time many baths were built here in the various styles and by the end of the 19th century the town became the biggest spa in Poland. At the beggining of the 20th century the city flourished and its architecture was enriched with a fine park with a flower clock and many exotic tree species designed by H. Cybulski, a mineral water pump room, an open-air theatre in the highlanders’ style and many elegant houses, sanatoria and hotels. Another interesting place to visit is the wooden Orthodox Church of Michael the Archangel with an ornamentation typical for the Urals, unique in this part of Europe. Ciechocinek has also an original floral reserve of the halophytes.

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