City Parks at Jasna Gora in Czestochowa

The park landscaping is situated in the western part of the city at the foot of the slope of the hill with the Jasna Gora Pauline monastery. The current shape was given to them by Franciszek Szanior in 1908 in connection with the Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition. The layouts of the two parks – the 3rd of May Park and the Staszic Park are similar, they are based on one main pedestrian way running diagonally and a radiating network of streets dividing parks into squares.

City Parks are situated in the very centre of the city of Czestochowa and together with Jasna Gora and the Monastery are registered as monuments of historic importance and are under the protection of the conservation officer. On account of its location the parks play an important part in mass pilgrimages, tourism and recreation in the city of Czestochowa. The aim of the restoration was to make the parks more attractive by means of recreation of their original, historic layout given to them by F. Szanior in 1908 on the occasion of the Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition. The undertaken revitalisation actions aimed at restoration of parks’ original shape with modernisation of the technical infrastructure, which would make the places worthy of the title of the monuments of historic importance. In order to do that the following actions were carried out: restoration of the flora by means of correction of the existing tree stand and complementary plantings aiming to bring back the original species composition of trees and bushes from the beginning of the 20th century, thorough modernisation of walking paths, a water body, playgrounds, buildings of historic importance (such as the wooden garden house) as well as buildings located in the parks and modernisation of the park lighting as well as sanitary systems (water system, sanitary sewage system as well as rain drain system). The total area of city parks at Jasna Gora encompassing the 3rd of May Park and the Staszic Park is 12.48 ha.

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