Czartoryski Palace in Lublin

The Baroque Czartoryski Palace was designed by the famous architect of Flanders, Tylman from Gameren, at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. In 1728 the palace was rebuilt by Franciszek Magiera. Later on, the palace was owned by the Lubomirski and Sienawski families. Eventually, thanks to the family connections, it came back to the possession of the ducal family of Czartoryski. They resided in Pulawy, which was one of the reasons why the palace gradually became more and more devastated.

The palace has a roughly square plan and has an advanced wide break in the east facade that covers the staircase. On the opposite side, large Gothic towers have been placed at the corners of the house. Utility rooms and rooms for the servants were located in the attic. The roof is decorated with dormers and windows that illuminate the interior of the rooms. A classic Baroque shape of the construction was violated when a square was added. Since 1911, there was an arena for roller skaters, which was later extended and assigned for a cinema. During the Second World War, the palace was severely damaged. Owing to the renovation works, it became a classic Baroque palace once again. Currently, the Czartoryski Palace is the seat of the Scientific Society of Lublin and the Central and Eastern European Institute.

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