Gierloz, The Wolf’s Liar headquarter

Here on the 20th July 1944 the German officer Claus von Stauffenberg made an unsuccessful attempt on Hitler’s life. „The Wolf’s Liar” was one of the most famous and secret building of the World War II where most of the atrocious decisions regarding the fate of many European nations were taken.

In Europe there were several headquarters of the Leader of the Third Reich during the World War II. Most of them were located away from a big cities within the large forests area, surrounded by the lakes and marshes what made them almost unattainable. The building called „the Wolf’s Liar” (die Wolfschanze) was established in 1940-1944 due to Hitler’s plans to attack on the USRR. Its name was associated with the Hitler’s nick name, who described himself as Mr. Wolf during the Munich conspiracy. The liar comprised of 70 bunkers of the reinforced concrete and brick, its own power station, a boiler house, a train station and an airfield. The bunkers had a walls of around 6 m thickness and were perfectly protected – surrounded by the minefields and the bunkers, the antiaircrafts positions and carefully camouflaged with the nettings imitating the leaves (their colours were being changed with the changing seasons). Hitler was staying here from 1941 to 1944. In 1944 one of the German officers carried even out an unsuccesful attempt on his life by placing a bomb under Hitler’s desk.
The liar was never discovered by the Allies but the bunkers were blown up by the withdrawing Germans in 1945. Since 1959 the whole complex is open to the public for the tourists.

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