Janow Podlaski

Janow Podlaski is the oldest Polish state stud farm and one of the most picturesquely situated in Poland. The town is world-famous for its breeding of the purebred Arabian horses from which come the most famous Polish families of the Arabians. In the Janow stable have lived also known of its beauty Bandola, the great queen of the Arabian Breed Pilarka and Wiking, the legend of the truck.

The stud farm was established here in 1817 when John Ritz pursuing the mission of the organizing the first Polish state stud brought the Arabian herd to the Janow stables. From that time comes the old stable complex designed by H. Marconi. In the 1914 Janow stud’s horses were evacuated into the Russian Empire and none of them has returned to Janow. During the II World War also over 80% of the repopulated herd have dissapeared. From the Janow’s breeding come 8 families (such as Kuhailan Haifi, Ibrahim, Kżyżyk, Ilderim etc.) and 14 female lines of the Arabian: Gazella, Mlecha, Sahara and many others. The Arabian horses, whose breeding in Poland has more than 200-years tradition, were sold into various European countries. In 1998 even the star of the Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts bought here the three horses (and paid 361 000 dollars). Every August The National Arabian Horse Show and a well-known horse auction take place in Janow what attracts many lovers of the Arabians.

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