The Kamieniec Castle

Above the Odrzykon, the beautiful ruins of the Kamieniec Castle are situated on the hills, which were the settings for the most popular 19th-century comedy „Revenge” (Zemsta) by Aleksander Fredro, the plot of which involves a dispute over the hole in the castle’s wall between the owners of the middle and upper castles. 

The castle was built in the 14th century on a rocky hill as a royal property, but soon it was bestowed to Klemens of Moskorzew, who decided to change the family name on Kamieniecki after the name of the castle hill. Throughout the ages the castle belonged to several noble families and in the 19th century became a property of Aleksander Fredro, who wrote the popular comedy „Revenge” based on the facts written in the castle’s archive – a funny quarrel between two owners’ families. In the fact  during a long time the castle was divided between two families. The first part – an upper castle with its western part – was known as the Odrzykoński Castle, and the second part – the middle castle and its eastern part – was called the Korczyński Castle. Currently the eastern part of the castle is better preserved and encloses the ruins of the castle’s buildings, the chapel and a small museum with the military exhibition. The upper part of the castle is closed for the visitors, but among its ruins there is the Monument to Tadeusz Kościuszko set up here in hundredth anniversary of the Kościuszko’s insurrection.
Nearby the castle there is a geological park known as the Prządki Reserve with an interesting group of sandstones and shale structrures.

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