kazimierz dolny

The delightful little town with its unique atmosphere is a favorite holiday resort of poets an painters. Here the Vistula valley is cut by the deep ravines with a picturesque landscapes and magnificient views from the gentle hills, especially from the Hill of Three Crosses. People from all over come here to admire beautifully and richly decorated buildings and feel the artistic atmosphere of the main market. 

Kazimierz Dolny is a town with a great past, the traces of which can be seen at its every part. It experienced its heyday in the 16th century, when the grain trade conducted along the Vistula river brought a great wealth to its inhabitants. This time is commemorated by the beautiful granaries along the river and a renaissance town with a wonderfully decorated houses of the rich merchant families. The most interesting is the market square flanked by several mannerist houses with rich ornamental coverings, especially the House of Mikołaj Przybyła and House of Krzysztof Przybyła. In the market square there is also the renaissance Paris Church of Saint John the Baptist and Bartholomew founded by king Casimir the Great. The king built also a Gothic castle in the 14th century which ruins now dominate the town. Until World War II Kazimierz Dolny was inhabited by many Jews, but the only 18th century synagogue now serves as a cinema.

In 1994 Kazimierz Dolny was recognised as a Historical Monument.

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