Lagiewniki in Lodz

Lagiewniki is one of the most valuable nature fragment of Lodz. Lagiewniki remains old Lodz primeval forest. This complex is situated in north – east part of the Lodz and a distant to the center of the city is only a few kilometers. The characteristic for a landscape is differentiated relief, that the heights oscillate between 215 to 260 m above sea level. It is situated in Bzura river basin that takes the beginning in a foot of Lagiewnickie hill. In a source section on a river are create three water basin in Arturowek ( origin of the name is from a name of a hero November insurrection – Artur Zawisza ), which are locate in picturesque valley between the forest and gave a beginning for the biggest recreation and holiday base with kayak and rowing port.

In 1996 in forest was created a nature reserve, which the assignment is to protect the most valuable fragments of forest for example oaks. In 1996 the whole area of Lagiewnicki forest was included to the Picturesque Park of Lodz Heights. Countless of strolls, bicycle and horses trails was marked up.
It’s worth to start sightseeing from the complex church and convent of Franciszkan’s on a Okolna Street. The Franciszkan’s church under a call of Saint Anthony was build between 1702 and 1723 on a plan of the sign of the Latin cross, with semicircular closed presbytery. The Facade of the church is two storied, from the top is seize in scrolls with triangular top, which has a figure of the Saint Anthony. Inside you will find a numerous chapels for example chapel with coffin. Also the valuable elements of equipment are baroque church ambo with a painting that present Saint Franciszek and XVIII century stoup situated in a main entrance. With a church is connected a building of the convent build between 1733 – 1748. When you stroll along a ponds you will reach a impressive palace that belonged to very good known manufacturer – Juliusz Heinzl. The history of Lagiewnicki Palace reach 1889, when Juliusz Heinzel – Lodz fabricator, bought baron title and purchased on a license part of Lagiewniki property, including grange in Arturowek. Ten years later construction of the palace began. He is situated above pond, in beautiful park, which was the place where organized stable, tennis court, orchard and gardener house. On a pond was build an inland, that you could visit with help of iron bridge. Above the main entrance to the palace there is a terrace on a six columns. In the old days on a roof was swimming pool. Interior of the palace was ruined after 1945 . In 1946 considerate advantageous climate conditions the old palace was adapt as a Anti – tuberculosis Sanctuary for Children. Few years later this place become a hospital. When you will go farther you will get to monument and neo – Gothic buildings stable that belongs to the palace complex, where are raising purebred horses. There is a Lodz Horse Club. Till today exist here one more memorial after Heinzel family and this is a paved road that lead you to Arturowek. It’s worth to stroll by the forest in a way of nature reserve and farther till resting complex in Arturowek.

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