For many years the Bernardins Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation attracts the crowds of pilgrims from all over the world. Lezajsk is an exceptional place of an incredible atmosphere and tradition resulting from the penetration of the Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and Jewish culture. 

Lezajsk’s historic relicts are the proof of its former splendor. The greatest attraction of Lezajsk is the bernardine monastery and basilica founded in the years 1618-1628 by Łukasz Opaliński, marshal of the Crown. The whole complex is encircled by a defence wall with the towers from the 17th century. The Basilica was built by the architect Antonio Pellacini but its interior decoration and furnishing are mainly made by bernardines on their own. In the richly decorated chapel there is a Baroque altar with the miraculous painting of Our Lady of Lezajsk (called also Our Lady of Consolation) from the 16th century. The basilica’s interior contains also the finest and most imposing polish organs with the special music effects (f. ex.  bird chirping). On its casing is presented the Hercules’ fight with the Hydra which symbolizes not only everlasting struggle of virtue against the vice but also the Polish victory over the Turks in 17th century. For years the basilica hosts the music recitals, among them the most famous International Festival of Organ and Chamber music. In the monastery there is also the Bernardine Museum of the Province with a Baroque and Rococo religious art, votive offerings and monastery memorabilia. Another interesting places to visit is the Jewish cemetery with the tomb of Elimelech, the great 18th century Orthodox rabbi who was one of the founders of Hasidism and the starost’s manor – a defensive residence from 18th century.

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