Lidzbark Warminski

During many centuries Lidzbark was the main residence of the bishops of Warmia and a cultural and religious capital of the region. Thanks to its picturesque location and beautiful architecture with the Bishops’ castle and the old market square, the town was called the „pearl of Warmia region”.

The medieval Bishop’s castle was built in 1348 – 1400 on the square plan with an inner cloister courtyard. The castle surrounded by the moat still full of the water, consisted of a three-wing outer castle and the proper Gothic one. The shape of the castle is adorned with a tall tower in the north-eastern corner and the other corners are decorated with the smal towers on consoles. In its interior still can be seen: a chapel with a beautiful Rococo decoration from the 18th century, small and large refectory, chapter house, audience hall and the Bishops’ chambers. The rooms have a beautiful stellar vaults and the Gothic and Renaissance portals. The young astronomer Nicholas Copernicus was living here as a secretary and physician to his uncle, Bishop Lukasz von Wantzenrode. Nowadays the castle houses the Warmia Museum with the examples of the Warmian art and unique collection of the icons from the convent of the Old Believers’ in Wojnowo. Besides the Bishop’s Castle there are also other interesting places to visit: the Gothic Church of St. Peter and Paul in the town centre and the former Protestant Church (now an Orthodox Church) built in the 19th century by Karl F. Schinkel –  the most outstanding example of the Protestant architecture in Warmia.
In Lidzbark every year are held the Lidzbark Humor and Satire Evenings and the Lidzbark Cabaret Clashes.

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