Lubomirski Castle in Rzeszow

The Castle is a spacious, quadrate building with the courtyard in the centre and the high gate tower from the west. It is surrounded by the quadrilateral bastion fortification made of stone with extended bastions on the corners. Height of the stone walls reaches up to 5 metres. The remnants of dry moats are situated on the northern and eastern sides. The six- storeyed gate tower is 55 metres high, moreover, it is covered with the dome renovated in 1906 in accordance with the primary Baroque pattern.

A few commemorative plaques are hung on the fronton of the building. During renovation works the representative hall was renewed and the former prison chapel in the north wing was reconstructed. The present Castle is the residence of the District Court. Its walls holds the Court Museum. On the grass- plot in front of the Castle, there was placed an oak cross in memory of Stalinism victims in 1990. Lubomirski Castle is one of the most emblematic monuments of Rzeszow. In the years 1985 – 1993 the building of the castle was completely restored, its interior is also renovated. Restored original and reconstructed ceremonial hall located in the north wing of the former prison chapel. On the front of the tower was placed plaques commemorating the tragic fate of the prisoners during the Nazi occupation and imprisonment of Vincent Witos. Inside the castle is located, which was unveiled in 1995, a plaque commemorating the martyrdom of lawyers imprisoned and executed here in the Stalinist era. In 1996, opened the Museum of Law. Currently in the walls of the castle are exhibitions and concerts, and in the courtyard are held open-air performances.

Address: 3 Sreniawitow Square

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