M7 Club

With regard to the interior architecture of M7 it is currently one of the most modern clubs in Poland. It has got originally designed interior with black, shiny glass and red sofas. The club also has got the chill-out section. Its interior decoration is more private and milder. Divided sofas create intimate atmosphere, walls are covered with original wallpaper, and the floor is covered with nice carpeting. Entering a chill-out section is controlled with the card that is given to a person who uses the section. Additionally, the section has got a bar which can be made available to the clients and it is equipped with all kinds of alcohol and drinks.

Thanks to fine materials and proper back-light in LED/RGB technology it is possible to achieve any color of the interior. Applying innovative technologies enables to changing color (there are 16 thousand shades available) depending on; e.g., type of played music. The club has got one of the most modern sound systems – Polaudio system. The loudspeakers installed in the club have been made to order, and thanks to that they have achieved a perfect quality of sound, optimally adjusted to the club conditions. Bar – made with black granite – is back-lighted with LED diodes. A part of the bar is lowered and in this way it is also adjusted for dancing. The tables are backligthed with LED/RGB diodes and thanks to that they can give them any coloring. In the table tops, there are LCD screens built-in. Thanks to installing them in the tables the guests have a possibility to watch the DJ at work even if he is not within their sight. The dancefloor is lighted up with six moving heads of Robe AT 170 company; there are also eight Mega Bar PRO. These are LED Wash devices – with their functions as color chase, stroboscope, mixing color, and many other, they are ideal for every event. The club has got a diode ceiling and two LED PowerPod. The illuminations are made with 121W diodes, and that gives an effect of focused or fuzzy light.

Address: 7 Malmeda Street

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