Manufaktura in Lodz

The Manufaktura project unites the past with the present, it connects the historical look with the modern design, creating a new image. Next to the old brick walls there is a facade made of glass, build as an entrance of the shopping mall. The interior has been designed in such a way as to remind about the history of Lodz, it brings together the modern design with an old industrial architecture.

That image has been designed by the Virgile & Stone Company from the Imagination Group in London in cooperation with an architectural firm from Lyon – Sud Architectes. This group of architects had temporarily moved to Lodz. They have spent some time observing the town – its habitants, the culture, events and learning the basics of polish language. They used their newly acquired experience to create the image of Manufaktura which we can see today. Manufaktura is a place where not only the newest construction solutions appear, but it also uses latest technologies in areas such as energy supply to the cooling equipment, lightning, and management control systems. The air conditioning, light spots and access points are controlled by systems specially designed for these purposes. Although the latest technological solutions appeared in this project, the original historical structure of the place has been preserved. The redevelopment did not change the facades, so the unique atmosphere of the place did not vanish. It is still a place where the time has stopped. Aiming to provide its clients with maximum comfort, Manufaktura invites to use the free of charge cloakroom, where you may also leave luggage or heavy, inconvenient shopping bags. Due to the enormous space occupied by Manufaktura, one of the ideas that was born in the minds of architects at the very beginning, was a streetcar carrying visitors across the entire area. At first, it was to be a modern model, similar in appearance to the French TGV. However, focus research proved that an old streetcar would attract more affection of the future clients. Eventually, the final model was designed by Virgile & Stone from London. Once again, history and modernity are merged by Manufaktura. The antique streetcar takes the guests on a trip from the past to the future, gliding between the walls of old factories and modern glass constructions, also travelling across Europe’s longest fountain.

Address: 58 Drewnowska Street

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