Multicentrum Zodiak in Czestochowa

The Czestochowa Multicentre is a place, where they will show the young and not-so-young how to use knowledge to create things of great beauty and use. This is a place, where all residents – including teaching staff – can discover new ways and methods of education. In the Multicentre they show that bread does not come from the store – its production is a long, complex technological process, starting with growing cereal, leading through the production of flour, and to the baker mixing it with other ingredients and delivering it to the shop. 

In a similar way they explain other mechanisms governing everyday objects that surround us, as well as complicated devices. Information technology and audio-visual arts will become more accessible and easier to understand. They hope that their attractive, mysterious and astronomical interior will encourage you to visit and participate in activities regularly.
Multimusic – Thanks to its modern equipment, the Multimusic studio allows its users to learn composing and recording musical pieces. Together with peripheral devices, such as full-size Midi keyboards, it constitutes a technologically advanced musical environment. Compose, sing, record, publish. Children and teenagers can enrich their activities by using traditional instruments – guitars, flutes or simple percussion instruments, like the tambourine, maracas or the castanets.
Multiart – In this part of facility the visitors can begin their adventure with art – they will get to know the history of painting, architecture and sculpture, but can also try creating prints, illustrations, animations and videos by themselves, using cutting-edge computer technologies.
Multitechnology – This room is a unique place, in which the surrounding world has been miniaturised and simplified to explain its function to the youngest visitors as well as possible. This type of environmental and technical education will make a young person understand why it is important to switch of the light when leaving a room and to turn off the water when brushing teeth, or why solar panels are installed on roofs.
Logic Playground – A colourful, multimedia playground, where mechanisms and devices are created using K’Nex construction sets, with additional accessories allowing visitors to program and control them. The creation and construction process expands a child’s imagination and manual skills.

Address: Staszica Park

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