Orbitarium in Torun

The Orbitarium is a new, original Torun idea of space popularisation. The basis for its conception was the mission of the space probe Cassini, whose main aim was to examine Saturn, its satellites and to drop a lander called Huygens onto the biggest of the planet’s moons – Titan. Nowadays everyone knows that the mission was successful and we all had a chance to admire breathtaking views of that mysterious, although not very friendly world. On January 14th, 2005, when the landing took place, the Channel One (Jedynka) of Polish Television gave a live transmission, and the Orbitarium’s hall was a television studio. 

The Orbitarium’s hall is not only panels controlling the space probe. One can turn on short computer animations on the screens and observe other space missions and learn more about other planets of the Solar System. A set of interactive devices and models were prepared for visitors. They explain interesting phenomena happening in the Universe. Check if it is true that a remote signal is delayed, how much a person would weigh if they lived on Mars or Saturn, and why Jupiter has a stormy atmosphere. Thanks to simple, interactive devices one can find answers to many questions and clear descriptions will explain presented phenomena. Everything happens through fun and attractive experiments. A visit to the Orbitarium is a perfect offer for the whole family and school groups alike.

Address: 15-21 Franciszkanska Street

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