Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church in Lublin

The church and the convent complex was funded by Mikolaj Danillowicz, Great Chamberlain of the Crown, and his wife Zofia, nee Teczynska. The financial support came from the local landowners and townsmen of Lublin. The construction of the complex was finished in 1660. The external appearance of the church (the characteristic facade with no towers) tells us that the construction was supervised by an unknown provincial architect. The nave and the presbytery were roofed in the 18th century. This gave the interior a Baroque touch. 

Among the most valuable elements of the church, there are the paintings depicting the founders of the convent and the scene of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, a Baroque pulpit with statues of the Four Evangelists and Flemish cordovans of Flanders from the 17th century. In 1807, two factions of the Carmelite convent were unified and transferred here from the St. Joseph Church. The Russian authorities decided that most of the convent buildings would be used as a hospital, and they left only a quarter of the building to the nuns. In 1835, the convent buildings were transferred to the Company of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. Currently the whole convent is used by the Public Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Lublin.

Address: 16 Staszica Street

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