Przemysl, Cathedrals in Przemysl

Przemysl is one of the oldest and most beautiful Polish cities. The city situated on the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains proud of a wealth of over a thousand monuments of a great European history, enchants with an unforgettable landscapes. 

The Przemysl’s location on the border of the three countries caused that since the 10th century the Polish, Russian and Hungarian kings were trying to incorporate the town into their sphere of the   influence. Until the 14th century Przemysl was a capital of the Ruthenian Duchy but in 1340 it became a part of Poland. As all border towns, Przemysl was plagued by the wars and many devastations especially during the World War I and II. Between 1939-1941 the German-Soviet state border was marked along San river and across the city by the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pakt.
The city’s Catholic and Orthodox churches together with its synagoges are the evidences of its multicultural history and tradition – the city is inhabited by the Poles, the Ukrainians and Gypsies with the different beliefs and rites. Nowadays Przemysl is a seat of the two archdiocese, many unique museums and place of the cultural events. The Przemysl Cathedral of the Assumption built in 1460-1495 is one of the most valuable and oldest landmarks of the region. Its interiors contain the Renaissance tomb of Bishop Jan Dziadulski by Giovanni Maria Padovano and the miraculous Gothic alabaster figure of the Virgin from Jacków (15th century). Worth visiting is also the Orthodox Cathedral in the old baroque Jesuit Church, was given by the pope John Paul II to the Greek-Catholics who have adapted it into the Eastern Rite. Its iconostasis was brought from an Orthodox church from Lubaczow. In the Zasanie district stands the Monument to the Przemysl Eagles – the youth who fought against the Ukrainians and Russians in 1918-1920. The castle on the hill above the city was founded by the king Casimir the Great in the 14th century. Its rests now houses the Fredreum amateur theatre, the oldest polish amateur on in Poland.

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