The Mausoleum of Martyrdom of Zamosc Region

This round military edifice was built in 1825-1831 as a defensive structure protruding 500 meters south of the fortress walls. The mighty 9.5-meter high defensive walls with embrasures form a circle of 54 m in diameter and surround a small circular yard. A road protected by embankments and a 6-m wide moat joined the fortress proper to and the rotunda. 

Until 1939 gunpowder and ammunition had been stored here. In 1940 the SS set up their investigative prison here for the representatives of intelligentsia of Zamosc Region. It is estimated that about 8 thousand people were executed and their bodies were burned in the Rotunda. The graveyard surrounding the building contains the ashes of over 45 thousand people. In April 1947 The Mausoleum of Martyrdom of Zamosc Region – the Rotunda Museum was set up here. On the rotunda in Zamosc there is a monument for Jewish soldiers.

Address: 1 Droga Meczennikow Rotundy Street

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