Sandomierz is said to be a town of Father Matthew – from several years one of the most popular polish serial story takes place in this town showing its beauty to the world. In the fact, Sandomierz is one of the oldest, most beautiful and historically important Polish cities. The beginnings of the settlement in this region, dates back to the ancient times. 

In 1286 settlement achieved a town status as a capital of a duchy and the province.The 16th century was a period of a town’s great prosperity thank to the grain trade along the Vistula river. The 19th century brouht the town’s decline – an industrial development passed over the town and the province capital moved to Radom. Additionally Sandomierz was seriously demaged by the first world war. After regaining independence by Poland, the town has broken out the stagnation and started its rapid development.
The main entrance to the old town is 30 meters Opatow Gate. In the centre of the town there is an interesting market square surrounded by the elegant houses with a 14th-century town hall with its splendid Renaissance parapet. But the most important building is the cathedral (14th century) with the 15th – century Ruthenian-Byzantine frescoes depicting the lives of Christ and the Vergin. Another interesting place is the Church of St. James and the Martyrs’ Chapel with remains of 49 Dominican friars murdered during the tatar invasion. There is also a Gothic Castle on the hill outside the old town – now a museum with castle interiors, collection of silver artefacts and ethnographic exhibiton. The natural attractions of the city are the Pepper Mountains  – one of the oldest mountains in Europe. You can see there the steppe flora and the unique natural rosarium formed by several species of wild rose and many loess ravines with the most famous of them –  the  Gorge of Queen Jadwiga.

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