Silesian Insurgents Monument in Katowice in Katowice

Silesian Insurgents Monument is located in Katowice, near Rondo Gen. George Zietka, Wojciech Korfantego Avenue, next to the Enterprise and Entertainment and Sports Spodek. It is the largest and heaviest statue in Poland, built to commemorate the three Silesian uprisings against the Poles, armed to the German authorities of Upper Silesia. Silesian uprisings in the years 1919, 1920, 1921, symbolize the three eagles’ wings flapping. 

To commemorate these historic events on the monument from the Katowice Rondo put names of places – the battlefields. The whole resembles a full effort and sacrifice the way to freedom, as well as the bravery and heroism of the insurgents. Monument erected in the cemetery of the Red Army soldiers. Graves of the fallen in the liberation of Katowice in 1945 were exhumed and transferred to a new resting place to park Tadeusz Kosciuszko. The monument was unveiled on 1 September 1967, and was designed by sculptor Gustaw Zemla and architect Wojciech Zablocki. The wings symbolize the three uprisings, and the names of places where battles were fought are etched on the vertical slopes. The monument was funded by the people of Warsaw for Upper Silesia.

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