Silesian Zoological Garden in Katowice

Silesian Zoological Garden is a zoological garden in Poland. It was founded in 1954 and is situated in the Katowice and Chorzow districts of Silesia. It covers over 47.6 ha within the Silesian Central Park. The Silesian zoo is a home for about 2 500 animals of 300 species. It is visited by over 390 000 people annually.

A mini-zoo is the collection of gentler animals which are (directly) accessible to children.
The dinosaur valley contains full-scale reconstruction of 16 large dinosaurs, the remains of which were found by a Polish expedition to the Gobi desert. It is a great place to visit, especially in summer. Lots of animals, lots of plants and lots of space. You can go by yourself or take your friends or family with you. We can assure you that you will have lots of fun in Silesian Zoological Garden.  Also tickets price are not very high, which is a big plus. The sheer size of the place makes renting a wooden handcart designed to pull the children around money well spent indeed. Silesian Zoological Garden is a more proof that Silesia is more than just a load of abandoned coal mines.

Address: Promenade Gen. Jerzego Zietka 7, Park of Culture & Recreation, Chorzow 

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