The monumental Patronage Residential of the „Dębieńsko” mine – Familoki is one of the most
beautiful and well-preserved colonies of its type. It consists of Szkolna street, Wolności street, Słowackiego street, Hallera street, Kombatantów street and Mickiewicza street. It occupies an area of 15 hectares, which makes it the largest surviving area of family houses in the Silesia, which was included in the monument registry in 1995.

The construction of the residential was initiated by the Zjednoczone Huty Królewska i Laura concern, which owned the „Dębieńsko” mine in Czerwionka. The completion of this project was necessary, because new workers were needed for the job, including miners. The residential was established in stages between 1898 and 1916. New people were coming to live in Czerwionka, and thanks to the new district, the village was gaining a city character.

The most precious part of the residential occupies the area of 15 hectares. There are 84 single- and two-storey buildings, made from glazed red bricks. The entrances to the buildings were located from the side of the forecourt or on one of the sides. Individual family houses could hold 4, 6, or 8 apartments, each of which consisted of either a kitchen and 1 room, or a kitchen and 2 rooms. Depending on the standards, the apartments for workers occupied between 40 and 70 square kilometers. The apartments for clerks were larger. The buildings had a modern infrastructure. They were equipped with tiled stoves, plumbing and electricity from the mining network.

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