Free attractions in Kazimierz Dolny

Kazimierz Dolny is one of the most gorgeous and most beloved cities in Poland. And if you’re wondering what to see here for free, we have a few suggestions.

The Janowiec Castle
Although this castle is located in Janowiec, it is officially considered an attraction of Kazimierz Dolny. The castle is a division of the Vistula Museum in Kazimierz Dolny, where we can get on a ferry. You can enter this museum for free on tuesdays, but you’ll need to book an entrance earlier.

The Janowiec fortress originated in the 16th century. It is a former residence of the Lubomirski family. From the cloisters of the castle you can admire you can admire the beautidful panorama of the city. In the castle you can also admire a barn, a granary and a mansion.

The market square
One one will ever charge tourists for entering the Market Square of Kazimierz Dolny. It is a great attraction itself and is the most frequently visited place in Kazimierz. You can get here by following any street of Kazimierz Dolny. And the monumenal buildings are perfect for taking pictures.

The „Dwa Brzegi” Festival
The „Dwa Brzegi”” Film and Art Festival is and event full of attractions, some of which are free. During the cinematography celebration, Kazimierz Dolny becomes a movie town and is more lively than at any other time of year. The movies are screened ni late July and early August. The program of concerts and discussions with the creators is different every year. It is worth getting familiar with the schedule of the event and taking part in it.

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