Środa Śląska

In the middle ages, Środa Śląska was a crucial trading settlement. It gained its city rights thanks to Prince Henryk I Brodaty. The precious objects known as Skarb Średzki were most likely owned by a rich Jewish banker named Mojżesz. The Czech King Karol IV Luksemburski left him with part of his wealth in exchange for financial support in gaining the Emperor’s Crown. When the town was attacked with Black Death, the banker put it in his basement and ultimately never took it out if his hideout. Thanks to the work of several archaeologists, these treasures can today be admired in the
Regional Museum in Środa Śląska, including the golden crown, which was owned by Blanka de Valois, wife of emperor Karol IV.

But the town itself is incredibly interesting too. The beautifully restored Market Square became a popular place of meetingsand walks. In the 15th century Town Hall you can visit a Regional Museum, were Skarb Średzki is hidden.
Another interesting thing about Środa Śląska is the monument of Roland the Knight, which was founded as a memorial ofd victory over Napoleon’s Army.

Formerly, the old Town was surrounded by the city walls, of which the fragment with the length of about 1700 meters has survived.

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