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Tourist attractions of Frombork

The History of Frombork

In 1275, after burning the cathedral in Braniewo, the townspeople decided to warmian chapter and build the cathedral in Frombork. At that time a settling complex was created with a cathedral complex on a hill and a city growing by the coast of the Vistula lagoon. It wasn’t until the 20th century, in 1926 that the cathedral hill and the city were connected into one administrative complex.

Frombork monuments
To this day, the most important and valuable place in Frombork is the cathedral hill – a first class monument. The main building of this complex is the gothic cathedral of the Blessed Maiden Mary’s rapture – a pearl of warmian architecture, but you can admire many other interesting monuments, available for tourists in a form of the Nicolas Copernicus museum, including the Radziejowski tower.

Nicolas Copernicus
This hill and the tower named by him was the home and working place of a famous astronomer, who created his lifetime masterpiece – “De Revolutionibus”, which changed the definition of the universe forever. As a canon of the warmian chapter, he stayed here from 1510 until his death in may 1543. This was also the place where Nicolas Copernicus was buried.

The organ music festival
The most important cultural summertime event in Frombork is the International Organ Music Festival with the virtuosos from the country and beyond. The local organs built in 1683 considered by the experts as one of the best in Poland ranking in the first five.

Other attractions in Frombork
Besides the cathedral hill in Frombork you can also see St. Nicolas church, the Water Tower and the hospital complex of the Holly Spirit from the Medicine Museum. The city beach and the uncovered swimming pool invite the tourists to go swimming and sunbathing, while in winter the frozen waters of the lagoon give a chance to ride the boilers. Another great attraction are the boat or hydrofoil trips across the Vistula lagoon, which begin In the Frombork harbour

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